Russia has a default mindset which is offensive, aggressive and often corrupt to the Western world. To them, this is just how one naturally does things. Russia is still a huge mission field, but the nations supposed to be sending missionaries have lost focus and have let this mandate slide.The Lord wants to release a wave flowing over Russia from west to east which will change the morality by challenging their default mindset, bringing new possibilities. Nations need to step up sending missionaries into Russia as this field has now been left barren and needs to be worked again with vigour.


A vision of a big fist slamming down in Russia was seen. The government is trying to control everybody’s voice in Russia. People are being killed for what they are saying. Journalists will be imprisoned and shot for speaking against the government. There will be a push for influence into the nations closer to Russia. Agreements between nations will be made, but one important agreement will be made with China to embolden China because Russia is backing them.


Russia’s economy is robust. They are surging ahead and are extremely confident. As a nation, they are standing on their own two feet. They are focused on themselves and not so much on importing and exporting goods. There is a reliance on self that is quite new for them. The Russian population is very content and happy. Prosperity hasn’t come to them as much as it should have, but they don’t seem to be bothered by that too much. There seems to be a truce between the politicians and the people. From the president to the prime minister, the political leaders have formed a group similar to a gang or cartel. Although there are factions, they are not warring against each other; there is an unusual unity among Russia leaders in this season.


A vision was seen of a bear charging fearlessly. Russia will not apologise for fighting for the benefit of its people and the country’s needs. International analysts will not be able to explain the Russian government’s thinking. The motivation of the Russian mind is not according to western or eastern thinking.

Expansion into Siberia and Russia’s northern regions because of discoveries, natural resources, and research will occur. A new source of financial and economic wealth will come out of these desolate and remote regions.

Russia will focus on developing a more autonomous economy free from foreign influence and fluctuations because of foreign policies against them.

New strategic remote military bases will be built. These bases are built in secret.

Energy solutions

There is currently work and development being done on a new form of energy different from what is currently the norm. Tests done in secret will be used later to gain power over certain nations that will need this form of energy that they created.

Independent strategy

The nation will take independence to a whole new level. They are busy remodelling and knitting multiple systems within the nation together. All of this is done to improve running the nation, from the government to agriculture and mining, extending to every sector. This is done to ensure their independence from the rest of the world. They want to come up with systems that are different from the rest of the world. They want to be completely independent as a nation to a point where they will stand out.

Infrastructure connecting people

Infrastructure upgrades within Russia connecting people groups will take place. The railway connections will bring greater access to small ethnic groups in remote areas in Russia, bringing greater connectivity within the nation. Smaller ethnic people groups and products coming from these ethnic groups will gain access to global markets. These products will be original and fill people with awe and will become well sought after. All of this will happen because of the new infrastructure connections.


The military is a powerful and effective arm of government in Russia, and they are currently the employment of choice for the Russian people. However, over the next five years, factions will emerge in the military.


Russia will use a new strategy to encourage people to speak Russian. There will be benefits for the nations and people who embrace Russian. This strategy is to give their language more prominence outside of Russia.

National pride

The national pride of Russia will increase and be clearly seen. Although people are not living in the best circumstances, they have national pride. Pride concerning the victories of the nation will be put on display. A display of national pride will be noted throughout the Soccer World Cup.

In 2019 there will be a show of strong military strength that will shock many western nations. It’s been really well hidden but will be revealed in the next year. Russia will counteract the role of western nations on many fronts. Russia will polarise regions and play almost a devil’s advocate role in many conflicts worldwide in the coming year. This will not make them popular in the western nations, but amongst their people, the nation’s pride and the effect it has on the world will be prevalent.

Putin: A modern tsar

Vladimir Putin sees himself as a modern tsar of Russia; he has modelled himself on Russia’s tsars. His nuclear ambition or strategy has been to take certain countries and build nuclear bases within these countries to create a conglomeration of nations that will be powerful and support him in his vision to influence global affairs. He wants to be known in the future as one of the tsars of Russia.

There will be tremendous conflict as Putin expands his nuclear arsenal to countries around him. In this next season, the Russian ruble will significantly decrease in value, causing much poverty.


After President Putin’s overwhelming victory in the last election, the government, with its leadership, has further galvanised. It will not be obvious, but Putin’s role as a dictator will increase, further oppressing the people and their rights to choose their own beliefs.

The church must fervently pray for missionaries as they will face much persecution, and the consequences of sharing the faith will be fatal. By doing this, the Russian government is trying to nullify any hope that God brings to the people through the missionaries.

Godly influence

Vladimir Putin is a man in conflict. He has this vision of world domination on one side and on the other side, the influence of a paternal grandmother who has prayed for this generation for many years. The result of this is that the Lord is working in his personal life, and he has doubts about pushing through certain portions of this world domination vision. His grandmother prophetically prayed for his leadership role and that the Spirit of God would lead him. She carried several children in her prayers and her heart.

The Lord is not just going to let Putin get away with his plan. He has a sensitivity to notice natural occurrences such as weather patterns and storms as if someone is trying to tell him something through them. He has this question inside of himself: ‘What if God is really real?’

Russia still has many agents and spies in various countries. A large tsunami was seen passing over Russia from the east to the west, signifying Russia’s movement towards the west. Long-standing establishments will be cut and brought down.

The Lord is saying to Putin, ‘Putin, I see you, and I see the works of your hands, and I will tie those hands to protect my people.’

Space missions

A vision was seen of multiple space rockets going to space; there will be a great expansion in the Russian space program. Some of the rockets had the word ‘Mars’ written on them and the others, ‘Moon.’ They will be launching their own exploration missions to the moon. Other attempts will be made to go to Mars. It will be well covered in the media.

Threats of war

A vision was seen of a man flexing his arm muscles; we will see the nation of Russia flexing its muscles in the next year. There will be a show of Russia’s strength that the world does not expect it has and it will become prevalent in the next year.

Russia has a strong alliance with China and North Korea. They are a mighty sleeping giant with a strong nuclear arsenal and an immense and capable army. Russia has been preparing for war on a large scale. They have been building up their gas and oil reserves to be self-sufficient and put a stranglehold on countries on their borders.

Russia will slowly make a move into Europe from the east, starting from the Baltics. They have strategically placed ‘sleeper cells’ in countries like Chechnya, Poland and neighbouring areas to infiltrate and cause trouble in central Europe, placing more pressure on countries such as Germany.

There is talk of peace, peace, peace, but they have secretly been preparing for war for a time.

Electronics Upgrades Many electronic systems are being upgraded. A new weapon is being produced for electronic warfare. It will disable all electronic systems over a specific area, from watches to cars and military vehicles and equipment. This will force their opponents to engage in hand to hand combat instead of using mechanised combat.

Intercession Much intercession is needed for Russia. It seems as if there is a plan to start World War III. People need to intercede for that because many people still need to be saved in Russia.


A huge increase is coming for tourism in Russia, drawing many people to the country.

Weather patterns

Russia is harbouring evil, hidden agendas of war against other countries. The Lord will use extreme weather patterns to slow down these agendas and in other instances bring these agendas to a stop as Russia’s focus will shift to managing the effect of these weather patterns on the country.

Russia and Israel

Russia will become very vocal against Israel in the Palestinian conflict. The whole Palestinian conflict will step into a new era because of Russia’s involvement. Renewed relations between Russia and Israel will take place in secret. Secret alliances will be formed that will benefit Russia and its vision to be a world dominator again. The relationship presented in public will be used as a ploy to disguise the true relationship between the two nations.


A vision was seen of the bear of the north coming into the whole of Russia and crushing any religious spirit and any born-again experience. The church is being forced underground because of persecution. There are certain religious groups the government seems to like and accommodate, but they dislike other more radical groups who do healings and prophecy.

There is a prophet in Russia that has written a prophetic book. This book has been put into Putin’s hands. He has read it, but the distribution of the book has been stopped. As soon as he encounters anyone that challenges him, he sends them to Siberia or stops the publication or removes it from the bookshops. He doesn’t allow people any room to grow or to challenge him.