The South African church

The church in South Africa is in a very healthy place at the moment. There is a shifting and a changing of how church is done and the leaders are following Gods direction.

Season of sifting

A vision was seen of a pot of judgment against falsehood being stirred by the Lord: “I will pour out my wrath over the false, the wicked and those who continue to do evil.” The Lord is bringing a season of division in the nation. The true followers of God will be clearly discerned. Those in the church with hidden agendas will be exposed. God is cleansing and pruning the church in South Africa to rid it from that which is wrong, skew and wicked. Many prominent figures in the church will be phased out of churches and ministries during 2016.

A new season

A new season of humility is coming into the church: A return to the basic principles, caring for the people and seeking the Lord. Preachers are studying the Word in earnest and leaving the inconsequential things behind. Practical instruction in living out the Word of God will be preached. A pastoral heart and a concern for the flock is increasing.

Dreams and visions

A re-awakening and excitement for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will stir in the hearts of believers. An increase in dreams and visions will occur. Many who have never dreamt before will receive inspirations from the Lord. Believers will move into a closer relationship with God and have a new clarity in hearing His voice. A greater dimension of the angelic will be experienced. This re-awakening of the Gifts will reveal the motives of people’s hearts. Those with false motives will be removed.


Local congregations will experience a new era of unity. Distinctions of race, ethnicity or social standing will disappear. The operational structures in church will be ‘flattened’. Not all leaders will appreciate this change. There is a call from God for leaders to be adaptable. Responsibility for areas of church life will be handed over to faithful members. With the flattening of structures the boundaries between churches will become more unclear and a new sense of unity will develop.

Churches that stood alone in the past will unite with others. People that previously called themselves Baptist or Apostolic will not do so anymore. Each congregation will have just enough resources to do the basics. This will cause churches to work together to cover more than the basics. The Lord will provide financially. Partnership amongst congregations will make members realise that they are all part of the same Body of Christ.


Community involvement will intensify. Decisions will be inclusive of the participants and domination by specific leaders will recede. Decisions will be increasingly collaborative in nature. A vision of a dark cloud becoming very bright was seen. The church will be a beacon of hope for its members and communities, contributing to the needs of the people in difficult times.

Non-governmental Organisation’s (NGO’S)

An increasing number of churches will move away from self-centred projects and programs to impacting the community at large. Many churches will start up NGO’s to facilitate this process. God is especially going to use women in forming these NGO’s. An online platform to facilitate the work will be created.

A voice to the government

The government will show greater willingness to consult the church on controversial issues. The church will seriously engage in these matters and not compromise on the truth. The prophetic voice of the church will be heard in government more than ever before.

The church and agriculture

The Lord will awaken the church to pray and intercede for the land and agriculture in South Africa. God wants the church to take spiritual authority and responsibility for the earth and the weather. Through prophetic declarations and actions the believers will exercise their authority over the ground and the elements to the benefit of all.


A New Perspective Soberness of thought is starting to prevail and many leaders are poised to make wise decisions to move the country forward. These decisions will not necessarily be made along party lines. Behind-the-scenes the influencers are meeting and thrashing out the outworking of the blueprint for the nation. A stronger stance will be taken on service delivery and fulfilling promises that were made.

Agents of God

God has secretly placed His strategic agents in government. He has prepared them through prophetic words and instructions for higher positions. But for the time being they need to be under the radar and learn to walk in integrity and obey God, not to function out of a place of demand, need or political wrangling. These people are already being used as mentors, guiding, training and teaching the younger generations in preparation to take their place in government.

Government and the church

God is moving in the lives of leaders in government by placing their homes and families strategically next to Christian neighbours. Those who do not go to church will be reached by God through everyday people in everyday places. Leaders will receive visions and dreams which will be interpreted by Christians. Those in government will run to the church to receive help and advice from God when things start to fall apart.

The public view

A vision was seen of corners of the government’s foundation being so eroded that it cannot carry the structure of the building anymore. The corner of the building is crumbling. A part of the system of government will fail, in view, for the public to see. There is a loss of confidence in the South African government. The media merely focuses on the negative, but it is not as bleak as it seems.

A change of policies in public relations will cause positive feedback of successful projects to receive media attention, thereby bringing a more balanced view of government activities. The Lord will install new hope in government.


A vision was seen of a vehicle running out of fuel: The motivation of hard-working people in various government departments has suffered over the years due to the negative portrayal through media. God will reward those in government who diligently serve the country through their hard work.


A greater clamp down on corruption will take place within government. Fellow employees will expose illegal activity.

Coalition breakup

A lot of pressure will be placed on party relationships within the coalition. The current fractures within will be amplified and more groupings will split off before the next election.

Public services

Plans have been in place for the rejuvenation of the public services for many years but, because of constant changes in political office, there has been no continuity. This has been recognised. Gradual change will take place from department to department and provincial section to provincial section. Modernised systems will be put in place. Loop holes for corruption and bad service delivery will be closed.

Municipal boundaries

Changes to municipal boundaries will take place in 2016, and play a decisive role in the upcoming municipal elections. Some communities will be revived due to the change while conflict over such changes will occur in other communities. These conflicts as well as dissatisfaction over service delivery will escalate to extreme violent protests and actions.


Terrorist activities that have been going on in other nations are coming to South Africa. Terrorists are planning to strike right at the heart of the nation. The government thinks they are ready for it but they are not. They need to be vigilant and realise that they have been targeted. The city of Johannesburg has to plan against a possible attack. Be sensitive to the unction of the Holy Spirit and don’t go to Sandton City (a Johannesburg suburb) if the Holy Spirit tells you not too.

News headlines will tell of young men dying because of botched circumcisions at traditional initiation schools.

A vision was seen of a newspaper article about the mutilation of a young girl- heinous sexual mutilation of young women and girls will be exposed . God will not allow the perpetrators of this crime to go unpunished. The church should pray for the protection of children and the vigilance of parents to prevent such tragedies.