Greater collaboration

There will be greater collaboration between churches and denominations. Individual identities will remain intact. This collaboration is being driven by the younger generation that does not have a taste for separation. It is something that will bring much growth in the church. Once again, many revivals will occur in the nation and there will be a break-out of wonders, demonstrations of the Lord’s power, and moves of the Holy Spirit. The southern Cape is going to be an important region for these revivals – George, Mossel Bay and the central southern Cape area. There will again be a hunger for revival within the nation. Those that criticised previous outpourings of the Spirit and squashed it in the past are going to suddenly realise that this is the Lord and they will make space for it.

Stronger ties will develop between churches, which will lead to working together and mutual dependency. Churches will share strengths to help one another bring about this coming together.

Goodwill will increase amongst church leadership in different denominations and congregations. Collaboration will take place amongst congregations. Antagonism and competition that seemed to be there in the past will dissipate and be replaced by a sense of community, belonging, and being part of one body.

Greater maturity

The church in general in South Africa is in a very good place and the maturity in the church is growing exponentially. It’s a season of maturing the saints – a time of people taking on their callings. People will move on if their callings are not accommodated in a specific ministry, but relationships will be maintained. The saints will find their own voice, ministry, and expression in God, and their own journey with the Lord. They will not sit and wait, expecting the church to create that space for them. This is maturity.

Offenses that have built up in the church over many years will dissipate. Maturing believers will help younger and older believers overcome their offenses. There is a great calling on the body of Christ in South Africa, not just for South Africa but for the world. Much of the Body of Christ in South Africa is called to a world vision, not just a local vision.

Becoming a united voice

There is a great challenge ahead for the church in general and the Lord is calling the church to recheck and strengthen its foundations and to remember the simplicity that is in Christ – what really matters in our walk with God. When the time comes, the church will be drawn into a place of unity in a new way that has never happened before in the nation of South Africa. The Lord will cause churches that used to be critical of one another because of their differences to come together. The critical accusations will be silenced because of the need for the church to be a united voice. This is a great call from God to the church at this time. The days of being divided into independent groups and camps will have to come to an end because of what is coming in the future. The Lord wants to give the church a stronger voice, even within the leadership of the country. The church will need to address a great challenge from the Muslim side.

Family focus

Pastors and leaders must start focusing and teaching more on family structure. The church is the voice and the body that is to set the example and the standard in this area. Pastors and leaders have compromised and were afraid to speak out on immoral issues. These corrupt practices are breaking down the structure of the family, and God is calling pastors and leaders to stand up and speak up. Declare the standard of the Word of the Lord. The church has become weak in this area, and this is why society has become weakened. There has to be a standard.

Restoration between believers

God is restoring a heart of compassion, not only for the lost, but also for fellow Christians. Broken relationships between people will be restored and the hurts of the past will be dissolved. God is saying, “My people are sick, and I want to heal them.”

A spirit of sharing will develop amongst Christians. Christians who are sincere will have no lack, but this sharing will not be for people coming just for the resources.

A call to reach the lost

The influence of the Muslims will be addressed in this coming year. There is a high urgency to reach the lost, not just through acts of mercy but preaching the gospel. People in the church will be focused on the lost and they will reach out to them more.

There is greater understanding of the original call of Christianity in South Africa as a whole in this coming year. Practical Christianity will come to the forefront but without compromising the Word.

Churches will have to catch the heart for Africa. That is the original mission of why we are here: to have a heart for Africa.

The hunger in un-churched people will compel the church to reach the people where they are outside of normal church ministry functions.

New buildings

There are churches trusting God to expand their buildings. God says He is making land available for them to build new buildings.

Deliverers coming from the church

The Lord is bringing deliverers out of the church into the nation. Many who have been faithful in the church will be stepping out of the boundaries from local congregations onto a national platform, even in political areas in our nation, and become deliverers of God in those spheres. There is renewal of the gifts of the Spirit in the church. The body will rediscover the graces of the gifts and the manifestations of the gifts. As the body discovers these gifts, there will be great manifestations of signs and wonders in our nation. The signs and wonders will show the difference between the true and false. Signs and wonders will authenticate the true apostolic and prophetic ministry. We will hear many testimonies of supernatural financial breakthroughs in businesses and companies as God intervenes through a word or a specific action. Faithful saints will enter a season of great reward. There is a clear distinction coming in the season we are heading into between those that truly serve God and those who have been following the Lord but their hearts have not been with him. In this time the Lord is calling us to commit ourselves fully to Him. People who are fully committed to Him will experience a supernatural provision even in parched and dry places – even in an economy that seems stagnant. God is not bound by a stagnant economy. He is not bound by earthly realities, and He will prosper you in the midst of that storm.

The Lord will make us see many deliverers coming from the body of Christ. Deception by people who had used manipulation to access power or people will be exposed. The Lord says: “I have given the mysteries of my kingdom into your hands and this is a season where mysteries of the kingdom of God will be laid bare in the churches where people will be fed. They will experience the Lord and the mysteries of the kingdom in His body”. A sense of God’s greatness and the radiance of the glory of God will come over the authentic body of Jesus – those who really follow the Lord. It will manifest in signs and wonders, not just healing.

Becoming self-regulatory

Contentious issues around harmful and unscriptural practices within churches will cause church organisations to develop a self-regulatory body in an attempt to divert government interference. Even the secular media will support this move.

International ministries

Popular and influential international speakers and ministries coming to South Africa will increase. Some of these well-known ministries will open offices and church branches in South Africa.

A few foreign ministers will come to the Church in South Africa. Those that will come may think that they have come to impart something, but they will receive more from the church in South Africa. These foreign ministers will become revived and discover a very strong spiritual flow in the nation. The South African Christians love God and are very open spiritually.


Strong spiritual leaders of great integrity will get acceptance from the public. Many spiritual leaders will become much more vocal in the media about what is happening in the country. Even non-religious groups will acknowledge these leaders.

Moving into Society

A large number of people in ministry and in church structures will start to move out into secular positions and businesses, taking their Christian ethics and mandate into what they do. They will become very successful and influence society.

Celebrities in church

Many South African celebrities will come from the church milieu and become famous for their accomplishments and their authentic Christian life.

Muslim influence

The Muslim influence within business and their manipulation, control and financial gain in everyday products, like halaal certification, will be exposed, causing discontent and demand for remedial action. Muslims leaders will try to defend these practices against demands for change. Their intent will be exposed through their rhetoric. Regulators will be forced to ensure that future abuse of the public in these matters is prevented.

There is a united Muslim voice rising to a point where it will even challenge the church and cause the people in the nation to question the authority and standards of the church. This voice will even make the church appear to be evil in some areas because of its set way of doing things based on the word of God.


Challenges with regard to the gay and lesbian community will become quite prominent. In some main stream church groupings they will set up their own churches and congregations. This will create discord amongst the churches as to how to address this challenge and become a growing concern.

Exposing the false

Many people use the Lord’s name in justifying decisions that they make. There will be great exposure of many charlatans and tricksters in the Church. There have been unrighteous, fake preachers starting churches as a way to earn an income by tricking congregants out of finances. A few may have even started in the correct way but have changed their methods and resorted to tricks and scams. This exposure will come through newspapers, and government will intervene by instituting regulations for churches and spiritual activities. Much finance has been stashed away and taken out of the country.

The teaching ministry

There is a strong need for teaching in the church. There has been much preaching and activity and noise but a lack of knowledge and information. The teaching ministry will inform people of Biblical patterns.

The teaching ministry will bring the abuse of finances into order. There has been pulpit manipulation to fleece the flock and God is not pleased.

Outbreak of revival

There is a huge vacuum between the indigenous black churches, Indian churches and white churches. A real revival will develop in the black indigenous churches and much good teaching will be given. People are excited and their hearts are revived. The white churches are just plodding along. There needs to be a revival inside the ‘white’ churches. They have become weary and tired, and they need to revive themselves again.

This revival will take place in many townships and informal settlements in big churches, with a revival of tent ministries due to lack of buildings and venues. Tents will serve this purpose.


A wall was seen with many African people walking on this wall with a foot in the church and a foot in witchcraft and the practices of sangomas. Decisions must be made to put both feet on the wall and walk an upright path, leaving no room for dabbling in the occult and unrighteous things. Christians need to know that they are free and that they are righteous in Christ. They have the authority of Jesus and witchcraft has no effect on them. This area needs to be addressed through teaching.

Idolatry and witchcraft are not only prevalent in the traditional African communities but also amongst the western population. The belief that a loved one is guarding over the family from the ashes on the mantelpiece, or communicating with the dead, also constitutes idol worship or witchcraft. Idolising our family or church needs to be addressed.

Biblical revival

A revival of reading the Word is about to occur. Simplifying the gospel, preaching, teaching and reading of the Bible will take place. A revival of the written Word, the Rhema and the Logos, will be planted into hearts again.