There has been lot of pressure on businesses to survive. The next year will be a breathing gap; there will be a release of the financial pressure that has driven businesses to the bone as the Lord is giving them grace. God helping businesses to catch their breath and although the year will not be soaring in profits they will go through it unharmed.

People specializing in their respective fields will have gain a new sense of pride, so much so that the business sector will start asking advice from government leaders – tapping into their expertise. Many in the business sector have fallen behind in their expertise since there was an expectation that government will not make it due to BEE. Since many in these BEE positions have had to work hard to make it all work, they have actually grown and sharpened their abilities. I see that in business word many have to stop slacking off and start actively sharpen their tools again.

New ideas

There is a reservoir in heaven full of ideas for those who want to come and get it. God is bringing about new opportunities. At first there will not be an experiential framework to show how one should deal with these new opportunities. When these new opportunities come God will provide the inspiration, creativity and answers.

Building industry

The Building industry will have difficult times ahead. After finishing a job people will be laying down their tools and not be sure what the next job will be.


Mining will have another difficult time in South Africa. There needs to be a focus on investing into workers conditions. There is an unhealthy dependence on many of the mines from the extended families of mine workers. Because of the difficulties the mines are facing, many families of mine workers will have to let go of their dependence on the mine workers and find jobs for themselves. Housing improvements will start to happen in 2014 for mineworkers as well as infrastructure around compounds of mine workers. Government will have positive partnerships with mines in helping with this development.

The banking industry

The Banking industry will have a positive year in 2014. Debt will however have to be addressed amongst the public. People will struggle with their high debt and there will be many that will not be able to pay their debt in 2014. A drive to motivate South Africans to save money will get traction.