USA media

A change in media policy is coming to the USA in terms of reporting on the president. There will be a change in how the media will be given the news from the White House itself. It will no longer be in the form of an open conference anymore but will be controlled because of media manipulation.

Draining the political swamp

Donald Trump has promised that he will ‘drain the swamp’ of political bureaucrats and politicians. Many are mocking him because they think his promise is ridiculous and will never come to pass. They will be surprised toward the end of his term at how he has drained the swamp. He will bring back freedom in the nation for people and businesses to make decisions for themselves without the clutter of bureaucracy. Unproductive bureaucrats fill seats and cost the nation millions – they will be flushed out.

The nation is being strengthened gradually. The economy will grow and be strengthened, especially in the central areas of the USA.

A change of attitude

A change of attitude towards the current government will occur, especially in the liberal section of the population. Many liberal commentators and even governors will start to defend the president. The party lines between Republicans and Democrats will blur even more. The strong division between the two parties will start to fade as people agree on certain issues voiced in society.


People in the US that are enemies of the country are planning a terrorist attack. But the reaction of the president to this attack will surprise people. Because of his reaction, somehow certain people looking at him from a negative perspective will suddenly change their perspective and realise he is for them, not against them.

Shocking revelations of terrorist cells and extremist Muslim communities in far off rural areas where nobody expected them will be exposed. This will cause the government to take serious action against some of these communities. Other rural communities will stand up and become vocal about similar problems, which will cause conflict.

Donald Trump

The USA is rising again to be one of the greatest powers of the world. God is defending Donald Trump with supernatural protection around him in these initial months. Within one or two years of his inauguration, these problems and tensions will dissipate, and the trust of the people will grow towards him.

Some of the promises made by Donald Trump, like the opening of factories that have closed, will not come to pass.

There has been much humiliation for the president, but he has really stood up and taken it on the chin. The Lord is honouring him. He boldly declared his faith and trust in God and surrounded himself with many men of God.

The USA vs North Korea

 An attack on North Korea will take place should North Korea attack South Korea. The USA will be defending and be active in war in the East in the future. God is using the USA to align the global political arena; God’s hand is upon the USA as a nation. Because of their protection of and the alliance with Israel, the USA will rise again to become one of the world powers as in the days of old.

There is a time coming where Trump will attack adversaries and put action to his many warnings. Nations will learn that if he said something, he will do it. This will ease tensions in the world because a strong leader who does what he says is again on the world stage.

USA economy

The American economy is becoming surprisingly stable, and property sales will start to increase. The national focus will be off retail purchases, and consumers will become more serious about where they spend their money. Many Americans will return to a simple life, living off the land, and planting their own vegetables and fruit trees.


Hollywood has lost its power and its hold on the minds of the people. People have become bored with the offerings on TV. YouTube will become more popular. People will go back to a simple life as Hollywood’s glitz, and glitter has lost its glow.

A new TV industry and format, separate from Hollywood, will start up in another part of the country and will win favour and awards. This industry will speak to the hearts of a big portion of the population that will prefer these TV shows and movies above those of Hollywood.


A vision was seen of warships arming. There will be military tension globally, and the US will play a major role in it. Trump will keep his word by backing nations he promised to support, specifically South Korea and nations in the Middle East. Some treaties were signed in the past with nations like Iran that will fall apart. It will require a show of strength, and the next couple of months will be crucial.

The favour of God

The word ‘charity’ is written all over America. God’s favour rests on America in 2018. People will start to prosper; poor people will experience God’s favour. Although there will be war and conflict outside the country, it will not influence America’s people so much. The rains will come, they will have good crops, and everything will be working for the good in the next season for America.

Mining and manufacturing

An upswing in mining and manufacturing will occur in the US and revitalise small towns and run-down areas. Renewal in the motor industry will start to pay off. In particular, Tesla Motors will overcome its difficulties and criticism against it and will become the example of the new standard of motorcars available from the American industry. This new standard will force other American motor manufacturers to raise their standards. European motor manufacturers will become concerned as American cars will start to lead in the international market.