The ANC is still in trouble internally; there is much deal-making and breaking behind people’s backs, including anti-Ramaphosa talk. He will, however, continue to do what he must. There is a woman in the ANC with a loud voice, and she is influencing people around her against Ramaphosa. God will silence her.

The power struggle within the National Executive Committee of the ANC will be ongoing, and one of its members will resign as a result.  This power struggle will have an impact in parliament, and opposing voices will be heard from the ANC within parliament due to this power struggle.


A warning — multiple assassination attempts were seen; prayer for the local and national political parties is needed. The national leaders have good security guards, but the local politicians don’t have such stringent security around them; assassinations will be prevalent in 2020; pray for our leaders’ safety.

There will be deaths of high-profile politicians by accident, particularly in Mpumalanga.

Cabinet changes

There will be a cabinet shakeup early in 2020. Many cabinet ministers will be moved around or receive different political portfolios.


The Lord says that the level of crime statistics in South Africa equates to war.  Thus, there will be an increase of pressure on the National Minister of Police, and he is as perplexed as to what to do.  The pressure will become so great that in a cabinet reshuffle, he might not survive.

Unlicensed weapons will come under scrutiny in 2020.

The National Police Commissioner will also come under great pressure.  The Lord says that if he cannot make the police force effective, he might not be the right person for the job.  He will be granted a grace period to achieve this objective.  In the absence of an effective police force, communities will increasingly take the law into their own hands.

Stringent crime control will be placed on South African border posts for those leaving South Africa. This control is specifically focused on highjacked or stolen vehicles that have been broken up or taken across our borders. The military and police will work together as a special task force that will have greater authority. The HAWKS and police were seen working together with a very similar strategy. Currently, they fall under different domains but will link arms in 2020. Leaders from different sectors are coming together and listening to one another instead of condemning and accusing each other


There is a power struggle in the DA.  A scandal will be revealed, and once it is addressed, the party’s issues will normalise again.  Within the ranks of the DA, there is an individual that is an excellent strategist.  His advice will be very valuable for the DA leadership on how to take the DA forward. The power struggle relates to different visions for the party.  The Lord will correct the DA’s vision to what the Lord had intended for this party when it was first established. The power struggle will not derail the plans of the Lord for this party.

The DA will have an impact in the next local government elections. There will be a gradual shift within the DA to the original vision that will cause them to regain lost support.

DA – Mmusi Maimane

Regarding Mmusi Maimane, there is a call almost like the call of Abraham on his life, a call or promise where he will not necessarily see the fulfilment of those promises, but as he accepts this grace and the challenging call on his life to stand for righteousness, he will sow seeds that will change generations to come. God has really got a hold of Mr Maimane in the night watch, stirring in his heart to stand up for righteousness. There will be a change in his role with him becoming more of an activist for righteousness. The vehicle currently used is the DA, but this will change, as this is not a permanent fixture for him.  Some have different ideas and views and do not align themselves with Mr Maimane. They have hidden agendas, but God will protect him and his family as they try and push through these political agendas.

Department of Health

The Lord is drawing attention to the Department of Health, where a lack of care for the older generation and younger children has been prevalent in the different provinces. A quicker response is needed to implement the corrective measures, or there will be riots from the people who are not satisfied with what is happening in the health department. New doctors will be brought in from other countries who will put systems in place to allow the government health department to run more smoothly.

In terms of politics, the Lord will call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to change those advising him in some capacity. He has taken their advice up to a certain point, which is sufficient, but he needs a group of people with a different kind of wisdom to take him to a new level.

Economy on track

Great focus will be placed on Minister Mboweni’s plans for the economy.  These plans will not be derailed by either the unions or other voices in South Africa.  This is like a train that is on its tracks, and it will keep going forward.


The EFF will come under pressure.  Chapter 9 Constitutional institutions will be used to silence the division being spread by the EFF and its leader, Julius Malema.  Communities will look differently at the EFF because of this, and there will be a decrease in membership.

The EFF is connected to a crime network across South Africa involving, amongst other, drugs and weapons. These crimes are being funded from overseas, mostly from the Chinese.  The EFF is functioning like a smokescreen in general, drawing attention away from real issues. They are being paid to do that. We should focus on the real issues and not what the EFF is dishing up. The party will still make a lot of noise, but it is like a lighted match that will be put out – God will (at the right time) put his finger on it, saying, “No more, this is it!” They will become irrelevant over time.


The Lord says, “Government of South Africa, you are on the way!”  The president and his team have decided on the way, and this is currently being implemented.  President Ramaphosa is reactive to issues currently; he is seen at the right places at the right time, and he makes sure that he sends a clear message about the issue at hand.  The government is also proactive about certain focal issues behind the scenes, and policy changes will be affected in these areas.

The government will be forced to act against corrupt leaders in the ruling party in 2020. Many leaders seemed to get away with the corruption they committed, but this will ultimately not be so.  As people will be arrested and stand trial for misdeeds and corruption, many out of fear will leave their government positions.