The nations in the region will join hands and agree on something regarding agricultural produce. This agreement will cause the agriculture that is weak in certain areas to strengthen and cause the entire region’s agricultural produce to increase. Much of this increase will be sent to other nations and be a blessing to the region.

Drug trade

There has been an influx of drug trade in the region. A very popular sportsperson will become a crusader against the drug trade. Because he is so well known, he will draw the attention of the media and the public. It will put a spotlight on the existing drug trade and cause it to slow down.

Earthquakes increasing

The tectonic plates of the earth are shifting in this greater region. Earthquakes and volcanic action will increase in this area. These earthquakes will even happen in the south-eastern tip of New Zealand, in an area not known for earthquakes. The magnitude of earthquakes will be in the range of about 5–6 on the Richter scale.

The Pacific ‘ring of fire’ will be very active. Two or three earthquakes will occur in the Philippines and Southeast Asia’s northern areas (Philippines, Singapore). In the southeastern tip of New Zealand, the authorities need to prioritise an emergency plan for this area as there is not a very effective one in place, if at all.

Volcanic activity will also increase. A major humanitarian crisis will occur that will need western help.

Fishing industry

As the fishing industry is a great source of income to the region’s countries, a battle for the ‘fishing waters’ will ensue. There will be a tug of war between the different nations concerning the rights to fish in certain areas, and pirating will become prevalent. God will, however, raise leaders who will come together to negotiate and resolve the conflict.

Human trafficking

The uncovering of the human trafficking circle will escalate. The participation of major business and governmental leaders in human trafficking will be exposed. A new emphasis on education in the poorer nations will occur.

A vision was seen of a young girl selling her body for money. Some of the moral values in terms of human dignity and life will be placed in the spotlight. There is an underlying immoral perception that others can be used. The world will be focusing in on that. There will be an outcry from different nations saying: ‘Get yourselves in line. Stop this nonsense that is going on.’

Leaders joining hands

The leaders in the area will join hands with one another. A new union or alliance to combat specific common challenges in the region will be formed to overcome poverty with the help of those who are prosperous. Meetings will take place where they will discuss a plan and a strategy. Agreements will be made, which will cause the region to advance in the next few years.

Monarchist roots

In these nations, there will be a revisiting of their monarchist roots. Many of these nations will rise and rebel against their monarchist roots because of tremendous discrepancies between the rich and the poor. There will be much change because of future generations planning for the nations and taking the nations’ vision forward, which will sideline monarchies and their way of governing.

Spiritual forerunners

There is a total imbalance in the wealth and the outlook of the people. The Philippines are seen as the slaves of the area and are used for all the menial work.

God has a heart for the higher Southeast Asia nations. He has sent spiritual forerunners ahead like Joseph Prince and Jonathan David to prepare the ground to bring a revival to the people.

A new spirt of religion and charismatic outlook in the whole area will spill down to Australia and New Zealand.

Asians understand that education is key for changing their values, and are preparing for it now by educating their children.


Great urban development will take place. New cities are being built with brand new technology, creating new land out of the ocean and building a hi-tech green city that becomes the new standard for future cities across the world. These revolutionary new cities will inspire new developments across Asia, becoming an example to western nations. Countries like Malaysia will even bypass Australia and New Zealand in its development.

Many western scientists, architects and engineers will be attracted to this part of the world to join the economy and development. Expat communities will increase. Great competition between Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan in economic development will take place.

Malaysia, the Philippines & Singapore

A golden ring was seen surrounding the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. These three countries will take hands in developing a new strategy with a single focus on the economy. They share certain areas of expertise, and they realise that they can only become a significant role-player if they work together. These three countries will enter into new national and international agreements that will strengthen their economy.


Singapore will take the lead in terms of education in the form of an online virtual classroom, first of its kind worldwide, because of the whole region’s demographics. The region will take its cue from Singapore.

Singapore is a nation becoming a brilliant white knight. It will become a testimony of God’s goodness over nations that serve Him. Singapore’s great testimony will ring out across the South Asian region as the nation embraces the Lord. Singapore will become a watchdog over the whole region.


Much exposure to drug trafficking will take place. The eyes of the world will focus on Thailand as one of the leaders of drug trafficking for the east. A change of government in Thailand will take place because of the rise of the people against the country’s leaders because they are involved in drug trafficking.

South China Sea

Conflict around China and its activity in the South China Sea will be gearing up. The UK will support the other nations in Southeast Asia. It will be a standoff for a while as China pushes to expand its boundaries in the South China Sea.

The islands

The Hand of God is on the smaller islands. A strong evangelical move will take place, and revival will break out in these areas. The people are seeking the Lord because of all the difficulties they are facing.

Weather patterns

Abnormal weather patterns will occur with excessive rainy seasons resulting in various natural disasters such as mudslides and flooding. Governments must make provision in their disaster relief funds. Much foreign aid will also be required to assist in alleviating the problems caused.