Music was heard coming out of Russia. Many artists are gathering together and hearing a new sound, not even necessarily a Christian sound. They may be Christians but these musicians and artists will receive worldwide fame because of unique paint strokes, operas and symphonies. Russia is seen as a rough country but out of this roughness will come this sophistication of music and art.

Human trafficking in Russia

In this coming year there will be a lot of protesting and marching, people standing up for their rights with internal fighting occurring. The Lord kept on showing us women being sent out of Russia through human trafficking. The Lord feels very strongly about this and He wants to put a stop to it. He is looking for people to act out His will in bringing an end to this.

The Government

The Russian Government and leaders are in confusion. They are not sure where they should focus. Must they focus on manufacturing, sport or agriculture? This has caused much confusion. They decide on one area, talk about it and then push money into it. When it does not appear to work and does not bring in the income to feed the nation, they drop it and try something else. The nation has grown faster than the economy. There is a huge level of poverty in Russia, much more than we are aware of. There are people who are desperately poor, with one set of clothes and no food in the cupboard and no seed to plant in the ground. Seventy percent of the nation is desperately poor and that is also being hidden from those outside of Russia.

We need prayer warriors to pull them out of that mind-set poverty and give them Godly ideas. God will increase an entrepreneurial mind-set over the people. Especially in remote rural areas people tend to think that it is hopelessly difficult to start successful business ventures. The gospel will set people free to be bolder in discovering their potential of providing sustainable incomes for themselves and others even in areas that seemed hopeless.

There are many possibilities for new exports and imports and links with other nations waiting to be explored. Many opportunities exist but have to be birthed in the spirit.

The Move of God

There is going to be a very big change of heart in one of the very senior leaders in Russia, especially towards the gospel. This person is already struggling with the tug of the Lord on him. Many prayers have gone out over this leader, not just by the church in Russia but especially by the church in America (USA) as well as worldwide. Unknown to the public there has been strong intercession by core group of intercessors for Russia in the USA. We will notice subtle changes in the way that this very prominent leader is going to start doing things. God is going to use him to influence the way Russia functions and there is going to be an even greater opportunity for the gospel, as well as business related change due to the subtle changes in this leader. This is going to have a domino effect on larger numbers of people. The Lord is going to work in a totally amazing way but we need to look for the subtle things. The Gospel will be able to enter Russia more powerfully than ever before because of this leader.

God is changing hearts and preparing a generation to be open for His influence. I see a lot of communities previously being overlooked as insignificant which are now growing and developing and being self-sustainable. Without anybody noticing they are building their own sustainable economies.

There will be drops of revival all over the country. It is not going to be out in the open, but starting small and growing bigger as it progresses. Leaders are going to give their hearts to God. That will not be visible at first, but people will start to follow them. These little drops of revival will start to all over the country and some of the missionaries will come from Europe, facilitating these drops of revival. A strong unseen structure is being built, connecting various parts of Russia. There will be of spiritual movement in Russia and a focus on the Holy Spirit, with things happening and people moving in the Spirit, like the prophets of old.

Russia and Israel

An escalation of conflict between Russia and Israel concerning some issues in the Middle-East will come as Russia will try to protect Iran. Russia will position itself much stronger towards the enemies of Israel specifically in regards to Iran, which will cause Israel and Russian relations to suffer. But the Russian people will enter a phase of prosperity. The Russian people, and specifically the gospel will flourish, it will become visible that Christians are in Russia, the gospel message will become visible to the world.


Russia and Siberia will see an increase in tourism, and uplifting will happen because of tourism. God is doing new things to improve people’s lives there.