Praise God for a word on our local economy in South Africa. During our time of prayer we felt God said that in 2015 economists will become more vocal and critical towards government and the powers that be. There will be a lot of discussion taking place in the media and public debates will act as attempts to stabilize the economy. There will not be an upward trend but rather a levelling that will take place. Although there will be many endeavours to grow the economy rapidly, it simply will not happen.

New leadership

A new leader, who will bring planning and organization to a different level, will rise up. The current expansion of infrastructure is going to be enlarged exponentially, far above what the government outlines have been. The black economic empowerment program is going to go into a season of great transformation which will lead to a lot of opportunities for businesses. Where it was once a closed pool, it will now be open. Over all the rand will gain some ground in the coming year and contrary to certain predictions it will not lose much ground against the dollar.

Businessmen in the economy

The government will attempt to involve business people in their decision making processes with regard to their role in the economy. Business people will be reluctant because their agenda(s) and the government’s plans regarding the economy do not coincide. Ultimately the government will try to bring everything under one covering, and by so doing, under its control. Business people will distance themselves from what the government is doing in certain aspects of the economy.

Economy and business are two different and separate categories. This can even be perceived in the spirit. Businessmen do not want to speak into the economy. The economy needs solid, sturdy, steady conservative people that will steer the ship and keep it upright, so that decisions regarding the economy can be executed on ground level.

Government spending

The government has ordered that certain amounts of money have to be spent. Heads of departments, especially regional departments, have been commissioned by the various premiers to make sure the money will be spent on pressing issues such as roads, water and sanitation. Government wants to institute certain demands of the public to still the rioting voices of the people. There is a group of agitators going around the country with the aim to raise awareness of the pressing issues. They are holding the government accountable for not providing essential services.

God showed a vision of bags of money opening up. There are various departments which budgets are going to be used positively in this coming year. There will be relationships between departments in government that will aid the economy. Money will be transferred from one department to another and there will be projects that will be launched together. This will aid the economy as it will have a positive effect on how the country is perceived internationally.

Some of these projects will be purely aimed at building awareness and improving South Africa’s image internationally. The theme will be the upliftment of the people, showing that South Africa is moving ahead. It will seem as if there is instability with regard to putting new plans into effect. This is however God’s plan in action. He will use the plans and available funding to assist the economy. The Lord will use certain role players in departments to re-plan and funds will be moved so that there will be an effective outcome. The economy in general will stabilise, but will not see huge growth very quickly. Plans to change this will emerge. These plans will have an effect in the future and lead to more stability.

Public spending

There will be a great increase in public service spending. Fast tracking the need for housing, electricity, water and sewage will be seen especially in the more economically active regions. Government will become more serious about the management of municipalities in areas where the economy is really active, focusing on changing first those economically valuable municipalities before tackling the small municipalities that do not have strong economies.

Part of this will be due to the reaction of the strikes that have taken place in South Africa in 2014 and the demands that were made from the people regarding basic services.

Public transport

More attention will be placed on new models and systems for public transport. Other countries will be investigated and a lot of attention will be placed on the possibility of solving South Africa’s transport problems by implementing infrastructure and models not yet seen in this country.


A vision was seen of gold coins falling into golden bowls with people waiting to grab them. The vision continued with the gold melting which then becomes difficult to grab. We felt this vision was referring to corruption in this nation. God will put strategies and legislation into place by which corruption will be made more difficult. The Lord then showed a vault with angels standing in front of it, which means that the country’s finance is being protected. The melted gold then turns into bars of gold, being stored in the vault, indicating that the economy will gradually become strong again. We need to pray for Gods protection and strength.

We will see many people being exposed and losing their jobs because of corruption. This will pave the road for leaders with noble, open and honest hearts to come into position. Systems that will be brought into place will start to work. Anti-corruption programs, feedback and check systems will start to function in the local economy. Although this won’t grow in leaps and bounds, it will definitely not decline but continue to be a positive factor.

Regional economies

The regional and rural economies specifically will gain crucial importance. A shift away from the cities has developed over time and will continue to increase for the next couple of years, this will include a return of professional people. We advise people to not be weary of moving to the country, the so-called “Platteland”.

There has been an overemphasis on mining and the Lord is correcting this. The reason we see so many problems in the mining sector is because it has been seen as easy money and it is still very alluring to corrupt people. There are many other aspects of the economy that can be opened for business opportunities, which few are looking at. These aspects have not received the attention they deserve. Many new prospects can be revealed if the people are willing to give attention to the other aspects of the economy. God will address a lot of corrupt people in governmental spheres that have very strong ties with illegal drug trading. They planned to establish a counter parallel economy in rural areas but the Lord is going to address this in serious ways over the next year or two. Please keep this in your prayers.

Ocean harvesting program

An Ocean Harvesting Program will be implemented. This program is going to have great regional success in small groupings of the economy, which will help to alleviate poverty. The economy is going to advance in areas that were not open before. The environmental program that the government has been trying to implement will start to come into effect this year.


A soup bowl with people eating out of it was seen; with a hand appearing, indicating that it is enough, this must stop. In this coming year there will be a restructuring and resourcing plan, which will bring many ‘cut back waves’. It will seem like a resurgence of an old regime, but this notion will dissipate.