Striving for position

There has been a strive for position and importance amongst the SADC nations. In the coming season, there will be a greater unity amongst the various nations working towards developing a plan that serves to stimulate the economies of the SADEC nations.

Immoral living

A vision was seen of a rod striking the northern borders of South Africa. While the rod was striking, the words were heard: “the people are living immorally”. There has and continues to be a great number of sexual assaults and child abuse in many of the African nations. The Lord is severely judging that lifestyle. The evil acts of the people involved will be exposed. Policy changes regarding various forms of assault will become clearer, which will make the prosecution of perpetrators easier. Many offenders will be sentenced.

Assassination attempts

We will see many assassination attempts on the lives of the current leaders on the SADC leadership. These attempts will come from their own people and not outsiders. Many leaders have illegally held onto power in many of these nations. Unfortunately, many of these leaders have manipulated, lied and deceived their own people in an attempt to hold onto power, which now will be exposed. Many conflicts on a national level concerning various Southern African leaders will be experienced. Purging will be happening in these nations; people have been forced to accept policies benefitting only the leaders.


Greater connectivity will develop between various churches within different SADEC countries. These connections will form a big net to catch the blessings God wants to bestow on the SADEC countries. These networks will enable different kinds of organizations to connect with the churches within the SADC countries. This net will literally be needed to gather all the blessings God wants to give the SADEC countries, co-operation between countries will be necessary to receive those blessings.

Food security

When praying for the SADEC nations, a vision of huge wheat fields was seen. Food security for the various nations constituting SADEC will become a great priority in the next few years. The main focus will be to secure enough food for every individual nation. This will take center stage and will be pursued by the leaders of the SADEC nations.

Intercession for SADC

There needs to be prayer for SADC as a whole as some serious conflicts will be arising to the point that a breakup, similar to BREXIT, will be discussed amongst some of the leaders.

God is saying that this would not be a wise move. A vision was seen of a dog returning to its vomit, and we feel that the Lord is saying: “Those who break the community will be reversing the progress that has taken place in their nations. They will move back into greater poverty, human trafficking and slavery and will be undoing many of the positive reforms which have already happened for these nations.” Please pray for the SADEC leaders and nations.

The SADC missionary community

The Lord wants to encourage the SADEC missionary community not to lose heart but to keep up the good work. Keep up the efforts of discipleship even though the results are often not clearly visible. God has put you in a position to disciple the nation; therefore, do not look to circumstances but follow the Lord’s leading. If the Lord puts new areas on your heart, pioneer those new areas. You are part of the safety buffer that God has created for the world. God is using His people as a safety zone for those around them. He is sending in missionaries as a spiritual army. They are fighting a spiritual fight to manifest His kingdom here on earth. These missionaries will have great, almost unprecedented, influence with the various governments of these nations. The leaders of nations are changing, and presidents come and go, but these missionary communities will remain a stable anchor, true to the cause. They are a reliable beacon that can be followed.

Islam and SADEC

The nation of Morocco will push to become part of SADC; through this strategy, Islam will try to increase its influence and reach into Southern Africa. This will result in negative ramifications. The SADEC leaders will have to be wise and take a strong and united stand to oppose Islam’s advance. Some of the nations in the SADEC region have allied with Israel; their motive has actually been for the Lord, and His people and God has seen this. These nations are going to be the most prominent in the time to come. Their economies will experience great transformation; this alliance with Israel will result in tremendous fruit for their regions.

Many SADEC countries have Muslim extremist cells, which will be exposed, and fall like dominoes. They will be linked to different countries that have been co-working to cover them up. ISIS infiltration has happened and will be exposed and cleared out one by one in different countries.

Media and SADC

Different types of media will expand within these countries, and social media will play a big role. Sponsorship for Television will happen, and God will open up opportunities to spread His word through the media. Over time, the American influence will be less prevalent as the Lord will be using local African flavors. God has imparted much groundbreaking technology into these nations, which will inspire the rest of the world, especially of how media is being used in spiritual ministries glorifying God.


There will be a change of identity coming for the Angolan nation and people in the coming years. The nation, which has kept the war identity of the past, will learn to let go of the past. They will experience a national renewal of identity.

Angola has its own oil production. There will be many discoveries and advances happening in the oil industry to the benefit of the nation. Incoming wealth will create space for the nation to redefine itself from a place of tragedy towards a place with opportunities to prosper. It is almost as if the nation did not develop further from its Portuguese roots into its own identity. The houses and streets stayed the same and just deteriorated. There will be a renewal happening within the nation of Angola. In the coming year, things will start to change drastically. People will want to go to Angola because of the beautiful landscape, and they will feel safe in Angola because of the changes, which will be brought in.

The hold of those who control the government and the economy will be challenged this coming year. Although those in power will not be removed this year, their hold on the country will weaken. The opposition will become more vocal and bold and be more fearless to stand up and speak against the status quo. Attempts to suppress the opposition will get lots of attention in the city and cause the parties in question to back off from their harsh measures. There will be a great outcry because of the great divide between the rich and poor and living costs. Great economic growth will, however, take place in the years to come. Angola will become involved in unrests happening in Mozambique.


A lot more minerals will be discovered in Botswana there. There are many jewels to be found above and below the ground, the discovery of which will cause a boom in the mining industry.

Botswana’s government will start developing a much stronger voice; in the past, the government was often rather soft-spoken and lenient. It will start taking a much stronger stance against organizations and countries that have abused their goodwill. The government will demand accountability from these countries and groupings as well as from foreign investors. There will be a higher emphasis on requirements and regulations. The government will increase control of how companies adhere to these regulations, companies coming in from abroad will receive increased scrutiny on how they function, manage and run their businesses.

Great water resources will be revealed in Botswana for the benefit of the country. This will open up a completely new economy and be a blessing not just in agriculture but also in Botswana industries. Scarcely populated and formerly insignificant areas in Botswana will become a hub because of water resources discovery.

Conflict will arise in government because of misuse of funds, and political factions will accuse one another. This will cause instability in politics and might seem like a regime change. Those that have been in charge for a long time will be overthrown, but that will not happen soon.


The DRC is about to go into an election this year, and there is a strong provincial leader named Moise Katumbi who will contend in the elections. The region he comes from is the strongest and most productive. There have been many assassination attempts against him because he is the one that the people want as their future president, and they will have to contend for him in the spirit.*

God wants to do a new thing in the DRC raising the nation to provide mineral wealth for the whole of Africa and to be a blessing even to the rest of the world.

The DRC is still in a state of limbo, and this condition will continue for the next season. God is using this time to purge and purify the country. He uses the isolation of this country to ensure that the bad influences from within the nations will not spread to other countries. God wants this country to incubate its own solutions; therefore, the attempts of outside solutions will have no effect. The DRC will lag in its movement and development compared to the rest of the SADEC countries; it will be the last country to come into the fold. However, once the DRC gets a breakthrough, this nation’s contribution to the rest of SADEC and other African areas will be huge. The growth, expansion and development in the DRC will be very quick. During this time and season, there will be a lot of spiritual influence and conflicts that God is busy dealing with. Eventually, the DRC solution will be so powerful that they will have a great effect on other African nations in the future. It will take some more time for the DRC to come to the front.

* We are aware of the corruption and embezzlement charges against him. The Lord has specifically spoken concerning this man, and thus we include the prophecy.


There is a very big, dark cloud over Lesotho dissipating in the sun. God is addressing the hopelessness of the people, and a depressive system will end. There is a focus on leadership in Lesotho. A big change is coming in the system of governance in Lesotho; people will take their own initiative instead of waiting for outside influences. The spirit that held the people’s minds captive and passive like a dark cloud over their heads will be addressed. The Lord will be giving leaders great wisdom to take the right steps to change that structure.

There is an emphasis on government. In a vision, a beautiful building was being built. As the building was coming up the person, overseeing the building site stopped the process and demanded that part of it be demolished again because it did not fit in with the design. God is saying that He is in a process with the current government of Lesotho, He is busy building it and He has a specific design planned for the government which He wants to see established in Lesotho. During this process, which will take some time, certain demolition is going to occur. It is not about destruction; however, He needs a particular standard and His design must come forth in the year that is coming. There will be a demolition leaving some people unhappy, there will be verbal conflict, but that will not stop the change that needs to take place so that the building, which is the government, will take on the design God intended.

A vision was seen of Lesotho’s military standing while their old uniform was taken away and a new uniform was given to them. God is saying that Lesotho’s military is going to receive a special kind of assistance from another nation. It will be provided with specials arms, special equipment, and special training to further strengthen them and improve their skills. The military will be completely redressed.


Madagascar is almost like a military and naval base for Africa. Buildings are coming up, and there will be many upcoming training exercises for the southern Africa area. We see a lot of movement; many people will be moving to the island, almost like the Pearl Harbor of Africa. Madagascar is like a base where a lot happens. People can move from there too different areas. It is large islands, with a very rich, strong and stable economy, which will see many immigration happen because of new opportunities. There will be more focus on developing a stronger Christian base there. Currently, Madagascar is a very strong Muslim country. Along with the movement of all the new opportunities happening on that island, many Christians are going in and bringing a lot of change with them.

Madagascar will receive external funds for infrastructure development; investors will have their own specific goals for their projects. I see military arms been stored there, almost like a military treasure chest for other countries. The Lord will turn this around for good; He will reach out to the country because of the cries of the children of Madagascar. Because of these cries, experts will come back, people who went elsewhere to study and gain expertise did not yet return because the Lord kept them back. God did not allow them to come back because the people’s hearts were hardened in the country. However, because of the cry of the children, these people will go back again, and God will turn many evil plans around for the good of the people.


Malawi has great potential alongside great challenges; it’s not a country for the faint-hearted. There is a call for economic and church pioneers. Once pioneers have started to open certain areas and obtained strengths and insights in their field, they need to reach out to those who will come and establish things after them, so that these people can start moving in. Those that plan to move to this country need to plan far better than they would normally do. They need to be meticulous about the groups of people they are working with and what they will require of those people to successfully establish something in that nation. Strategic marketing plans are vital to draw the people who need to join in these ventures. The Lord has to reveal precisely if an organization should do projects in Malawi. If they are not specifically called, they will end up being just another irrelevant NGO. Malawi is saturated with NGOs, some of which achieve nothing at all while others are indeed successful. Often enough, NGO projects are just a way to get money out of people. People must not be quick to get involved in new ventures but first, make sure they are sufficiently prepared. Generally, involvement in that nation needs a lot of initial pioneer work, and a great deal of planning is going along with it.

A vision was seen of people standing around a lake; everybody is fishing from the same lake. God is speaking about the economy and how the economy is viewed. We hear God saying that there is more than one source in the country that people should tap into. Malawians must begin to look at other ways to tap into the country’s other resources. There are many opportunities, but people have been mostly focusing on the same things, this need to change.

There is a threat on the borders as if some rebel groups want to infiltrate it. Malawi’s intercessors must start praying and interceding, which will form a spiritual barrier keeping most of the rebels out. God’s hand is there, and He is keeping them out of the country.

A group of destitute young girls huddling together was seen in a vision. These teenagers had nowhere to go. There is a lot of human trafficking happening throughout Malawi, which will be revealed. The huge amount of human trafficking happening will be exposed, and there will be an intervention by the United Nations because of the atrocities happening to those girls.

Many nations are destroyed by corruption, but in Malawi, the Lord himself is putting His finger on this issue. Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world does not care about Malawi, but the Lord has not given up on the nation. God still has a strategy for the country, even if they have given up themselves. God will expose the illegal trade of animal products and curios being illegally shipped to Asia, specifically Korea. These stolen and illegally obtained poached products will be stopped. This will also cause the United Nations to step in.

There is great trouble brewing in the nation. Hunger and poverty will cause great political unrest. There will be expressions of dissatisfaction, and the government will try to clamp down on unrests. Media will expose these actions even internationally. The international community to make necessary changes will place great pressure on the government.
Much prayer is needed for this country. Islam will use the country’s instability to get a greater hold in the country and the government. Many of these strategies will be done in secret. Pray that these strategies will be made public and pray that the people will take a stance against it.

There needs to come a mindset of nature conservation. Deforestation needs urgent attention; the government will have to, with international assistance, take drastic steps to safe the land from erosion, which will cause it to become barren.


Mauritius has to become a little bit more creative. It is a nation geared in a great part towards tourism. Other sources of income have to be developed to keep their economy going.

Good economic growth will take place in Mauritius; the country will become an example for other African countries to modernize an economy to make it more successful. The poverty in Mauritius stands in stark contrast with the lavish luxury holiday resorts. This will get a lot of media attention and put pressure on the government to better the lives of the poor and deal with crime.

There will be a great storm over the island that will cause a lot of damage and affect the country.


Internal strife and divisions are happening within the country. Troops from neighboring countries, especially from South Africa, will be called in to help with this situation.

There is a warning for tourist planning visiting Mozambique to use caution as there may be attacks on them. It looks like many people in the nation are becoming desperate.

Mozambique will again become a friend of South Africa. There has been some kind of division and mistrust, and the Lord will mend those bridges. There will be a security surge in Mozambique as the government and different organizations will look very seriously at how to improve security levels.

Mozambique will be borrowing farming expertise from South Africa in order to enhance their farming community in Mozambique. Because of this, their agriculture is going to improve and develop in a very new and exciting way.

There will also be a big increase in teaching English in the schools due to many requests by the people who have the desire to be able to communicate on an international level.

Many people are self-employed using their many creative skills. Often they are overlooked because they are not yet formally registered, they are not unemployed but working for themselves.

God is bringing a significant changing of mentality. There has been a beggar mentality over Mozambique, leaving them to feel small and neglected, but God is giving them a new image. He shows them the value they have in the southern regions of SADEC, causing their self-esteem to improve.

Witchcraft will be addressed and resisted in the nation, starting from the President down. Someone will come and throw bones in front of the President and he will not pay them any respect but instead will be taking witchcraft down. Witchcraft will experience a big defeat in Mozambique.

Political tension and threats of civil war will continue in the country. Assistance and mediation from outside the country will be required to avert violence and civil war. A lot of prayers is needed to ensure Mozambique does not return to a pre-2000 condition. Mozambique’s political elite are on their way out; many deaths will occur amongst the older generation who a younger generation will replace. A strong communist party will take shape and influence the younger generation.


Change and a new leader will be coming to Namibia. A lot of focus was generally placed on the mines, but this will change. There is a new type of farming coming. A vision was seen of a hot air balloon taking off. There will be a larger chunk of the economy going into tourism. The tourism market will experience a total revival. Namibia will see hunters landing at the airport with their big bags and hunting rifles. There will be many different kinds of adventure experiences drawing tourists to Namibia. In that way, the focus will be shifting a lot from a one-sided focus on mining to other successful ventures.

There is a new leading coming in the farming community. Old farmers changing their roles and are falling in step with the new rules and regulations being put into place for farmers and farming in Namibia.

The southern African countries are going to be using each other strengths. With its large coastal area, Namibia will be used to assist and support other nations with shipping.

There is a specific flavor of culture in Namibia, which the world needs to know about. This part of the Namibian culture has always been protected and treasured and will be gaining more exposure to the world. This will make Namibia a name on lips in Europe, America and Australia; people will know about Namibia. This will promote the country in a big way.

The people of Namibia are gemstones; the true value of Namibia is the people. People from many nations and will come and get to know Namibia because of the different groups of people of Namibia.

God has placed Namibia in a central spot in SADEC. Namibia will be playing a central and important role in assisting displaced people, especially. They will be accepting and taking displaced people into their country, which is part of the heart of God who is looking for a nation that opens itself up for others.

A mayor of a prominent town or city will be exposed and expelled; this will cause a major change in that town or city. The new mayor will work across political lines for the benefit of the community.

Rail development will draw a lot of new foreign investment in the country. Mines opening up will bring economic benefit; the advantages of these new mines will be seen in the country.


There is an increase in Seychelles’ tourism; it will become an even more popular destination with many tourists coming in from many nations.

God says that he is not happy with the stark differences between the very rich people and the poor people in Seychelles. Foreign investment will be coming into the country, giving employment to many of the poorer native people. Investors have plans to uplift the economy and the people. These will be tourism-related investments on a bigger scale than before.


Tanzania’s leader will undergo a drastic personality change, similar to Saul of the Old Testament who, when the Spirit came on him, became a new man. We believe that God has given the leader of Tanzania a new heart. There will be a tangible change in this leader. His way of operating will change; he will do things not previously done in the nation; there will even be controversy arising against this leader. The currency used in the nation will begin to gain strength, and with that, there will be momentum in the economy, which will slowly begin to grow.

This nation is like a hidden gem that is being polished in secret and will suddenly be coming to the front in the coming years. This will come rather as a surprise to the other SADEC nations who will begin to see wonderful progress in this nation. Tanzania offers many investment opportunities. People who are doing their research taking a closer look at what is happening in the country will realize that there are many investment opportunities that will yield good fruit in a few years if they will invest now. God is saying Tanzania it is a hidden treasure that has been prepared for glory later.

Agriculture is very strong in Tanzania; a lot of produce is coming from this nation, which will be exported. New methods are being used in the country’s fishing industry; this will also contribute to new exports.


There will be an issue regarding land, and the other SADEC nations addressing this issue on land.

Zambia is a very fruitful nation. It has many networks, a strong infrastructure, and good buildings. A lot more tourism and businesses will be moving into this country, bringing in a lot of growth and progress. Many people will be travelling to Zambia to hunt game.

A younger leader is coming into power in Zambia.

There is potential and promises for growth and stability in Zambia in the future, but the promises of those in power will not be met in the next two years. Gradually there will be more transparency in the government, and leaders will be held accountable. This transparency will cause positive activities to start happening, and promises, though delayed, will be fulfilled. Diversity in the economy will be seen. Agriculture will get a lot of attention, and a lot of investment will take place in agriculture. In a short space of time, Zambia will become known for its agricultural exports. There will be a lot of media attention regarding freedom of speech and media freedom in Zambia, which will bring lots of conflicts and some international attention. Public gatherings discussing whether the media is free enough speaking their mind speak; will put lots of pressure on the government to change policies regarding that.


A real change coming in Zimbabwe, which has been expected, but in the next year, something very dramatic is going to happen in the land. It will be similar to what happened in Romania with the dictator Ceausescu and his wife, how they were suddenly just opposed and shot. Something of this kind of nature is going to happen in Zimbabwe, which will really shake the nation.

Zimbabwean workers in South Africa carry much of the SA economy. They are standing in much favor because of the quality of work they deliver. God is going to give back to Zimbabwe because of the South African Diaspora. Many of them will be able to return to their own land, entering into a completely new era. A deposing of Mugabe and his wife will come together with the deposing of Jacob Zuma. The same kind of witchcraft powers are upholding them both and will be disposed of. Zimbabwe will be rising as a new nation and coming into a tremendous unity and cooperation with South Africa in the months and years ahead. South Africa and Zimbabwe will be influencing each other.

We will see people walking the same way they have walked into South Africa actually walking out of South Africa; there are tracks made, as they will start to walk back to their own country. A great amount of Zimbabweans will return to Zimbabwe. When the restoration of the country starts, the economy will grow and stabilize rapidly.

A vision of a ruptured heart was seen. God says about Zimbabwe: “The heart of the nation has ruptured, but I will give you a new heart.” God is about to do something miraculous in Zimbabwe. He is going to take dry bones and literally raise them up. The glory of the nation will be restored to a great place. Zimbabwe will even become a place where a lot of tourists will travel like never before; it will be a traveling destination that people love, that is the kind of glory the Lord is bringing back into the nation.

A vision was seen, a picture of a young girl who had been abused and raped. God is saying to the nation: “This is what the nation of Zimbabwe is like, but I will restore the virginity of this nation.” There will be a change to such an extent that even the nation’s climate will change a lot to become very favorable for the land itself. The amazing change of climate will be published in the news where it will be discussed how climate has changed over the nation of Zimbabwe. Some people in the nation will ask if this could be a sign of God and will ask to understand what God is saying.

Political instability and conflict will escalate to a great change. There will be great threats of civil war and extreme violence, but the threats will not come into fulfillment. Although there will be oppression, arrests and intimidation with some individuals losing their lives in the process, the heart of the people will resist hatred. National pride and unity will conquer.

A new pride of being a Zimbabwean will arise amongst the people. Political parties will no longer divide people; the needs of the people will bring them together across cultural and political lines. The drought in Zimbabwe will be broken.

There will be immense growth and rapid development. Nations will stand amazed at the rapid change happening in this country, which nobody predicted. When this breakthrough happens in Zimbabwe, a complete unlocking is going to take place in the SADEC region and surrounding countries. Gates that were locked for a long time will be opened up, and a flow will start taking place economically; life will start flowing, as it has not been seen for a very long time in the SADEC regions. Therefore, Zimbabwe’s breakthrough is crucial for what God wants to do in the rest of the SADEC countries. God is waiting patiently. Zimbabwe’s changes will jump-start economic development in countries around it that have not seen economic development for quite some time.

There will be a national shut down of the government coming very shortly as the nation collapses. There will be a great retaliation on a tribal level as people fight for control, and the ZANU PF party will collapse in itself overnight. As the regime tries to hold onto power, there is a threat of an Islamic movement coming into power in the nation and taking control through finance. There is a strong Christian base that has and interceded, and because of all the prayers of the people, they will see that this collapse will only be transitional for a few days and then the nation will quickly rise again.

The economic restoration will be so quick that Zimbabwe will start to use their own currency, again instead of the US Dollar. Their own currency will be restored swiftly. The nations are waiting to help Zimbabwe and are ready to give their support as soon as the necessary change is coming. This change will come overnight and will be the starting signal for the nations to come and support Zimbabwe again. There will be a national overnight shut down from one day to the other, which will result in a feeling that winter ended and spring has come abruptly. The people of Zimbabwe will go to sleep in fear and wake up to a different nation, with all the nations of the world-embracing them as people. The IFF many other groups are already prepared in their hearts and minds to intervene and help the nation.

The Lord is giving a warning about racial divides in Zimbabwe. It is crucial that racism on every side and across different racial groups will be dealt with before the coming breakthrough. Arrogance towards other racial groups needs to be dealt with. Mutual acceptance and respect are necessary before the transition can take place. This will put the nation on a good foundation, making sure the past’s attitude and mentalities cannot be carried over into the base of the new Zimbabwe. There are many of the white population in Zimbabwe refusing to let go of their hurt and anger against their fellow Zimbabweans, allowing racism in their heart. God is sending out a warning and saying that they must deal with this attitude; otherwise, it will become deadly cancer in their own hearts. In the new foundation of Zimbabwe, there is no space for racism from any side.

Some developments that happened in Zimbabwe during the past fifteen years will be carried over into the new season. This will affront some people’s hearts, but it will be beneficial to the country in the end. Some people will have to humble themselves and bring themselves into positions of servanthood instead of a position of authority, pride and arrogance.

There will be tribunal hearings of those whose land was illegally confiscated. People who lost land illegally will be paid compensations. The Lord has His eye on the many people sitting on the sideline who have lost land in Zimbabwe. Even other nations will get involved, ready to bring restitution.

One of the things that will happen when God is bringing restoration to the nation is a huge drop in the crime rate. People will feel safer, and the quality of life will increase.