A heart

A vision was seen of a heart pumping in a relatively wide area of the South Americas and it is a heart that is ready to explode. They have been so contained within themselves that they have been too scared to explode. The Lord wants this heart, this life and this enjoyment of life to explode too many nations over the earth. The Lord is going to help this process; the heart is going to pump even faster and more viciously than ever before to take this gospel to many more places than they could ever have imagined. The people in those nations do not have an idea of what effect they can have on a worldwide basis, let alone in their own community. The Lord is restructuring, resurfacing and allowing them to grow.

Sometimes huge mistakes are being made by those nations in terms of the church but the Lord is gracious towards them because they are doing it with the right attitude. He will keep bringing them back to his heart. He will keep bringing them back to the beating of their heart and the beating of His heart and we need to be patient with the people as they grow. God wants patient people to go there to keep on coaching them, pushing them ahead, equipping them and training them because a time will come when they tip over the edge and they will run like kids and frolic around the world in this enjoyable lively way of ministering.

A warning

A vision was seen of people dying from side effects of a type of genetically altered maize that is being used to plant. This kind of seeds will be the cause of the disease and it will be exposed this coming year. People have had struggles with their health which is caused by a genetically altered seed that they have been using that has serious side effects. This will be in the media a lot.

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is happening out of South America from of places where mission trips are a regular occurrence. The churches in these areas are getting more and more frustrated that human trafficking is endangering their mission fields. The problem is becoming more personal to the church in general; the church is going to take up the fight. There will be a lot of safe places that are being provided and people are taking hands across religious boundaries to invest in the safety of these survivors.