God Said 2017, p50
“Weather Patterns & Flooding

Strange weather patterns will occur in the next season, unusual rain patterns will occur. An unusual cold period will occur in the summer, and we will see unusually hot weather in autumn and spring. There will be big downpours over a short period and then sunshine will occur. Prevention against erosion due to flooding is very important in this season. Great floods and heavy amounts of rain can be expected in otherwise arid areas of South Africa. Similar to the Laingsburg flood of 1981, this season will bring some floods. Low-lying areas in Johannesburg will be severely affected.

A low-lying town, likely in the Cape, is going to be flooded. The surrounding river will be swelling up flooding the whole town. This tragedy can be reduced if people pray and prepare.”

5 dead, 5 rescued during Limpopo floods
JANUARY 8, 2017 – News 24