A hidden purpose

There is a drive among some of the leaders to become internationally known. The Lord’s hand is over this nation, and He is keeping this nation hidden for a season for its own safety and His purposes. The more they try to get international recognition, the more frustrated they will become. God is not going to lift His hand. They will go through inner political turmoil. This will come and go. People will rise against any dictatorial systems.

Wake up Zambia

The Lord has a heart for this nation. One of the important callings on the nation is developing a prophetic voice. This development is in its infancy. The Lord requires the people to wake up and rise. There is much preaching but not enough equipping of the nation for its true purposes. There are many young prophets in the nation that are destined to minister all over the world. They can see and hear very accurately, but nobody is equipping them. This is a wake-up call to the remnant of people prepared to start equipping believers within the nation. Once this develops, the voice of Zambia will be heard. It will not be heard on the political front. It will not be heard on the great feats they do for SADEC or any of the nations around them. The Lord is keeping them hidden until their prophetic voice is ready.

Zambia is a gem in Africa. It is green and lush, and forestry will be expanded.


Many areas are being developed, which will lead to an increase in tourism. There is an increase in interest for people to make Zambia their home. Many people, such as teachers and doctors, are moving there for work opportunities. New industry and growth are attractions that will bring further investment into Zambia.

Bad political decisions

Bad political decisions made over a long time by government leaders now weigh heavily on the nation. The current government does not seem to have solutions to the problems due to infighting, jealousy, manoeuvring and manipulation amongst politicians. This unhealthy situation needs to be addressed.


The economy has slowed down because of the bad political situation. This has caused many businesses to plan improperly and lose focus. Business leaders need to become wise and honest in their business decisions and not resort to dishonest means.

The Zambian church

The church is strong at the moment. Apostolic revival is needed, not just in name but in doing the work of an apostle, like Paul said: equipping the saints and planting proper churches. This does not mean having multitudes of churches but rather a people that understand God and know what revival is about.

A new wave of revival is coming to Zambia. People need to get ready for it. The equipping and training is for the next revival that God is sending. It will be in 2019.

God is going to change the face of the church in Zambia. Father will release new strategies and new ways of doing things in the church.

There is an upgrade of new ways emerging in the church to address the nation’s status and improve things within the nation. A great change in how the church operates will occur. God will do a unique thing to and through the church in the nation that will be an example to other nations in Africa.

A new church and business relationship are being built in Zambia. This will be a new way of working together – a unique way of collaborating between the church and business in the nation. This collaboration will cause the church and the business sector to grow.

A well-loved national leader passes

A well-loved national leader in Zambia will pass away. The nation will go into mourning. This will cause the nation to return to its original grassroots call. It has tried to live up to other African nations and tried to copy what others were doing. The economy became totally dependent on copper and exports instead of building into the people. There will be a season of a strong focus on building the people of Zambia to reach their full potential so the nation can fulfil its calling and mandate.

Renewed economic focus

A renewed focus on specific areas in the Zambian economy will become prevalent. There is a big energy shortage in the country that hampers economic growth. The current leaders do not have the strategy to solve this problem. But in the coming year, a new strategy will emerge that will help lift the economy by reducing energy generation costs. Energy companies will be erecting solar and renewable energy plants. The nation will be uplifted from a place of extreme poverty. Although the nation and the economy have been growing at a good rate, there has been extreme poverty. If they will take their eyes off other nations and focus on what God has for them as a nation, they will prosper.

Witchcraft in politics

Consultation between government and witchdoctors has taken place, which has led to bad decisions made by the government of the present day. The new president of Zambia is a true man of God. The influence of witchcraft is coming against him, but he is standing strong. Several ministers in the government are moving out, and new ones are being raised to support him. These will be men of integrity and wisdom.

Zambia will become known as a nation after God. There is a strong revival and a turning back to God.

SA companies in Zambia

Many South African companies are investing in the infrastructure and roads of Zambia. A corridor of roads from South Africa to Zambia will be upgraded.

Zambian transportation

The national carrier was known as Zambia ‘scare-ways.’ The airways will be built up with new jets and planes. The aviation industry will be developed. It will no longer be called scare-ways but will become a quality airline.

Zambian mining industry

An upsurge in profits will be evident in the mining industry in the season to come. In the past, this upsurge caused an increase in corruption in government and more money being misspent. This time, a greater emphasis will be placed on what the money is spent on and where the money is going to. The abuse of income received from the mining sector by the government will become public knowledge. Ordinary people on the street will start to voice their concerns and dissatisfaction with government corruption. This will force the government to take greater responsibility for how the money is spent.


Although there will be an upsurge in profits in the mining industry, the greatest growth will be seen in agriculture. Strong competition amongst different companies and people in the agricultural sector will build a flourishing industry. A greater focus will be placed on feeding the local population before exporting agricultural goods to other countries. This industry will focus more on social development and influencing the environment and the people of the area in which they function. This development will cause an increase in living standards throughout the nation.