PRT Logo Symbolism

  • The circular shape refers to the “round table” and the unity of purpose.
  • The 7 shapes making up the circle represents the 7 mountains of society that God has called us to speak into. These shapes are a minimalist abstract of an eagle diving
    down where the outward point is his head and the sharp inward point his tail. The 7 shapes, therefore, do not only represent the 7 mountains but also reference the eagle (prophetic) going for its target sent out from the circle.
  • The 7 colours used represent the major and most prominent colours (together with black and white) found in most international flags (South Africa included).
  • The 7 mountains have a dynamic of going to the centre and piercing into Gods revelation and then pointing outwards into different directions.
  • The white space (negative space) between the mountains and in the centre of the circle creates a flash of light representing revelation.
  • The empty top space (the 8th position) represents God (white). From His heavenly mountain, He speaks into the circle, causing the flash in the centre. Only by adding God at the top is the circle completed. His unseen Kingdom unifies all elements and catapults us out into all directions to effect His Kingdom’s purposes and revelation into this seen realm.

One of our team members, André Coetzee, designed the PRT logo.