New types of beef, targeted at a niche market, will become available in SA. Due to the marbling qualities of the beef, cattle from Japan and other islands will be imported. New meat cuts, never before seen in SA, will become popular in South African stores and restaurants. The quality of meat will be higher and more meat will be produced and exported. There will be an increase in direct marketing, straight from farms, which will increase famers’ profit and decrease the costs paid by end users.


A vision was seen of canola plants being grown for oil. Similar to Europe there will be a great increase in the production of oil from plants in the coming year.


Difficult times lie ahead for the milk industry in SA. Dairy producers must investigate the feasibility of developing sour milk products as well as new uses for it in cooking and baking. New fermented milk products will appear on the market. This will help to revive the dairy market in SA. Some of these new products will be unique to SA. A new South African, affordable type of cheese will be in high demand. This cheese will be exported to other African countries and find its way to exclusive shops in Europe.


There will be an increase in demand in SA for fresh water fish. Interest from overseas markets will increase and that in turn will spur on local production.


There is going to be a problem with the maize crop in the Free State. A lack of maize meal will cause the government to realize the importance of positive relationships with farmers to assist them in looking after their crops. Research will be done on how and why crops fail, tunnel farming and farming in general.


A vision was seen of different poultry products on shelves e.g. turkey and quail. Less prominent poultry varieties will become prominent. Sales of a larger variety of products will stimulate growth in this market. Previously exclusive products will become accessible.


Many coastal sugar farms have been sold with the aim to develop mini-cities, resulting in a lack of sugar. Sugar imports have caused an imbalance of payments, which has to be equalized. Too much money is being spent on importing sugar. This will influence the future of sugar farming. The sugar industry will come under pressure. There are trade secrets in sugar production that people are reluctant to share. A partnership between the older and younger role players in the market will develop, resulting in trade secrets being shared and the establishment of a healthy market.


Exports in tea and green tea products will increase. Tea trees will be planted and exported to other countries.


The wine industry will receive lot of international acclaim in the next year. Many prizes will be given to wine farmers in SA.


A vision of many plagues, including worms and insects of all kinds, was received. Part of the difficulties South Africa will be facing in the next year is that pesticides will render produce not useable for human consumption. Especially the milk industry and partly maize and other industries will be influenced. This will lead to the innovation of new products and the use thereof aside from human consumption.

Small scale farming

Small scale vegetable gardens as well as livestock kept on a small scale will increase. Vegetables will be sold by street vendors and at markets. The street vendor concept will become more competitive and formalized. A vision of a mobile store concept was seen, where fresh produce was sold directly from the producers. In poor communities there will be a greater awareness of the importance of fresh food and vegetables versus processed and pre-prepared options. Health awareness will become prominent in poorer communities as well. This will create a whole new market of affordable food and vegetables.