The southern part of Africa will be more stable. A lot of mentoring initiatives from South Africa into Africa will take place. Leaders in SA, specifically business leaders, will be connecting with different parts of the world in order to secure finance to mentor Africa. The finance will first come to SA; and there will be a South African “flavor” going up into Africa. God is saying that “Christian countries” or countries with a strong Christian influence will be stable. He will bring stability to areas where Christians gather in Africa. The mentoring initiatives into Africa will be accompanied by evangelism. The mentoring will take place on governmental and economical level and through that God will send His evangelists to Africa.

The Southern African nations are all looking at the mines and resources instead of the grace God has given the southern nations in agriculture. As soon as they would focus on that there will be a great wealth release over the nations. There is such a release from God in that area and there are people that wilfully resist this and I feel the Lord is going to deal with this.

The Lord is actually addressing SA and the southern African nations to sort out their agricultural problems. We will see a lot of politicians die because of their resistance. The Lord has placed a burden on SA and the southern African nations to produce for the people of the north to relieve their suffering. There are going to be scientific studies proving that pollution is directly responsible for draughts. This will cause the Southern African nations to reform their strategies in regards to the pollution they are causing.

Human trafficking

There will not be in increase or explosion of human trafficking but there is a raise in female prostitution. Women will knowingly going into the sex trade, motivated by poverty as they need money for their children. The surrounding nations are letting them leave, knowingly and willingly. These countries they come from have no social grant. Pray that poverty is addressed in the neighbouring nations so that the women don’t have to take these steps to look after their children.

The economy

The economy, like last year, is going to stay on a very stable course; there won’t be any fiddling with it. The general direction is going stay the same. Equality and levelling off between the different people groups within the nation will increasingly become more visible. Excesses will be addressed in all groups and all people. That means that some people will have to prepare themselves for tightening of their belts, whilst the lower income groups and poor will receive marginally more. Some initiative is going to come into the unemployed sector, helping to remedy the unemployment situation.

The percentages will not be huge but at least it is being addressed. This situation has deteriorated but now there is going to be forward motion through practical intervention. It will speak to the heart of the nation and over time bring a quietness and stillness into the nation. Economically there will be lot of opportunity – but the opportunities need to be broader based. There will be a lot more cooperative movement. The economy is not going to funnel to the individual as easily as in the past, yet it will still flow into areas of joint cooperation in terms of finances and skills. Lone rangers will have an increasingly difficult time and will have to learn to share their wealth and expertise resulting in greater equality and much greater reward.


Agriculture will play a low-key role and there are certain strategic reasons for that. The Lord is putting a low-key plan in place and he is using a number of individuals jointly to start doing that. He is also using our farming skills and expertise in other nations in Africa. The national agricultural strategists will find this alarming. They are not sure how we are going to provide for food security in the nation.

The Lord has a greater plan for South Africa in the long run in terms of the development in the other nations, so we mustn’t be alarmed by it. We must allow what the Lord is doing so that He can ensure a basket and a security for a greater area. The strategy is much greater than South Africa, and much greater regional area like SADC is to be impacted. We will not be able to impact here in SA as much as we will do across the borders. This will finally flow back into much greater food security for the entire region.

There are going to be entry level programmes being developed in order to attend to the physical ground that has been neglected. These programmes will be implemented in other African countries as well. There will be a five year program of this entry level programmes being implemented in Zimbabwe in future

Land claims

The Lord is putting His finger on agriculture in South Africa and is addressing the whole land claim issue which has been lingering and is actually harming the nation. After the next election the Lord is bringing closure because it is keeping the nation from fulfilling its mandate. There are people involved who just want to keep the land claim issue open and the Lord is moving people who are actually standing in the way of finishing it up. This issue will be closing.