A voice to society

With all its cultures and denominations, the South African church has become very prosperous, and this has caused the church to have a voice in society. They are influential and can speak out and dictate in certain areas what is needed and what is not. Influential people across a broad spectrum of society meet privately with pastors for Biblical advice on their marriages and families to keep the anonymity.  They are influenced by spiritual men and women who speak into their lives, marriages and financial issues.

Business and church

There is a businessman who wants to sponsor a school in a church. He will pay for the school, but he wants his name on the school.  The pastor is in a dilemma because he does not know whether the businessman’s name or the Lord’s name should be on the school. Many of our pastors and Christian leaders are at a crossroads as to what they will allow and what they will not allow. They are finding it difficult to choose because of pressure from business people.

Cell groups

There will also be continuous growth in cell-based or home churches, and God will use this for the good so that they can make more of a difference in their communities. Various initiatives will occur in these home-based churches where they will be community and family-focused, reaching out to the poor, and in many instances being more effective than the bigger churches currently are in South Africa.

City transformations

Churches will be involved in city transformation in the future. The church’s influence in the nation will not decrease; it will grow stronger and stronger because more evangelism will occur. There will be a move back to evangelism and the preaching of the pure, undiluted Word of God, and we will see more signs and wonders. Prominent leaders like gang leaders involved in drugs and prostitution are having complete encounters with God.  There will be a strong emphasis on evangelism and revival.

Financial strain

The church is growing spiritually, but many ministers have been impacted negatively by the economy. Some of those ministers are leaving the full-time ministry and going into business. God is sending ministers into business because He is placing them next to business leaders. People will say that those ministers are after money, but that is not true. God is sending the church to business. Those whom He will use in this manner will have to focus on God’s Word. The Lord will place prophets next to those ministers in business; therefore, more prophets will be used strategically in this way. Some of them will be directly involved in business while others will provide advice.

“Stop groaning and start to grow.” It seems that churches have been groaning and God is saying, “Stop it. The time for groaning is over; it is a time for thankfulness and thankfulness will open a lot of blessings for the church.” Churches are taking hands. Those who never would have taken hands in the past are now taking hands and starting new community projects. That is part of the “stop groaning and start growing”-process.

Focusing on social issues

Outreach teams will be aimed at women’s ministry. Youth and drug rehab facilities will be touched significantly in the year 2020. The church will bring a balance in xenophobia and women abuse. Ministries will facilitate the process of peace and unity. The church will be more proactive and jump in before issues can arise and disrupt our South African community and culture.

The church will bring a solution to human trafficking. A specific church leader either has experience or came out of human trafficking, and they know key figures in government. This leader will bring a strategy and proactive solution to human trafficking. Your time in Egypt is now over; the time of slavery is now over. In 2020 we take authority for the church in South Africa to walk in a season of freedom.

Greater purity

God is calling church leaders to greater purity, integrity and righteousness in how they run church and lead their people. He is looking at their hearts specifically.  There is a warning, and if they don’t rise to that, they won’t be able to continue. God is going to challenge church leaders and stretch them and grow them in this next season.

Healing for the wounded

Mature church leaders will step in to father those that stumble; there will be no judgement and lots of love.  Across church boundaries, people will be helped to get back on track.  Acceptance of the differences between churches will lead to a focus on what is really important and common to them all: Jesus.  Unity and cohesiveness are coming for churches in South Africa.  Churches will have a great impact on society, business and government.  The church is called to bring changes to nations, and people from South Africa will be called to bring a fresh new voice from the Lord to different nations.

Kingdom culture

Kingdom culture will infiltrate business and family life; kingdom culture will be increasingly cultivated within church practises and will infiltrate into the community and further afield.


Many church leaders’ marriages are under strain, and in some cases, there are even mental breakdowns.  They have become program based; there is not enough prayer in the churches, and leaders have become too task-orientated and not spending enough time in prayer for their own personal lives. Prayer would enable them to see ahead of time what the enemy is bringing against them.

One voice

Churches worldwide have the same theme-type of teaching, and God is saying that this is Him honouring all the prophetic voices that have gone out and spoken out His word over the nation.  The churches are hearing it, and the pastors are picking up in the spirit that it is time to preach the same message all across the country.

Orchestrated attack

The church in South Africa is generally doing well, and because of that, an orchestrated attack is launched against the church by the enemy.  This attack will come in the form of media reports of strange occurrences portrayed as the Christian norm.  But the Lord says, “It is My time for My people and My church, and I am building it, and it looks different in different areas.”   The message from the Lord for both the organised church and the informal or house church is the same, namely “Outreach! Outreach! Outreach!”

This is not in the sense of missions, but in being equipped within the church and conquering the different mountains.  God’s Kingdom work will become increasingly visible outside the church walls.  Both the organised church and the informal church are hearing the same message from the Lord; they are aligning with one another, and they will go out and gain ground for the Kingdom.

Realignment of vision

Megachurches will be forced to change their vision and structure because they have lost their cutting edge and become numbers based instead of hearing the Word of the Lord through the prophets and apostles. They will realign their vision and their structure to what God has for that particular church.

Some networks will also change their vision and structure to become more effective; those that don’t change and won’t adapt will fall away, and their influence will dwindle.

Rural communities

Many churches in rural areas are involved in their community and helping the poor. Even these satellite churches and small churches are having a huge impact on communities in South Africa. The Lord has caused even the smallest and the largest to have an impact, so the church in South Africa is in a very healthy place.


In 2020 there will be further sifting within the church where more scandals will come to light, and more charlatans will be exposed.

Sponsorships of churches

Schools will build new buildings by receiving sponsorships. One church is receiving a new foyer, built by a company, while another receives a crèche.  Secular society is relying on the spiritual threads from former generations throughout the nation.  The spiritual threads may look weak and ineffective, but their impact is making a difference in the lives of the people involved.  Business has been affected by the Word coming from the church. The level of honesty from the pulpit has affected business and influential people.

Strategic partnering

Churches are rising to a new status by partnering with the government; their voice will no longer be silent, and they will have far greater influence over the leadership of our country.

In the past, media reports have focused on people that did strange things in their churches. There will be a definite distinction between darkness and light in this coming season, and the light will be very bright and impact the world, and the darkness will be seen for what it is.   God will no longer allow those two to overlap.


The word “there is sweetness over the churches” was heard, and honey was poured out over pastors, ministers, apostles, prophets, and overall people.  It almost feels as though we are sucked into a honeycomb, and it is very exciting and feels very loving.

The Lord says that in the next couple of years, he wants to bring a new revelation of scripture where the move of the Holy Spirit is much stronger. This is so that pastors have to discern and hear him more clearly when they hear scripture and prepare their messages.  They will deliver the new revelation and not repeat messages that they previously delivered.  Listen carefully to the differences between the two.


God is bringing teachers back to the church to restore wholesome doctrine as some sensational teachings have been taught, and he is bringing correction. Many churches have built up large congregations, and things look rosy on the outside, but spiritually some have become like a wasteland, bearing no fruit. This is a word of warning for these ministries to correct themselves and change their ways or risk closure.

The Body of Christ has become more disgruntled and unhappy in their churches as they feel very unutilised. God has given them a vision and mission in their hearts, and in this season, there will be a push to really equip the saints to go outside the church and make a difference.


There is a real stirring in the hearts of the saints to bring transformation in their respective mountains.


  •  It is a warning for the mega-churches in South Africa not to fly too high because they mess with God’s people. God’s timing is perfect, so do not run ahead of your time; your season will come. 2020 will be a year of great harvest, so do not expand too fast.
  • The Lord is giving a warning to the millennial generation: you have become very independent, self-determined and self-sufficient in the way you are doing church in the present time. This is a warning for you not to neglect the older generation because you think you do not need their influence. The millennial church is turning into an entertainment-based church, and God is saying He wants you to become holy, emphasising people and not entertainment. Lives must be changed and not only entertained. Continue to build partnerships with the older generation because of the wisdom and stability.