There is an increase in tourism, but the island is not equipped to host the increase because the infrastructure cannot handle it. There is a call for the government of the island to increase and expand infrastructure development.

Réunion will become a tourist destination. There will be a supernatural invitation to foreigners to come to this nation and start developing it. The government will not design this or have to figure out how to pay for it. People will go there and start building. There will be freedom in the coming season for foreigners to invest in the nation. There is much natural beauty that has to be displayed.

International investors

International investors will place greater attention in building luxury accommodation, apartments and holiday destinations within the nation. A very well-known international company will invest in building massive lodges.

An investment company will upgrade the waterfront and beachfront areas. It has always been a tourist destination but has experienced a bleak period. The outdated and ill-kept holiday resorts and hotels will be upgraded, which will revive the tourism industry.

International connections

A connection between Richard Branson, the Virgin Group, and Réunion Island was seen.

An international gathering will take place on Réunion that will put the island on the map.

Much more marketing and publicity for Réunion Island will be seen worldwide in countries in Europe and other first world countries, promoting Réunion as a holiday destination.

New flight routes

New flight routes will start from Réunion to different parts of the world, encouraging people to travel directly from their country to Réunion Island.

A filming location

Réunion will become a very popular location for filming because of its beautiful environment and natural beauty and resources, such as lush, green areas with beautiful orchids growing wild.

Tropical fruits

The pineapple industry will be successful. More tropical fruit will be planted.

Fishing industry

The island relies heavily on the fishing industry, but they are not looking after this resource. Restrictions need to be put in place so they can preserve the fishing industry.


The government has become elite in the people’s eyes and out of reach for the average person.

The government is small, but it will become smaller still. Efficiency and productivity will increase, leading to a reduction in bureaucracy. A new spirit of thinking is developing in France. The Réunion Islands government will be one of the first territories to take on this new spirit – a more concise way of doing things. The government will become less political and more business-like.

Government and private companies are planning on developing Réunion with infrastructure for international conferences and conventions. This development will bring a further boost to tourism. The country is an investment destination, especially in tourism.

The church

The church in Réunion will become more prominent because many international speakers will minister in the nation. These speakers will go for a holiday, but they will do missionary work on the sidelines. Many signs, wonders and miracles will happen, and the lost and sick will be healed; this manifestation will bring a freshness that will draw the attention of neighbouring countries.

There is a vibrant community of believers amongst the islanders. The Lord will use these believers to influence French citizens in France, bringing them back to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the separation between the island and France, the islanders have not been strongly influenced by the current trends in Europe. Instead, a strong unity in love has developed amongst believers. The church in Réunion Islands and the church leaders will have a greater impact in France.


A vision was seen of wind blowing and buildings being damaged. A devastating monsoon or hurricane will destroy a large portion of the island. This storm or hurricane will bring economic poverty. They will have to rebuild hotels and facilities in many sectors. Prayer is needed in this regard.