Zimbabwe seeks return to dollar as new govt sworn in

God Said 2017 p 83 “ The economic restoration will be so quick that Zimbabwe […]

Zimbabwe Land Restitution

GOD SAID 2017, p 83 “Restoration of Land There will be tribunal hearings of those […]


2018 Prophetic words for Zambia covering agriculture, the mining industry, transportation, SA companies in Zambia and more.

Women’s movement

A strong women’s movement will emerge in Venezuela. This women’s movement will help to strengthen […]

Warnings for South Africa

2020 prophetic warnings for South Africa, covering violence in schools and around the country, disaters at sea and more.


2019 Prophetic warnings covering a health crisis surrounding the pope and the dome of an ancient cathedral collapsing.


Finance Get out of debt! Make this your first priority. Start a culture of saving. […]


A vision was seen of a very dark cloud over the nation. The Spanish financial […]


More export products from Vietnam will start appearing in places like Europe and even South Africa. There […]

Various warnings

Man-made disasters Air travel With regards to air travel we feel that certain airlines will be grounded due to […]

Various warnings

Shipwreck Another shipwreck will occur in the south of Italy with many people drowning. This […]

USA and Israel

There will be problems in the Middle East, and Trump and his alliance with Israel […]


2018 prophetic words for the USA covering favour for President Donald Trump, Hollywood, YouTube, wars, the economy and more.


The Lord says that the song of the Lord will be heard again in this […]

United Kingdom

Economy The UK’s decision to keep the Pound, instead of the Euro, was wise. An […]

United Kingdom

2018 Prophetic words for the UK prophetic words covering a spiritual revival, a new king, a prayer event and more.

United Kingdom

2020 Prophetic word for the United Kingdom covering the Royals, threats, a big sporting event, politics and more.

UK church

God is going to bring a re-awakening in the church. People will become more passionate […]

UAE and the EU

There will be a break-up between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the EU regarding […]

Trump and China

In terms of the trade war, Trump’s views concerning China will remain the same regarding […]

Truck ploughs into crowded Christmas market in Berlin

GOD SAID 2017 Tremendous strife and bloodshed will be seen in the streets as Islam attempts […]

Tourism-related investments

There is an increase in Seychelles’ tourism; it will become an even more popular destination […]

Tornado Hits The Vaal - See The Prophetic

WARNING FROM GOD SAID 2017, p122 “Tornados Many tornados were seen occurring in South Africa where […]

Threat to Israel

Muslims, Roman Catholics and Christians will be coming together to ally — this coming together […]

The USA and the EU

Member nations of the EU will develop stronger relationships with President Donald Trump and the […]

The Pearl Harbor of Africa

Madagascar is almost like a military and naval base for Africa. Buildings are coming up, […]

The Middle East

A missionary model The delivery model for missions is changing. Older models will not be […]

The hand of the Lord over Israel 

A vision was seen of the hand of the Lord over Israel and His protection resting on […]

The global church

2015 global church prophetic words covering the persecuted church, the prophetic ministry, business evangelism and more.

The global church

Definite divide The global church will see a definite divide develop in Christianity. Institutionalised Christianity […]

The global church

2018 Prophetic words for the global church covering the restoration of churches, a blossoming season, the Chinese church & more.

The European Union

2019 Prophetic words for the European Union covering nationalist movements, monarchies, the exposure of corrupt operations and more.

The European Union

2018 Prophetic words for the European Union covering clamping down on Christianity, bureaucracy, Poland's immigration policies and more.

The Church

The Chinese church and Chinese Christians will become increasingly visible to the rest of the […]

The Asian nations

Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar There will be further conflict and strive amongst these neighbours regarding borders, rights […]


Building Ships This nation will begin construction of ships but not big ship liners. They […]


2018 prophetic words for Tanzania covering warnings, the Christian-Muslim conflict, unity between regions, missionaries and more.


2018 Prophetic words for Swaziland covering a youth movement, dangerous weather patterns, the royal house and more.

Strengthened economy

With the Mexican economy strengthening, the nation will be strengthened. Stricter government and policing control […]

Sri Lanka (former Ceylon)

The small island south of India once called Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has disappeared from everyone’s […]

Specific warnings for Africa

Specific warnings for Africa covering a warning for Kenya and Uganda and mediation continuing through the whole of 2014.

Spain: Tourism

2019 Prophetic words for Spain covering immigration agreements, tourism, Turkey, president Erdogan and the EU member states.

Southeast Asia

2019 Prophetic words for Southeast Asia covering weather patterns, drug trafficking, property, immigration, law enforcement and more.

South and North Korea

2018 Prophetic words for South and North Korea covering the restoration of families, relations with Japan and new leadership in South Korea.

South America

A heart A vision was seen of a heart pumping in a relatively wide area […]

South Africa: Weather Patterns & Flooding

God Said 2017, p50 “Weather Patterns & Flooding Strange weather patterns will occur in the […]

South Africa: Warnings

2020 prophetic warnings for SA agriculture sector covering adverse weather conditions in the Cape, the fish industry and more.

South Africa: Transport

Electric cars There is a breakthrough coming in the whole fuel cell industry. At the moment it […]

South Africa: Traditional church

2015 traditional church prophetic words covering the Vatican, a warning, renewal vs. revival, the change of a national leader and more.

South Africa: The church

The South African church is on a good course and is moving ahead. There is […]

South Africa: The church

2015 prophetic words to the South African church covering warnings and instructions, Soweto, youth and lots more.

South Africa: The church

Greater collaboration There will be greater collaboration between churches and denominations. Individual identities will remain […]

South Africa: The church

A 2017 prophetic word for the South African church; covering the World Council of Churches, worship, businessmen & more.

South Africa: Research

Research funders are re-evaluating their funding models. There is a real understanding of how important […]

South Africa: Produce

Beef New types of beef, targeted at a niche market, will become available in SA. […]

South Africa: Politics & government

2020 Prophetic words for SA politics covering the EFF, a change for Mmusi Maimane and the DA, the economy and more.

South Africa: Pentecostal church

2015 Pentecostal church prophetic words covering God’s discipline, the rise of a prominent Pentecostal leader and more.

South Africa: Mining

Mining will be less dominant but take on its rightful place within the economy. It’s […]

South Africa: Media & arts

2020 Prophetic words for South Africa's media & arts covering YouTubers, attacks on artists, a Nobel Literature award and more.

South Africa: Media

Fake news The new buzz word in the media is “fake news”. The media is […]

South Africa: Main church groupings

2015 prophetic words to the church covering South Africa and the Jewish community.

South Africa: Hot spots

2020 Prophetic warnings to SA covering xenophobia, unions, president Ramaphosa, security, a party splintering and more.

South Africa: Government

A new season is dawning that will become visible to the public in the next […]

South Africa: Government

Election 2019 – God’s succession plan The Lord says that His succession plan is on […]

South Africa: Government

Election 2014 Next years’ election will have some surprises in store for people but I […]

South Africa: Government

Accountability Leaders will be held far more accountable by the people than they have ever […]

South Africa: Family

2020 Prophetic words to South African families covering a march for families, the rape crises, restoration of father and more.

South Africa: Family

Much effort is expended to mend relationships with family members who are unwilling or reluctant […]

South Africa: Education

2020 Prophetic words for South African covering witchcraft in education, a change in leadership for SADTU, teachers and more.

South Africa: Education

The minister of education Despite the public outcry against the minister of education, Angie Motshekga, […]

South Africa: Education

A standoff A standoff between schools, the Department of Education and parents will occur because […]

South Africa: Education

Servanthood Positioning in servanthood is needed to start effectively mentoring the nation. There is a […]

South Africa: Economy

Praise God for a word on our local economy in South Africa. During our time […]

South Africa: Economy

2020 Prophetic words for the South African economy covering the minimum wage bill, investment, the gold price and more.

South Africa: Economy

2021 prophetic word to South African about its banking sector. It'll have a major influence on pulling the economy out of the pit.

South Africa: Economy

The South African economy behaves similar to a young man with a lot of potential […]

South Africa: Church

2020 Prophetic word for the South African church covering; warnings, the return of Teachers, the millennial generation and more.

South Africa: Charismatic church

2015 charismatic church prophetic words covering the fire of God, the release of finances, home groups and more.

South Africa: Business, trade & industry

There has been lot of pressure on businesses to survive. The next year will be […]

South Africa: Business, finance, agriculture

Business strategy The whole design of the white monopoly capital debacle and propaganda was to […]

South Africa: Business

2020 Prophetic words for South African businesses covering unions, technology, small business funding, financial anointing and more.

South Africa: Arts & entertainment

Poetry There is a season coming where poets will be prominent. There will be poetry […]

South Africa: Agriculture

2020 prophetic words for SA agriculture covering renewable energy, rainfall, innovation, new initiatives and more.

South Africa: Agriculture

Ezekiel 36:24–28 For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of […]

South Africa: Agriculture

The word received over agriculture is: lifestyle. This has far more to do with an […]

South Africa: Agriculture

2020 Prophetic word for SA agricultury industry covering wine, tea, Protea flowers, nuts maize, corn, berries and more.

South Africa: Agriculture

2018 Prophetic words for agriculture covering tourism, estate agencies, business ethics, the clothing industry and more.

South Africa: Agriculture

A good season A vision was seen of fertile soil being tilled. There will be […]

South Africa

2019 Prophetic words for South Africa covering a youth revival, supernatural provision, apostles, prophets and more.

Scandinavian nations

The Lord is specifically addressing the pioneers in the nations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. […]


The Scandinavian church Although the Scandinavian countries started off in paganism through their Viking traditions, […]