Mining will be less dominant but take on its rightful place within the economy. It’s volume contribution will not decrease but it’s role will be more sober. Much restructuring will take place with the strategy to cut the mining cake into smaller, diversified units. There is a huge opportunity for contractors, both old and new, to service these mining areas. There will be less bulk employment by an entity – employment will be spread over a number of contracting entities in a bid to minimise the effect of strikes shutting down the entire mine. The unions are at present clambering for their survival as their power-base is being eroded. Their relevance and credibility will be increasingly questioned. Financial mismanagement issues are going to come to the fore.

Mining industries (specially the platinum mines) will expand in the next year. Many new stakeholders – not only the mines, government and unions, but a lot of different people – will get involved in mining. Even the suppliers to mines will become more involved in conversation around mining.

Chinese mining

People are worried about China being involved in South Africa’s mining industry. China is perceived as a threat in mining. God says they will not be a threat. If there is any involvement from China it will be controlled. The advisory companies in the mining industry will continue to grow. They went through a difficult season, but things will turn around and they will start to grow again.

Mining & the church

Churches and church leaders will get involved in mines incidents. Community prayer meetings will start up. There will be a call in the mining community to turn to God, to pray and for peace to prevail. A head-on collision between the needs of the people versus the spirit of greed of leadership and people in political positions will play itself out in the media and public domain. This will bring a change and a turn in the mining union member’s perception of what the unions’ role and function is supposed to be. Government will have to step into the process to regulate the union space and prevent union monopolies in the future. Smaller unions will come to the fore that in future will become stronger. These smaller unions will be run by the younger generation.

At first it will seem as if they are incapable of fulfilling their mandate but, as time progress, they will make wise decisions and serve the people instead of succumbing to greed. These unions will have a positive effect on South Africa.

Moving & shaking

There has been an overemphasis on one or two mines, including Anglo American although there are other companies that also have a lot of authority in the mining sector. Many mines are closing under false pretences mere to open up new mines elsewhere. Thus the company overheads and income will not change. These closures are used to write off profits and benefit from tax write-offs. Some of the companies want to leave SA but they have been persuaded to stay.

Increased automation will occur in the mining sector. There will be a stronger focus on re-evaluating processes to make them more streamlined.

Moving into Africa

South African’s knowledgeable mining people will start to go elsewhere. God is going to sow expertise and people into Africa, establishing new mining training institutions. South Africans will lead the way.

New discoveries

New mineral discoveries will take place in the more remote areas of SA, especially in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape in the next 5 to 10 years. New towns will develop in these areas because of these discoveries. Areas that did not seem to be economically active before will become extremely active due to these new discoveries. The discoveries will open up a whole new era regarding specific mineral and resource deposits found in SA. The rest of the world was previously completely unaware of these mineral deposits. The new developments will introduce a whole new spectrum of mining that has not been practised in SA to any great extent before. The world’s attention will be on these new rich fields in SA. It seems that a lot of international companies wish to leave SA, but secretly many of them are discovering new mineral and resource possibilities in SA. These international companies are secretly planning to increase their activities in SA. Thus the mining industry will see positive development in SA in the future. There will be a few years of uncertainty. Many of these international companies will make use of this uncertainty to discourage the general population and other companies to become involved with the aim to lead them into letting their resources go and to let go of their involvement in SA, so that the international companies can pick it up in secret.

There are great reserves of oil in the country. Oil mining will start and over time many people will be employed for the mining of oil. Better packages will be provided for the miners and workers will be happier.

Another big diamond will be discovered. This event will be covered by a lot of press and will draw attention to SA. This diamond will be sold abroad.

Ocean mining

Much will be said about mining in South African oceans in the next season to come. The public will become more aware of the potential of resources in the ocean. Overseas companies will become more involved in ocean mining ventures in SA. This arena was unknown for a long time to the public and general population of SA. South Africans will become more aware of ocean mining. The borders of SA do not stop at the shoreline but extend into the ocean where there are a lot of resources to be found.


A certain degree of discontent will arise regarding government regulations towards mining and mining companies in SA. At the same time there will be new legislation that will make certain mining ventures possible and much easier than in the past. Currently many people are leaving SA to mine somewhere else. But gradually people working in the mining industry that left SA will return for good job opportunities in the local mining industry and bring the expertise and the understanding and wisdom that they have learned while they were abroad back into SA. While many international companies will be functioning in SA in the mining industry, in the future many of the top positions will be taken up by South Africans.

With the purchase of mines the government will try to step into the process. Quite a few mines that belonged to big companies will be sold off and other companies will buy these mines. In this buying process the government will get involved and regulate some of the requirements. This will partly be done because government will try to prevent situations like the Marikana incident. There will be regulations on protracted strikes against mining companies, profit sharing and how mining companies treat their workers.


There will be a lot of problems with illegal miners. We saw a warning against the collapse of a mine in the Barberton area where a lot of lives may be lost. Please pray that God will warn the people before this happens. The government is going to take stronger and stricter measures and will close off certain areas. These mines had been abandoned. Fences are gone and the holes are open, therefore unauthorised people were able to get in. The entrances are going to be covered up effectively so that the illegal miners will not be able to go in, thus averting a crisis that would have received international attention. It is believed that the ones doing the illegal mining are doing so to alleviate poverty, but it is actually greed driving them.

Stricter measures by government will be implemented, which will naturally cost more money. This is going to cause mines to close down, or try to close down, because of financial issues. Some of them will try to bypass these stricter measures. To do that will cause a lot of damage.

A vision of a tremor was seen causing an underground collapse. This seemed to happen at night without a lot of injuries.


A concerted effort will be made to level the playing fields in terms of labour. The mining industry will put its foot down against legislation and the unions. They will even threaten the closure of their mines if their offer in negotiations is not accepted. This will force legislation to become more conducive towards mining in SA. The fights amongst unions themselves will become a major problem this year. There will be many deaths because of this conflict.

There is going to be a great shake up and scandal in the leadership of mining unions. It will be a shock to the nation and even union members will be shocked about what is going on. There will be a huge spiritual involvement in the unions, with a clash involving witchcraft. Please pray against the forces of witchcraft, superstition and manipulation in this regard.


The Lord is saying there are too many women venturing into the mining industry, which is going to crush them. The Lord is advising women to stay away from this field because it is tough and the negotiators are tough. It is changing the whole makeup of women who choose to get involved. It is a field that women should generally avoid and stay away from.

Too many towns have focussed on mining. They need to diversify, and allow other industries and factories to come in. Allowing diversity to come into mining towns provides alternative means of income for a community in times of trouble at the mines, preventing the shutdown of whole towns.