What is God saying about business in South Africa for 2021?


The gold price will rise, and eventually, the Rand will weaken. Gold will be the currency and investment of the future. Investment will start returning to the nation within 18 months. The wealthy, however, are taking their money offshore.

Cell network

Cell phone tower construction will multiply, thus enhancing and increasing internet connectivity. Data prices will decrease, and money will be increasingly moved across mobile money platforms.

Business South Africa: Intellectual property

Previously privileged intellectuals and business people of South Africa have a knack for running businesses, which is sorely needed. They can bring remarkable turnarounds in many industries and start taking on a much more substantial role. They will move across sectors and help a multitude of different businesses to stay the course and get strong again. There will be a slow realisation that most disillusioned have left the country, and the remaining South Africans have chosen to stay. Many stayers can be trusted to have a genuine heart for the nation; it would have been relatively easy to leave the country and go to where they are sought after.

Business South Africa: Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs will come to the fore as never before. They will put things together on a much smaller budget than usual. One of the reasons for their success will be because overheads will be kept in check. The discovery and development of a scientific product will bring worldwide attention, finance, and wealth into the nation. New mines will be discovered.

Black Business Council

Due to the outcry against corruption from a new quality of businessperson that is rising in the nation, the leader of the Black Business Council will either resign or be voted out. This is the beginning of a new sphere of economic governance in our nation.

Business South Africa: Tito Mboweni

A collaborative pulling together in clusters is what is required. These will be surprisingly successful ventures even though business people will initially be sceptical. The arrogance of many of the business people will be tempered and softened as they realise that they need each other in the difficult times that lie ahead.

Calls for Tito Mboweni to resign will continue, but he will stay and stand the test of time. A strong movement in the business sector of South Africa will arise for righteousness and justice.


Perceived divisive and counterproductive policies of the past, such as Black Economic Empowerment, will not be applied as stringently as they had envisaged, purely because of the dire economic crisis in the nation.

All hands on deck

The economy of South Africa will not grow in the next two years. The government will make tough decisions in terms of debt reduction. South Africans will become poorer, and the budget for living will be smaller. It is a season for all hands on deck.

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