A strong brotherhood

A stronger brotherhood will develop between the nations of Central America and the northern countries of South America. No longer will each nation focus on themselves, but the potential for progress and growth will cause the nations to become involved in helping each other. Leaders of these nations will reach out to each other. Leaders will not merely stay silent about issues in their neighbouring countries but will start voicing their concerns.

A greater focus on developing economic freedom and the movement of produce and products from country to country will take place. Multinational plans will be put in place to develop road networks and create corridors for the economy, making it easier to move products and people across many borders. By joining together economically, these countries will develop strong trade agreements with big countries like Mexico and Brazil.

Changes in government

Several changes in governments will take place throughout South America. Many Southern American nations have had a change of leaders and governments over the last two years. In 2019, many nations in South America will be experiencing changes in government.

Changing of legislation

Legislation was seen changing, and new laws being implemented. There will be constitutional changes in some of these countries; some will even have their constitution rewritten. Many of the nation’s constitutions have not been completed. It is half done. They will be completed, and proper legislation, rules and information will be implemented. This will be done with proper consultation from different community leaders.

Church coming together

The Church in the South American region will be coming together; revivals will break out starting from the north-western nations, then filtering down to the south-eastern parts of South America. Due to all the difficult economic and political circumstances, the people are facing; many are really seeking the Lord.

Community and social cohesion

Community and social movements in the different countries in this region will reach across borders and support one another. They will become involved in their country’s challenges. They will address issues and pressure the governments to change, resulting in some instances in new leadership being brought in and old leaders resigning. A new fresh move will start to occur in these nations that will result in a new level of morality and higher standards.


The commodity cycle will turn. A season of breakthrough in terms of commodity prices is coming upon the southern American nations.


Latin-American countries will have a season of strong resistance against corruption. This confrontation of corruption will spread from country to country. A multi-national movement will call in a Central and South American spring.

There will still be a season of great conflict and turmoil politically and in armed resistance. But after this season of conflict, a resolution will come; South and Central America will get their act together and become a powerful group of nations that carry weight in the international economic community.

Drug trade and cartels

Conflict will arise between authorities and drug lords in addressing how crime syndicates have influenced government. The connection between these entities will be severed. The crime and drug cartels will have a tough time in the future and will not continue in their old ways.

The drug trade will be under immense pressure to decrease their areas of influence. Some of the areas will be changed and be used for cultivating food and crops.

Family focus

This region will emphasize the strengthening of the family structure. Governments will increase social grants in an attempt to strengthen the family structure. Although this is not the answer necessarily, it will be one of the governments’ attempts in this area.

Green energy

There is great potential for green energy. There will be a market opening so that people can access green energy.

Help given

There will be a helping hand extended from Europe, North America and Africa. These nations will advise on bettering agriculture, energy and the economy in South America.

Individualism matures

The populations in this region are maturing in terms of their individualism. This will put the political environment in turmoil as people start to feel that they have a role to play. Their reliance on government will diminish as they have not been treated well by governments over the decades.

The people are going to face the drug trade head-on. They will not be tolerant of dictators anymore. There is a generation that has wider exposure to the world, and they will think for themselves and will be intolerant of things that the older generation allowed. This generation asks the relevant questions and will put pressure on the areas that need change.


Due to the challenging economic and political landscape, God will give the people clever ideas and inventions. These technologies will assist them in making money so that they can survive and support their families.

Migrant workers

Many migrant workers in the USA and other nations of the world will return to their countries to bring their expertise and skills. Some of them will become government leaders and high-placed ministers with new tools, new abilities and a new outlook to bring change and bring solutions.

Regional prominence

Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay will start rising in prominence and experience exponential progress and growth. The governments of these nations will see a reviving and a revitalising taking place. True fathers will be standing in positions of authority and nurturing the younger generations into responsible sons in leadership positions.

Regional shaking

Many nations in this region will be shaken in the season to come. Poverty will become a serious issue addressed by the masses challenging their governments. The people will also no longer tolerate dictatorships and the corruption that steals progress.

Resurgence in agriculture

A light was seen coming from the top of South America zooming onto Argentina and going to Brazil. A new resurgence in agriculture will take place starting in Argentina and spill over into Brazil. It will become the new trendy thing to do: going back to the land, almost like the cowboy era when people had cattle on the land and grew crops. They are removing themselves from the cities and developing a love for the land again.

The governments are also coming on board. They have a land bank, and government legislation will cause money to go to this land bank and be used for the farmers. They want to refinance the food security of the nation. It will come from the government, but the people’s hearts have already been prepared to have a love for the land.

Social uprising

A social uprising will emerge in the South American nations. There will be strikes, marches and insurgence, unrest and the burning of effigies and a flag. People will realise how much power they really have and that

they have allowed many things to happen. There has been a hierarchy that has controlled them and manipulated them. The people will stand up for what they believe and become a force to be reckoned with. The governments will have to take notice of them.

Strengthening of the nations

Starting from Central America into South America, a strengthening of the nations will occur. They will start looking at themselves quite differently, believing in themselves and taking initiatives to better themselves. These nations will start standing together with Brazil as one of the powerhouses in South America. South America will become more powerful and will become a force to be reckoned with. The bigger powerhouse nations will take note of it.

Brazil BRICS

Brazil will awaken in their identity as a nation and become very aware of Putin and his plan in terms of BRICS. A disassociation and a breaking away from BRICS will take place. This will be a very unpopular move in some quarters. It will affect the identity of the nation.

Mineral deposits

More exploration will take place and greater mineral deposits discovered. God’s plans and purposes for these discoveries help boost the economy to help the poor people in Brazil.

Intercessors Needed Intercessors need to pray against corruption as the money generated from mining is meant for the nation and not only for a select few. Other nations and large mining corporations will try to exploit these discoveries, but prayer for protection and wisdom will be necessary.

New Leader God is raising a leader with a heart for the people as God wants to bring stability to the political landscape. There will be much rioting and uproar from the people as they have had enough of the inequality, corruption and difficulties. Prayer for peace is needed.

The Church in Brazil

The church in Brazil and the government will work together. A prophetic voice and company will be raised in Brazil. A coming together of church and a prophetic company of church and government will take place. This will affect the direction of the nation.


God is bringing the nation of Columbia to the fore as a shining light in South America. They will place structures and policies in government that will positively affect their economy and the nation. Many neighbouring countries will watch and learn from the change that God is bringing to Columbia.


Guatemala is shedding their colonial past, especially in terms of the Spanish who colonised them. A tremendous emphasis will be placed on science. Science will become a major focus in this nation, with a new kind of leadership that understands the world’s green problem in terms of global warming. These scientists will become prominent in the UN and various global bodies.

Guatemala, as a nation, will be prominent. We will begin to hear much of this nation in the future.


With the Mexican economy strengthening, the nation will be strengthened. Stricter government and policing control will lead to a cleaning up process within the nation. A surge in the output of produce, especially agriculturally, was seen and production in general. New investment and new building development will take place. Mexico will start to become a powerhouse on its own.

Many young up and coming professionals (doctors, lawyers, and business people) will come out of Mexico and move into other nations.


A new leader for Panama was seen. He will have a heart for the people. As people pray, a new government in Panama will emerge. The nation will find a new identity, and God will bring restoration.


A strong women’s movement will emerge in Venezuela. This women’s movement will help to strengthen women in business and politics. Women will be catapulted through this movement into positions in business and politics.

God is raising numerous voices that will speak out against the corruption and violence in the country. Abuse against women will be one of the issues addressed. It will be essential to pray for protection as many attempts will be made on the lives of the people and their families standing against these injustices and all the terrible things they expose and revolve against. They will have to go into hiding.

Warnings of animals dying

A vision was seen of animals dying in central South America due to shortages of nutritional feeds from the suppliers. Animals will suffer, and chickens will die. This will damage the economy quite seriously.