Growth in the agricultural sector will be sporadic, where certain areas will do better than others due to climate change and its effects on rainfall. This will force farmers to further invest in agricultural-related technology which will increase yields in difficult times. Many farms have very fertile soil, but some farmers will need to change their focus and farm different crops due to changing climate conditions.

Many farmers are preparing to leave South Africa due to uncertainty around land ownership, but the Lord says they should stay and not leave.

Abandoned farms lands

Contracts will be signed, and an understanding will be reached with regards to the land agreements. Farms that have been abandoned will be ploughed and planted again. Fields and fields of crops and prosperity were seen. It will not all be for export but local consumption as well. Imports will therefore decrease, and this will also lead to the strengthening of our economy.

A new financing model

Banks and financial institutions will develop a new financing model for farmers. It will change from placing the market value of the land as collateral to these institutions looking at the profit margin of the farms over the past several years.

More and more farmers will come together to form separate legal entities like trusts and close corporations. The farms will then be run as a business where everyone will make money, but the farmers are not in a position to lose everything.

Black farmers

The government will take a more active role in assisting emerging farmers with the proper management of agricultural land by creating a policy in this regard. The biblical principle of a seventh rest year will be reintroduced (Lev 25: 4).

Cattle industry

A vision was seen of many calves being born in the cattle industry. The cattle industry is going to expand phenomenally in the next year. It will not just be a restocking of the stock that had to be slaughtered in the drought. It will be stock that will be exported to other nations and not just African nations but also other countries. There will be a strong focus on cattle breeding.

Crop farming

The next season will be normal to slightly above average season for crop production. The water crisis in the Western Cape will be alleviated. This region must see to it that agriculture is environmentally sound. Legislation should be devised that requires farmers to apply for opening new lands for cropping. This cannot be done indiscriminately anymore.

This will be a normal raining season. Farmers and people in agriculture should not try and force the season or try to beat the season and plant too early or later; this strategy will not work. Stay within the known planting and harvesting season for the area.

Some areas that only had a single annual crop will produce bi-annual crops because of a longer rain period. Record crops will be produced in certain areas.

Eastern Cape

The economic pressure experienced in the Eastern Cape is the motivation behind the spirit to reclaim land and bring back the past wealth and prosperity. It used to tick along quite well, and many people populated the rural areas. These rural areas have become sparsely populated, and many elderly people are left behind. The elderly people have an ‘old people mentality’ which causes everything to slow down.

NGOs are trying to infiltrate the area with JoJo tanks to ensure water security so that people can start farming again, even on a small scale. They want to motivate people to remember their past and their farming experience. Many chicken farms are starting up in the Eastern Cape with informal and organic chicken farming. This may not be on a large scale with breeding sheds but rather informal organic chicken farming out in the open. They will be highly regarded and valued.


A vision was seen of large fires burning grazing ground in the northwest and the northern part of the Cape. Special care in having firebreaks in place will be quite important as there will be strong winds in dry seasons, which can cause fires.

Game farming

Game farming has been under tremendous pressure in the last few years; this is changing, and there will be a slow build-up in this section of agriculture.


The bee population is under attack. There will be a high demand for pure honey to replace sugar.


There will be a decline or stop of poultry imports into South Africa and other parts of the region. People will have to keep their own chickens in their backyard or pens.


A focus will be placed on proteas. More of these flowers will be planted. In areas where there were plants in previous years, new plants will be grown.

Protecting farmers

Policies that the government will put in place to protect farmers and their land will emerge. There has been much debt, mismanagement and lack of training. The Afrikaner farmers will be co-labouring with the government in terms of restoration of farming. On the other hand, there will be labour problems and unrest on these farms in the interim until these policies are implemented. It is not an easy road forward for the agriculture sector.

Saving our sea life

A vision of a sea turtle being saved out of the water was seen. There will be a focus on saving the sea turtle this coming year; the sea turtle’s decline will threaten this endangered species. A specific turtle species is at high risk; it will become known that it is on the brink of extinction.


A vision was seen of dead sugarcane; the cause wasn’t drought or a pest but overwatering.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn crops could be in trouble with black spots on the crop; the crop-dusting problem. They are using a very strong insecticide to dust the crops. The insecticide must be measured correctly, and they must reconsider what they are using to crop dust; they must use the proper dilutions, and the dilutions must be checked.

Water Technology and understanding water conservation and usage will come almost too late to help the country with its current water crisis. But this new development will assist the agriculture sector in using water differently. This technology will be exported to other countries and help them overcome their water needs.

Wine Industry

There will be rain in the Western Cape, and the wine industry will be resurrected. New wines will be discovered. A type of ‘cross-breeding’ of seeds for a new variety of grapes will be released, bringing in a new wine.

Wine farmers must be alert to act against rust as a result of the increase in rain.


The economy will improve slightly but not in leaps and bounds. The economy in 2019 will experience two halves: the pre-election economy and the post-election economy.

The government at this stage is very slow in changing policy because they are waiting for the election. After the election, policy certainty will emerge as the government makes very drastic changes. South Africa’s credit rating will increase to investment grade after the election. If policy certainty returns to the country, investment will return very quickly. The latter part of 2019 will seem quite different from the first part of 2019.

The South African economy will improve, and monetary policies will change as South Africa is restored, in a sense being one of the breadbaskets of Africa. Many prophecies that have been made over the nation will be fulfilled.

Banking industry

There is a blatant cell of corruption in Standard Bank that even issues death threats. They will be exposed in an explosive way, and the participants will be tried and jailed. This will wake up the banking industry to focus on internal corruption and security. What will be uncovered will be shocking. This tendency is a direct legacy of the Zuma era of greed and entitlement.

A revamp of the banking system in our nation regarding protecting the poor and restructuring of bank charges will occur. The cash system will be done away with, and there will be a strong move to bring rural communities online.

Capitec will be at the forefront of changing the banking industry in South Africa. There are three or four innovative people in Capitec whose ideas will make banking accessible to even people in the rural areas of South Africa. Banking will be done in ‘the cloud’, and there will be a cardless banking system. Government is almost going to be caught unaware, and it will hastily have to draft legislation to regulate this.

Banks and their policies will come under more scrutiny with various bad practices such as over-billing coming to light.

BEE policies

Irritation levels are increasing amongst black South Africans concerning the Black Economic Empowerment policies. They feel that these policies created favouritism in the application of these policies from the government in the awarding of tenders and that it lost its purpose of empowerment.

Big business

Relationships between government and big business will improve. The government led by President Ramaphosa and his appointed team will work together with big business to form new and streamline older policies, which will boost the economy and assist in creating employment. South Africa will only start seeing the results at the end of 2019.


People must be wary of Bitcoin as there will be a great influence and manipulation of China and Russia in the Bitcoin market, and they can drop the market at any time.

Building and construction industry

The land issue in 2019 will stall building and construction will slow down. Many bricklayers and low-level workers will be out of work because the land issue is going to slow any progressive building.

The building industry will continue its lull in 2019, and construction companies will have to investigate and utilise other avenues of investment in other neighbouring African countries like Mozambique. This will take place over an extended season before the economic environment changes in South Africa. Construction companies will have to branch out in construction and partner with other businesses who can utilise their skills and form mutually beneficial relationships.

Catching up

A vision was seen of a train going downhill; the brakes have been applied to this train, and it suddenly goes much slower. The economy has been running away from the people, and suddenly it is coming into reach again.


Precious metal prices will increase. A new emphasis on rare and unique metals will occur globally within the next two years. Now is the time to invest in the precious metal category.


The value of diamonds will increase. There will be a resurgence of diamonds to be used almost as a stop-gap, like a saving.

Entrepreneurial business

This season of uncertainty will be a season for ingenuity to increase and entrepreneurial business to bring solutions to the business environment. It is the best soil to bring new business and new solutions to overcome the difficult environment. These new businesses will grow strong roots to facilitate the coming growth in the season of prosperity that will follow.

There will be a significant increase in new entrepreneurial products, entrepreneurship and new ideas. South Africans are very good at providing innovative ideas; we use better designs and good business acumen to our advantage. There will also be an investment in neighbouring countries.

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development in South Africa will experience a boost from 2019 onwards. A concerted effort in using the money allocated for infrastructure development will commence. The National Development Plan will start to take effect with a new commitment from the government to spend the money where it was promised and use it wisely.

Investment markets

The investment markets will stabilise and start posting gains again. Companies such as Investec have a solid trading platform whilst others, even though they have been trading for many years, have a fly-by-night approach that will be exposed for undue profit-taking. The market in South Africa is going to naturally hedge against a financial bubble and potential market crash. There is a special favour on traders who endeavour to be good stewards on behalf of their investors.

Manufacturing sector

A revamp of the manufacturing sector, especially the clothing and motoring industry, will happen.


Some vehicle manufacturers that left the country will be returning to the country at the end of 2019, specifically Chevrolet.


There has been a problem with the platinum price. The tribe of Royal Bafokeng and the king of the Royal Bafokeng people are making demands and removing the checks and balances on the finance. It seems that all the money is gone; everything that they have earned has just drained away.

New accountants consisting of young men will stand up against the king and put the checks and balances back and stop all the draining of the finance because it is there for the investment into the people.

Reconsidering taxes and fuel levies

There will be a commission appointed to reconsider taxes and fuel levies to alleviate pressure on individuals and companies.

Renewable energy

Great investment in renewable energy will happen in 2019. Renewable energy will be a major mover in the next year, and it will be an important employer, and new jobs will be created in the next year.

Reserve Bank

The president is calling on the Reserve Bank to slacken policies for money brought into the country. The reason is that the money needs to reach the people for their upliftment.

Small business development

The government will be involved in small business development and relaxing the red tape around small business. A support system in small business development will be implemented. A new minister will be placed in charge of small business development; this is somebody that is innovative and has very good ideas and a very different approach, different from what was seen before.

The Democratic Alliance will be leading business development. With the ideas that they submit, they have a real vision in terms of small business development. As these policies are implemented, it will take the pressure off the national government.

Businesses, especially small businesses, struggle to be profitable and at the same time comply with all legislative prescripts applicable. The overlegislation stifles innovative ideas that should flourish in a free market economy. This issue will not be addressed in 2019, but within three years after the election in 2019, there will be a relaxation in legislation in this area.

Stock market

A picture was seen where the lights go off at the stock market. The electricity is cut, and it seems like a blackout. The Lord will reveal the manipulation of information in the stock market.

Much positive sentiment is expected, but there will be no major growth in 2019.


Treasury will have to do a real balancing act for the first three quarters of 2019. In the last quarter of the year, a positive turn-around will occur quite fast, with foreign investment coming into South Africa to invest in business, agriculture and infrastructure development. There will also be a significant focus next year on ethical business practices throughout the entire business sector.

The South African Rand

There will be many fluctuations in the rand and the economy for the next year. This period of fluctuation and uncertainty will prepare for sudden and fast growth lying ahead in the season to come.

Tax renovations

Renovation in the tax system will be implemented and promoted from the end of 2019. The whole tax system of South Africa will be revisited.

Innovative ideas and technologies will enable the simplifying of tax law and reduction of cumbersome regulation. Modernising and streamlining of tax laws and the tax system will ensure fair tax practices. Tax dodgers will not be able to hide anymore. This new tax system will be an example for other nations and spread through the rest of Africa.


From 2020 the trust and confidence in South Africa and its economy will be restored and great, and many investments will take place.


Nobody knows exactly what will happen in the political realm. There is a lot of chatter behind closed doors. The present road will not take the country forward. A catalyst, almost a seismic shift, is needed. There will be a point at which everything suddenly comes together. Individuals will step out boldly in this new strategy. A break is needed from one political system to move into a completely new political system.

This is not just for the ANC but also the DA. The youth under the age of 30 will emerge, and they need to be included in the conversations. They are not as militant as we are made to believe. They have a heart for the nation. Ignore them at your own peril.

A coming together

Behind closed doors, a well-respected elderly gentleman is trying to bring major political leaders together to negotiate ways to work together, going forward. Still, some of the leaders are only interested in their own agendas. To the public, President Ramaphosa and Mmusi Maimane might be enemies, but they are meeting in secret trying to find a common purpose to help the country.


A vision of a dragon head was seen; the focus was on the ancientness of the monster. There has been a tribal regression within the ANC party. It will become very clear that the ANC is not current; the language is a language of regression. Socialistic policies will weaken them and will not give them the results they want in the 2019 election.

This will force the party to reconsider its strategy and will lead to an embracing of the new strategy that President Ramaphosa wants to introduce, but other leaders resist him. Their previous alliances will not enter the alliances on the same basis again, although they will align together. The alliance partners will be much stronger in specifying what they want and setting out mandates for the party.

President Ramaphosa

There is a tension within President Ramaphosa between capitalism and communism. Politically, there will be a definite increase in communist ideologies, and the SACP will become a voice to be reckoned with.

Closer to the elections, there will be a big surge to influence the public, and new alliances will be formed, strengthening the parties that stand against the ANC. Many more women will be in prominent positions in different parties, and they will reach out to the women voters and have more influence over them.

Coalition local government

In local government, there will be an increase in coalition governance. As a result of this inherent checks and balances in the system, financial stability will increase in these municipalities.

A drastic change in the political landscape

The divisions within political parties will become clear. Factions and break-away groups will begin appearing. The political environment in South Africa will change drastically in 2019. It will be the greatest change since the 1994 elections. Change in this environment will force the old political elite to adjust their strategy. They will not be able to rely on their old defences and old rhetoric. Their stance in every area will have to be revisited. One will see politician’s positions on certain issues changing drastically.

Through the change in the political environment, the doors will be open for almost anyone to join the political scene. There will be many voices and many choices. Some of the opportunists entering the political scene will have no integrity. They will gain a disturbing amount of support. But the pressure of the race and the amount of media exposure that these people will receive will, in the end, expose them for who they are and cause great disappointment amongst their supporters. The eyes of the public will be opened. They will not be fooled by any person making promises anymore. The electorate in South Africa will wisen up.

The DA

The DA will advance strongly in 2019. The party will gain greater penetration in rural areas. The internal divisions will be smoothed out, and many new faces will emerge within the DA. Those who were sitting at the back and looking at the leadership have seen the integrity within the current leader’s heart. This will convince the younger leaders to step out and bring an end to divisions.

Rural people in South Africa will be politically educated. The main training focus will be on the older people concerning voting and their votes; it will increase the votes for that specific party in that area.

The younger people are looking for a plan or party that can work for them.

For a long time, the political system produced no benefits for them and they are looking to the DA to produce a workable solution.

Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi Maimane will be a type of civil rights leader being raised within South Africa. Where emphasis has been on party politics in terms of the party structure within the nation, the emphasis will be on raising people of moral voice and moral fibre. This will emphasise the tremendous divide between rich and poor, and he will seek to bring reconciliation between that which was past and that which is now.

He will provide visionary leadership in a moral sense, which will influence the nation.

Because of this, he will gain great prominence even in parliament, and President Ramaphosa will begin to recognise this voice. It was even said he is the new Mandela of the future. This and a split in the ANC will cause what has been prophesied: an alliance of the two. Although they are two separate parties, there will be an alliance. An urban legend released just before the election will bring the ANC into disrepute, and because of it, they will be losing a big block of the vote.

Money will be wrongfully spent on the elections instead of its intended purpose, which was for the poor, and this corruption to buy votes instead of helping the poor will be exposed. The political landscape from 2019 onwards is changing.

Economic Freedom Front (EFF)

A great division is coming within the EFF; a leadership split between Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu will split the party down the middle. This division will cause a disintegration of the regional structures.

As they publicly attack each other, public brawls will break out at EFF gatherings.

In public conversations and public debate where they must oppose the other parties, they will start opposing each other. It will end in a brawl, and both parties of the EFF will be removed. These factions will cause an implosion of its support base, which in the end will see the EFF not featuring in a strong position in parliament in the coming election.

A vision of a big red vehicle hitting voters at a voting station was seen. As it hits, many people in red emerged from the vehicle. The EFF will try to influence and intimidate people during the elections. The IEC must be vigilant.


The voters in South Africa are maturing, and even the uneducated people are knowledgeable about politics and will vote responsibly.

Because of voters’ frustration with service delivery, especially in rural areas, people will voice their concerns with the election system in South Africa. After the election in 2019, people will increasingly say that they want to vote for a person and not only a political party.

Elite network fails

There seems to be one network of politicians, political allies and people of influence. Their influence will end towards the end of 2019. A completely new network will emerge of younger people with a different viewpoint and do not have the same political system where being a politician was seen as a job and for the revolutionaries. In the old system, there was trickery, like in an old boys’ club. There was much networking with various people, and one needed the Robben Island experience to be part of it; that is not relevant anymore.

New Breed of Political Leaders

The last months of 2019 will bring a new breed of politician. This new breed will not be looking for personal gain but will be focused on what they can do. Many of them want to make a name for themselves. They want to be seen, and they want to be known as the one who drove the new move. The Lord is going to remove the inner motivations and bring the change that He wants to bring. They will not be looking for rewards. With this new breed, the emphasis will not be on how well they speak or how presentable they are. They know that many of those that spoke well in the past also spoke with a forked tongue; they said one thing, and they did another. This new breed of political animal will be more spontaneous and won’t have spin doctors and people writing their speeches. It will come from a heart that has changed. They will not be from a particular political party, but this new breed will infiltrate all the parties.

New coalitions

In 2020 and 2021, we will see a whole new coalition of parties; President Ramaphosa and Mr Maimane will be seen in a coalition together.

Political Landscape

The political landscape looks like a box of Smarties. Everyone will be trying to voice their opinions and gain favour with the people in the next season. There will be many voices pulling the people into different directions, and unfortunately, small pockets of violence will occur. We need to pray against popular rhetoric such as racial slurs, which stirs up violence in the nation. There will also be unusual and unexpected alliances in the next season.

The Electoral Commission The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is already looking at methods to safeguard the counting of votes for the election in 2019. Talks in this regard started already after the ANC conference held in December 2017.

Traditional leaders

Big changes are coming for traditional leaders. Their role and focus will change; they will actively serve their communities and become less dependent on government.


A huge dip in labour union membership is coming, and it is directly linked to the growth of the middle class in the economy. People in the middle class don’t trust union representatives to represent them and want to do it themselves. However, small radical unions will keep emerging; they will come and go, as they are linked with the splitting in the factions within the ANC.

Being a unionist will no longer be a requirement if you want to follow a political career, as was the past belief. More and more political leaders will emerge from community-based organisations.

Western Cape to Gauteng

People will be moving back from the Western Province to the Gauteng area. They will be leaving their jobs and coming back to their previously held jobs in Gauteng.

Government a cleaning out

There is a move in Luthuli House to clean out the allies of old President Zuma. This process has already started in the North West Province, and it will move on to the Free State, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. As conflict will follow this cleanup process, the army will be an effective tool in managing the social unrest in communities.

A struggle

There will be a huge struggle to normalise the situation in government so that good governance can take place. Many ineffective public servants will be weeded out, and they will not necessarily be replaced because there is no need for that particular post. There will be an appetite for good service delivery, and debt collection at the municipal level will improve, although it will still not be effective.

Many municipalities’ debts will still have to be written off. Good, solid civil servants will be recognised despite creed or colour. They will receive promotions that they were denied in the past as they were overrun by individuals driven by power and greed.

A true guardian

The government will become the true guardian again; they were plundering and looking after themselves. But they will start becoming the guardian again, protecting and caring and helping the people of South Africa. The health care system of South African hospitals and clinics is being upgraded. There was a similar project in the past, but it was stopped because the money was taken away and used somewhere else. Hospitals that had been planned for years are being built, especially in rural areas.

The red tape is being cut; long and tedious government processes because of corruption are being cut. New strategies to lessen corruption will be put in place when they do purchasing and procurement in government.


The government is seen to be placing band-aids on problems, which are not really helping. They are trying to cover major issues and hope that it will fix itself.

Cyril Ramaphosa is again being controlled like a puppet because he still wants to please those around him. He does things to keep the peace, and he needs to step up and take control. He needs to call the shots and not please people but bring healing to the country from within.

There are also ministers in certain positions that are wrong for that position. A cleansing process and reshuffling will take place so that they can fit the portfolios that suit them.

Civil servants

A new breed of civil servants is being raised. This new type of servant has an understanding of serving the people and the communities and not themselves. Many civil servants and political leaders will become more involved in their communities; their job descriptions are changing. They have to give an account in terms of them working in their individual communities. No longer will it be just a job behind a desk, but they will have to be involved in the communities. It will start in the cities and then move to rural communities.

In the coming years, there will be a move to decrease the number of public servants. This will not be a popular decision, and there will be many discussions behind closed doors as to how to manage such a process.

The government cannot afford the salary bill anymore. This decision will be implemented incrementally over several years.

Community court resurgence

A resurgence of community courts and low-level prosecutions will be happening and taking place far quicker. Digitisation of criminal dockets will replace the current docket system in the courts, which will cause the courts to be much more effective throughout the nation. It will enable the police to become more effective in their policing and liaising with the courts; this will cause a complete change in our nation.


Abuse of contracts and tenders for IT infrastructure development within government institutions will be revealed and will cause many to be prosecuted. This corruption in IT has hindered public services progress as different systems were implemented in different departments that did not integrate.

A new centralised system will be developed with experts being contracted from across the world. This system will come at a high cost. But contrary to the dysfunctional systems implemented in the past, this system will vindicate itself. It will integrate many departments and make administration easier.

Those that focus on corruption will find it very difficult to continue working in their posts, and they will slowly but surely start vacating their positions.

Government institutions

Government institutions, known in the past for its bad service delivery and rude staff, will become an example of good professional service.

Public service workers will also be treated better and given better conditions to work in. This will give them pride in their work that will be reflected in how they treat the public.

Government vs Unions

The new government will send a strong message to public sector workers to get to work and stop wasting time and money. Strong measures will be taken against unproductive workers. This will put the government in conflict with unions. The government will stick to its guns and ensure that any actions taken against workers will be above board and above reproach.

Land expropriation

The expropriation of land issue will become a major conflict point in rural areas. This will be one reason why this issue is going to be put on ice, and a new strategy will have to be found to deal with this issue. There will be no land expropriation without compensation.

Local government coalitions

In the coming elections, the ANC will not perform as they have planned. In the municipal elections, this performance will cause them to make coalitions with parties they did not consider before.

Minimum wage

There is disgruntlement about the minimum wage. The Lord says that the minimum wage is from Him, and the opposition against it will disappear.

National development plan

There will be a renewed focus on the National Development Plan which will cause investment in the country to return as well as to government departments.

No more consultants

The Government will use fewer consultants. Public servants with the right expertise are employed with competitive salaries.

Older faces resurface

In many government institutions, departments and high positions, elderly ANC leaders of the past will resurface. They will serve for a period of five years and bring stability to those institutions. The interference of politicians in the administration in government will lessen over the years.

Public office bearers

Ace Magashule will also be prosecuted and removed from the top six of the ANC. After the elections, David Mabuza will no more be the deputy president. After the 2019 elections, men of character and stature will be elected to public office.

Public sector wage bill

The public-sector wage bill will be reduced, and various departments will merge. This will not be popular amongst many of the leaders, but it will be done and implemented. There will be a streamlining regarding leadership in public enterprises, led by the Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan.

These changes will bring efficiency to various departments. More private and public partnerships will happen and even selling off of some of the state assets. The government will start implementing more spending on infrastructure and developments to assist with unemployment, but this will only be a short-term solution.

Municipalities and departments will have much stricter controls and auditing when it comes to spending money to be run more efficiently, and people will be taken to task when things go wrong. Those who are in positions because of nepotism will not last during 2019. Many changes will happen in 2019, especially after the elections, where there will be stricter controls when filling positions in government.


Racism has been used increasingly over the past five years as a tool to bring division between people. We will see good judgments from the courts about racism, and racism will become ineffective in bringing division between people groups.

Service delivery

Service delivery in South Africa will still stay a crucial issue in the next couple of years.

State-owned enterprises (SOEs)

For SOEs like SAA and PRASA, the boards that will be appointed will bring a turnaround strategy that will bear fruit much earlier than anticipated, which will give a fresh breath of air for other departments in the government. Pravin Gordhan has a strategy, and God will use him in this season and even in the season after this, and those appointed will function well.

There has been much talk about selling off these state assets, but this would not be wise as in the following years they will become fruitful again and contribute to the economy.

Social services

Stability is coming in Social Development, especially in the social grant system. The effectiveness of paying and awarding the grants will increase and is already increasing.

The church and Christian leaders in government will be working together with a strong emphasis on family and the family’s responsibility in terms of the social demographics of the nation.

South African Police Service

The SAPS faces a dilemma in that older members outnumbers young members in the service. This will be addressed by offering members voluntary severance packages.

Special economic zones

Special economic zones (SEZs) will be a game-changer in the economy. The planned SEZs will have a major impact on the economy. We will see government place women in renewable energy developments. The scale of these developments will come as a shock to many.

State capture

At times, it will seem that the whole debacle of state capture and the Gupta family is going nowhere, but they will be prosecuted and will give account for the millions that have left the country.

Teachers wanted

Government is very seriously looking at increasing the number of teachers because it feels that it is the only way to address the spirit of poverty prevalent in South Africa.

Technology upgrades

There will be a technology upgrade where people can use an app to access services at the municipality or government institutions. There will not be long queues to get things done at government institutions.

The judiciary

There are discussions about moving the judicial system from Bloemfontein. There is rot in the corridor, and a lot of negativity around the judicial system and a move from Bloemfontein to another place is seen as a way for the judicial system to regain its integrity. There is talk of a total cleanup.

The South African justice system is one of the strongest in Africa. The Chief Justice of South Africa will be travelling to various nations in Africa where he has been invited. There will be teaching and lecturing in terms of the justice systems of individual nations in Africa.

The magistrate and maintenance courts will become more effective as the first point of entry for community members. This effectiveness will also spread to the Master of the High Court. The Master of the High Court will open more offices, especially in rural areas.

Litigation in South Africa will become more streamlined due to the effectiveness of mediation. Litigation will be shortened because of mediation. Mediation is also a cheaper process, and people will choose this process for that reason.

The navy

There will be a huge scandal in the navy; the chief of the navy was seen being axed, and because of the huge scandal, heads would roll in the lower ranks, to clean from the top down.

Training colleges

The government will be opening training colleges for artisans where they had been closed. There will be a strong emphasis on bricklaying and other trades to establish a new breed of artisans.

Trevor Manual

Trevor Manual will have a very clear voice in government, and when he speaks, they listen because he is the voice of wisdom. He has proved his integrity and loyalty, and he doesn’t interfere where he doesn’t have to.

South African church Apostles and Prophets

Apostles and prophets will be raised to direct this nation. They will have a direct impact in terms of government and the future of this nation. A new relationship and working together of government and the apostle and prophet will develop.

Burning the chaff

A vision was seen of a slow-burning veld fire. The fields became flat with no trees or bushes, only grass. The fire burnt through the grass slowly; the crackling of the fire could be heard, and the heat could be felt. The Lord is slowly burning out all the chaff and all the negative influences in the church. More will be exposed, especially in 2019. This is to prepare the field for the new shoots, new green leaves and green grass that will grow in that space. We should not be alarmed to see religious issues being exposed in the media. God knows who He must keep and who He wants to be removed.

His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

(Matt. 3: 12 NIV).

Christians in politics

People with genuine hearts will start speaking about God and displaying their Christianity, not only in words but also in deeds and in the way they handle things in the political environment. The way parliamentarians treat each other will change. Honour will come in the way that they debate and confront one another.

Cyril Ramaphosa and Mmusi Maimane will lead by example. The honour and respect that they will show one another will influence the lower ranks. Many lower-ranking officials will be emboldened to follow their example. The atmosphere in parliament will change from countering each other’s efforts to working together across party lines, even though they disagree with each other. The boldness to speak and live Christian values will affect this change.

Coming to the forefront

God wants to bring the church to the forefront as a solution to challenges facing South Africans such as poverty, sickness and joblessness.

God will give business people much favour and financial prosperity in the coming year to impact society. A vision was seen where people were queuing in churches in search of assistance. Previously where citizens depended on the government to provide solutions, a change will come where people will turn to churches for help. Businesses that are kingdom-minded will expand even in difficult economic times so that they can assist in creating employment. God will give the church solutions to help resolve the complex problems facing South Africa. Many will receive visions and dreams, providing them with strategies which will help with alleviating poverty.

Because of all this, the church is entering a season where there will be manifestations of signs, wonders and miracles. Revivals will break out in various areas. God is stirring an earnestness and seriousness in the hearts of the people, where they don’t just want to sit and receive messages, but actively want to make a difference in the world. People will go out filled with the Holy Spirit and power to make a real difference to communities.

Many more politicians will come to the church to receive wise counsel so that they can do God’s will. Credible prophetic voices will rise in our nation. There will be a move away from sangomas and spiritualists as God will increasingly release the power dimension in the church in 2019.

Crash and burn

The words ‘crash and burn’ were heard. Individuals in the ministry will crash and burn. Do not be alarmed but be ready to give them a word in season. They are not burnt out, but the doctrines that have sustained them are burnt out. They need time, if willing, to discover the life that the Lord has for them. A rectification is coming in which the church in South Africa plays a pioneering role as to the direction that ministry will take.

Buildings and facilities that have been built up over the years will not be wasted and fall into disarray. A new vision is already waiting in the wings.

Many people will become involved in a multitude of ministries, of which many have not been envisaged before. Well-established ministries will not be threatened by the rising tide of ministering saints taking up their roles. Training programs will be rolled out to equip people in these diverse ministries. These ministries/saints will not be centrally funded but will mainly raise their own funds to implement life-changing projects. They will take hands with local, provincial and national government and be highly effective in their area of ministration.

Going higher

A vision of a big eagle on a mountain top grabbing a half-empty glass, flying with it and placing it on a higher level was seen. There is a call for the prophetic ministry to go higher. Some people have neglected their gifts, and they left it behind, thinking that they don’t have any more to give. God is calling you to move up a little bit higher. There is a mist coming like a waterfall from heaven and filling the glass up, restoring and refreshing His people.


There will be an increase in internal strife and factions and more attacks. Muslim-on-Muslim attacks will take place, especially in KwaZulu-Natal. Christian ministries will step in to help in these situations. This will bring great favour, leading to many turning to the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation.

Political impact

A renewed political focus to recognise the church will take place. The Church itself will play a dominant role, which is not just in terms of being a voter base. There are underlying strengths that are hidden in the people in the church that will be revealed. Many talents and gifts that were hidden will become very prevalent this season.


that Ignite God is taking the Body of Christ in South Africa into a season where their prayers will ignite inspiration. God will speak. This will cause many to start up new initiatives, knowing that they have something to do; they have a plan from God, and they heard God.


There will be a revival in the church; large crowds were seen coming into church buildings. Football stadiums will be filled with large gatherings of people praying for our nation and many coming to the Lord. The church must focus on the basics again and not on show-stopper performances.

A vision was seen of minarets falling from mosques. Islam’s influence is waning, and the Lord is working in the hearts of imams with radical changes taking place. The Lord is doing something within the Islamic faith. The South African church will be displayed to the world; people are always looking at South Africa and taking note of what the Lord is doing within this nation.

Stirring hunger

God is stirring up a real hunger in the people of South Africa and especially within the younger generation. God is dealing with fear, unforgiveness and hatred in the hearts of many. God will move them to pray instead of retaliating and responding aggressively. In prayer, their hearts will start to change.

Supernatural provision

A vision was seen of the miracle that Moses did with the water from the rock. The Lord is saying in this season; there will be a supernatural provision that will not come from man or any fundraising but will be supernatural from God. The church itself will flourish, even in the difficult economic environment where giving is under pressure.

A second vision was seen of a fresh flan and custard pudding that was made and being put on the table.

The Lord says in Psalm 37:4: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” In this season, the Lord’s goodness will be tasted amongst His people in difficult circumstances. Christians in the nation will significantly grow and prosper and will become a dominant force. This force will be felt in politics, much like in America where they must contend with the evangelical group.

The tent of David

A vision was seen of a person like David playing the harp to the Lord. Worship in this season in the church will change. It will be drastically different – a move away from performance and entertainment to where the presence of the Lord will be manifest.

This coming season, there will be a strong sense of the Lord’s presence amongst His people, which will be reflected in sincere worship. It will change the way people perceive the church from having an ‘entertainment’ encounter to having an encounter with the presence of the Lord. It will become a strong testimony in 2019 that the church will testify of the manifested presence of the Lord.

After this, I will return and rebuild David’s fallen tent. Its ruins I will rebuild, and I will restore it (Acts 15:16 NIV).

The wise and foolish virgins (Matt. 25)

The Church is in the time of the five wise and five foolish virgins. There is a definite separation. The five wise virgins will be raised up; they are prepared within, and they have a new understanding of Kingdom authority. They will be released into the market place and no longer will the sharing of the message and gospel be an intimidating thing. There is a quality of men and women that understand their authority and understand who they are as men and women of God. Therefore, there will be a tremendous impact of miracles, signs, and wonders in the marketplace.


The hopelessness and powerlessness that the people and Christians have felt will dissipate. Christian communities will experience excitement because of the vision and calling of God on them. Different groups and individuals of the Body across denominations, cultural backgrounds and race will discover that God has been speaking the same vision to each one. This will cause divisions to fall. White people will go into rural areas, and townships and township people will go to urban areas. A coming together and working together for common goals and common purposes will occur.

A corporate voice of unity in prayer is rising from South Africa. The Lord hears that voice and He will respond accordingly. The enemy has started to line up his troops to stop what is happening. But it will not be stopped. The move of God will make his children trample the enemy underfoot. A great testimony of what God has done in this land will be heard.

Youth revival

There is a revival breaking out amongst the youth. There is a stirring in youth; they want the real thing. They are dissatisfied and no longer will they turn to drugs. The power gifts of the Holy Spirit are being poured out.

High schools in rural areas and the more impoverished schools will see young people with passion boldly proclaiming Christ and reaching out to the other pupils. Those that were drawn to gangsterism and drugs in the past will now be pulled into groups of teenagers ministering to one another on the school ground. God will manifest Himself in supernatural ways. God is raising their level of faith to a place where they will dare to step out and trust God for His supernatural power. Even hardened criminals and hardened gangster’s hearts will be softened, weeping in brokenness.

Leaders need to start preparing the youth and focus on the older generation and focus on the youth to build the church in the nation for the future. The younger people in the congregations will be seen in front of the church. Older people are going forward to the younger people to be prayed for and being touched and healed from illnesses, sickness and incurable diseases.