The word received over agriculture is: lifestyle. This has far more to do with an emotive connection than an economic one. Innovation will come from the deep, distant, difficult to reach rural areas. Due to this emotive connection the popularity of farms will increase dramatically, which will open up a lot of other business opportunities that were not seen as linked to farming previously. Affluent people will be buying farms, even though it does not seem to make any economic or political sense. These people’s presence will affect the areas surrounding them.

Opportunities will be created, not only in eco-tourism, but also in “lifestyle” tourism on running farms. There will be a new desire by farmers to open their farms to outsiders due to this interest in understanding and experiencing farms. Farmers, who traditionally would not consider the option, will have the desire to expose more people to what they are doing on their farms. This will have a settling effect on the agricultural market. Farming will transform into a lifestyle economy despite the predictions of doomsayers.

Family farms

A Vision was seen of a father, son and grandson on the same farm who have put many years into the farm because of their love of the land. The Lord wants people to love the land because then they will love the country – God is going to bless these family farms.

A heritage

LABELA heritage label will be added to farming as a lifestyle. This will not be driven by government but by the public. There will be a desire to preserve this in as many forms as possible and it will cause an influx of capital from the business sector.

Land claims

Farmers have been coming together for discussions because they don’t know the way forward. The future is vague and they are insecure. Some government announcements have made them nervous. The Lord is going to protect the landowners. The food security of SA will not be compromised. The world is watching SA with regard to the issue of land.

The government will not allow land grabs. They will find a way to give the people the land if they want it and develop areas where people can own their own land, rather than to take land that has already been utilized.

New plants

New plants are being cultivated. A new nourishing fruit, growing from a bush, will become very popular. Entire farms will grow this unique fruit. It will grow easily and can be stored for long periods. It will not be genetically modified.

New ventures

Because of the discovery of available underground water in arid and remote areas in SA due to mining, new agricultural ventures will pop up. To support the development of these ventures, information will be gathered from countries like Israel about the development of crops in arid areas and knowledge gained from the Netherlands about green houses. Conservative use of water will also be on the agenda.

Pest control

New pest control methods are being developed. Farmers, familiar with the old ways of pest control, are now transforming their farms. It is a slow start but these farmers are producing results and other farmers will follow. A company, supplying pest control product, will introduce farmers to a new way of controlling pests. There will be research in sound and frequencies with regard to pest control. Some of this research has already being applied on farms. The study results will motivate farmers to start using these new products. Although research is expensive the final results of this new method of pest control will be cheaper in the long run. We heard the Lord say “Let my sound heal the land”, and that is why research is being done in this area.