The Scandinavian church

Although the Scandinavian countries started off in paganism through their Viking traditions, there is a strong Christian foundation based on God’s Word. The church in Scandinavia has seen many spiritual giants in the past that laid the foundations for their faith. Since then there has been a lack of such figures. This has caused a despondency amongst believers. God will raise up new spiritual giants from the younger generation that will inspire many through their lives.

Scandinavia is a powerhouse for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord wants to infuse them with energy and wisdom to start leading again. Their traditionalist tendencies need to be shaken off so they can enter into a greater understanding of what they need to deliver to the world in this season. A new vibe and enthusiasm will be released from the Scandinavian countries into the global missionary field. God will teach them to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and not be influenced by their own opinions.

The Scandinavian nations will produce men and women of integrity that will have entrance to the communist world and the hearts of the people, to touch them with the gospel. The Lord will send many into China with business intentions, to be used by Him to affect the nation.

Innovation export

They need to export their technology to the developing world, creating a new wave on to the mission field encompassing both business and technology. The Scandinavian people are their best export product and they must rely on their IP (Intellectual Property) as their greatest asset. They will travel extensively to carry their skills to other nations. Their smallest contribution will have a huge ripple effect in the nations. Many Scandinavians will move to the southern hemisphere, to warmer climates, to start new ventures and become involved in up-liftment and innovation projects. A transfer of skills will take place from an older generation to a younger generation. The children’s hearts will turn to their father’s and vice versa.

Skills in boat building will be transferred in this manner, to the younger generation.

A new style of music will emerge that will become popular and impact the entire world.


Parts of the coastal waters off Scandinavia will be poisoned. This will have an effect on the economy of the affected countries. A great winter storm will take place next year and very cold weather will be experienced.