A new season is dawning that will become visible to the public in the next season.

The DA and other opposition parties will increasingly complement the ANC on decision making. A lot will be said about the ANC adopting the opposition party’s ideas. This will show a turnabout that is taking place in government. The Freedom Front will also take hands with government to work together in certain sectors.

A change of government attitude towards farmers and their plight will take place. Safety and security of farmers will be on the agenda and there will be a strategy implemented to facilitate a turnaround in the struggle of the farmers.

Government policy on the South African Rand will prepare a platform for strengthening the currency in the future.

The Public Protector’s Office will be lifted up and a new level of respect and honour will come from government towards the Public Protector.

There will be an integration of decision making between the Justice system and Public Protector System which will vindicate decision making and uplift the Public Protector to a place of honour, also in government. Military investment from countries like the USA, France and UK will increase. Out of that SA will start training other African countries with regard to their military. SA will have war games with other African countries to educate and train those military forces in African countries, the same way the South African military forces were trained and educated by the USA, France and the UK.

A leadership crisis

The South African government is looking for leaders. Leaders cannot be found in the traditional way anymore. Looking for people on the same level of qualification and experience as current leadership is not delivering the leadership needed. This strategy will change. Government will start to go to universities and have discussions with the institutions. They will approach the lectures and professors to name the top students so they can enter sponsorship programs to receive training in the areas of finance, geology and other key areas where there is a huge lack of qualified leadership. The mining industry is also experiencing a lack of expertise. There are not enough geologists, metallurgists and other people to manage the mining resources. The older generation is not considered anymore. Those in their thirties who are confident, well dressed, well-spoken and can represent South Africa accurately, will be considered.

If candidates have three to five years’ experience, it will be seen as sufficient enough. There is a new push to get the young leaders up. The system of bringing friends into position will fade away. The old cadre has come to an end. The wives of the current cadres are not going to be involved anymore.

A total restructuring of advisory positions in government departments will take place.

Many young faces (including white faces) with expertise will appear in government departments. A new excitement will appear in the lower ranks of government – people with a vision, mission, cohesion and cooperation amongst one another. In-house training and lifting the level of skills of current employees, will become very important in government. There will also be a new focus on service quality and service delivery to the public.

Exposing corrupt officials

There are individuals in government that are perceived as being good, but they are deceptive. People who are ‘calling them out’ will be attacked and criticised. They must stay strong as they are used by God and should not doubt themselves. The resignation of Pallo Jordan will cause the public to place more pressure on government to get rid of officials and individuals that overstepped the line and are being caught out. An increasing number of African graduates will emerge in the public sector. They will differ from the previous generation. Their aim will be productivity and effectiveness. Although they will demand high salaries they will work hard and enjoy what they are doing.

The consultants appearing in media and advising at the boardroom tables will be younger than previously. An increasing number of young doctors and professors will start to surface.

A push for skills

A vision was seen of fifteen high level government officials coming together. These officials did not include Jacob Zuma or Cyril Ramaphosa. The Pallo Jordan incident set an example of the necessity to verify a person’s qualifications in order to avoid any further scandals. The people coming in position will be credible, approved and authentic and have verified qualifications. Some of them have studied abroad and came back with international degrees. These degrees will be desirable because of its superior standard compared to many South African qualifications. The younger generation will be encouraged to enrol in International Business Schools like Harvard Business School. Students will receive sponsorships to study abroad and return to South Africa with the urgently needed skills attained. There will be a push for proper skills in the area of government.

SA will not be announcing to the world that they are a Christian country; but there will be increasing evidence in the nation that South Africa is a Godly country. People will strive to act right in order to honour God and be a witness. This will reflect on the future preparation and plans the government is making. A five year plan was seen on the table that has been rejected. A new plan has been settled upon. The new plan is much smaller and condensed but can be implemented more effectively than the previous one.

The presidency

Our current president will not be the president for his whole term; Jacob Zuma will be standing back from the presidency in the next season.

The ANC has been looking for a new presidential leader who will be a long term leader. They are looking for someone who is upstanding and with an unquestionable track record. An appropriate candidate was seen: A person with a church background, with a praying mother and a pastor father, a person that veered away from faith during formal education, but the principles are still inside the person.

One of Jacob Zuma’s three younger wives is highly educated and is ambitiously pursuing a seat in parliament. The Lord will use her to stand in the gap for women and bring a good message. She will face resistance but the Lord has called her to be a spokesperson for women in parliament. She has a long term vision. When her husband Zuma exits, she will enter.


The BRICS members will increasingly develop into industrialised countries, distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs. The impact of BRICS and the integration of those nations, working together will become evident. An increasing number of Brazilians, Russians, Indians and Chinese will be involved in structural components in the South African government. This must not be seen as negative. The relationships between the BRICS countries will strengthen and will be constructive to the development of South Africa and the other countries.

A vision was seen of the South African president crowned and dressed as a king. This could indicate that the new leader, after Jacob Zuma, will be regal in stature.

Changes in parliament

A vision was seen of rows of benches being removed from parliament. A change is coming with regard to the structures and number of people in parliament. There will also be a new design for the parliament building. The new building will symbolise the leaving behind of the old. The building will have a contemporary amphi-theatre style design resembling the UN’s general assembly hall.

Regional government

The next year will see a lot of improvement on local government level; many changes that have been brought in the area of accountability will start to realise. That which has been dysfunctional will start to function properly in the next year. There will be a number of draft policies by several local governments that will be scrapped as leaders will realise that the policies will not work. Heads of regional government will need advice or wait for miracles as they wont know what to do next. Limpopo will lead the way with regard to regional policy. The changes to the Limpopo government will become a blueprint for other local governments.

Focus will be placed on regional government and service delivery during next year. Christian business people and leaders will become unofficial advisers to local government. Those that follow their advice will prosper and lead their regions to prosperity. The counsel of these business people will gradually emerge in the Limpopo government in particular and will bring relief to the citizens. This process will not take place in all regions of the country or be widely published.


Limpopo is an important province to watch because, contrary to most people’s beliefs, it will create a pace and momentum for progress. Deep-seated innovation that has never been revealed before will come out of that province.

The rural economy in this province is going to develop to a great extent and have a life of its own. It is not going to be pampered by government, but stand sturdily on its own feet. Something very important is going to come out of this province in terms of government in future.


The power regulator ESCOM will be in the news a lot. People will not so easily accept the new approved higher rates. This will become a debate. Concessions will be made by the government, especially to local business in this regard.


In 2015 the prophecy of 2014 that a higher budget will be allocated for the military, will start to become apparent. There will be great improvements in the South African military. Government will focus on raising the military to a whole new level. National pride in the military will feature on television, with the aim to encourage young people to get involved in the military. Employment will increase in this sector of government. Conscription service to the army will be reviewed, over the next year or two, re-evaluating the possibility of compulsory military service for young men in the future.


SARS is adjusting its public relations image from antagonist to friend. Legislation is being considered with the aim to help businesses to be productive. A whole new model being developed to modernise the tax structure within the next five years will receive a lot of public attention.


Because of major focus by government, the national strategy on access to water on district level will bear fruit in this next year. Many more people will have access to basic levels of sanitation as was often promised.

New technology

The low level employee is concerned about the strife present in top level government and how it will affect their work environment. The government is, however, reluctantly implementing a new system, at high cost that will assist the basic workers in their duties. This new system will be cost effective in the long run. It will solve many queuing problems in government facilities. At first people will assume that the system was developed by an international company. It will, in fact, be a young South African that is responsible for the new system.