A warning for Kenya and Uganda: I see them with their heads together plotting against the Asian people. They must not touch them. They have brought wealth to these countries along with their expertise. They must not try to oust the Chinese either because they are bringing progress to this middle belt of nations in Africa. The root is the spirit of greed which must be dealt with.

We need to pray specifically against the warning in regard to oil and bloodshed in the Angolan and Democratic Republic of Congo region. It is a word of warning and we should pray in the purposes of God so that this may never come to pass. Specifically pray for the northern areas of Angola into the DRC and Brazzaville, Congo.

The DRC, Central African Republic, Uganda and Rwanda will experience further instability and fighting that will spill over their borders. Mediation will continue through 2014. A problematic faction in some of these conflicts will be dealt a serious blow.