A warning

A fire will burn over the land. This is a warning for the country to prepare as it will be a large fire that will burn for a long time and not be easily put out. Disaster management has to get ready and prepare for this fire. After the fire, the soil will be more productive, and people will start farming in areas where they did not farm before.


The people still rely on their traditions and old ways, as it is still firmly embedded in them. There needs to be a renewing of their minds.


Many missionaries will enter the country, with support from the congregations that sent them. They will make a difference in the country.


The economy will grow. Where there has been tremendous corruption, transformation will occur, particularly in agriculture. Reformation will occur within the agriculture sector.

Swaziland will have a connection with Israel. Israel will work with Swaziland on agriculture, which will bring reformation. The GDP will grow considerably during the next few years because of this connection.


More Aids deaths than before will occur. Breakthroughs in medicine will emerge. Medical tourism will develop in Swaziland. Medical practitioners will investigate the different diseases that break out in the country and develop treatments. Increased negativity towards the health sector will occur in the people of Swaziland. Clinics, hospitals and healthcare have been neglected.

Spirit of witchcraft

The spirit of witchcraft over the nation will be addressed. Intercessors are called to stand against it.

Northern border

The north-eastern border of the country will be strengthened to counter the influx of criminal elements in that region.

The royal house

The uneasiness in the population of Swaziland will continue. The conflict between the royal house’s control, government structures and democracy will remain centre stage in public discussions.

A public uprising will take place against the royal house’s control and manipulation that will even receive foreign media attention.

A strong political faction will rise and become militant, getting its inspiration from political parties like the EFF in South Africa, trying to subvert the royal house’s authority and power in Swaziland.

The axe is at the root, and the Lord is judging the royal house. The king and his family will face severe difficulties as the nation will detach itself from the royal house.

A picture was seen of the palace almost abandoned. The people have lost their connection with the king because of the extravagance in which he lives and how he acts. He has lost the heart of his own people.

The misspending of public money by the royal house will be made known. This will cause an outcry in the nation.

It will be a difficult season economically as the royal house will go through a period of judgment and pruning, which will impact the nation. This will benefit the strengthening of government.

There will be strong governmental leaders that will rise. The leaders have been there, but they have been weak and have not fulfilled their role. They were constantly manipulated and overridden. This inefficient leadership is ending. The new leadership will have healthy boundaries when it comes to economics and finances. They will not be willing to participate in corruption.

The younger generation will start to demand services in Swaziland that they can now only get outside of Swaziland. They used to go to South Africa to get a decent education on tertiary level. They will now start demanding the same quality of education within their own country, knowing the amount of money that has been misspent and how it could have been appropriated for areas like education.

An uprising of young people

The younger generation will start increasingly challenging the king’s authority, mainly because of the dictatorial way the king rules and reigns. Over time, this resistance will develop under the radar and at some stage begin to boil over. The king will have to deal with these uprisings regularly. There is an easy solution for this: He has to change how he is running the country from his present style. He has an old African way and should switch to a more modern way of running the nation. The solution is very simple, but the king does not see it.

A nation of orphans

Swaziland is a nation of orphans. The heart of the Lord is for the orphan and the broken. There will be many testimonies of how God had reached the orphans in Swaziland in the coming year. He will be raising them and using them.

Vision for education

There are individuals with a vision of starting a high-calibre university or tertiary institution. They have the capacity, the ability and the vision to make this happen in Swaziland, and it will happen.

Weather patterns

Strange and even dangerous weather patterns will manifest in Swaziland. The shield of God will be over the nation, and through prayer, the nation will be protected.

A youth movement

The Lord is raising a generation of people that will look to Jesus. A man will gather the youth within the nation. This person is strengthened by God and will lead the nation’s young men and women, causing a youth movement across the nation. This kind of movement is really needed in the country. There will be a spiritual awakening that will spread across the nation. Strategic conferences will be held that will have great influence and will be organised and put together in Swaziland. Leaders from South Africa and other nations will go to these strategic conferences to speak and impact the church and restore the church’s authority in the nation.