African nations: Zimbabwe

A vision was seen of people dancing and waving flags including the Zimbabwean flag and they seemed very happy. But as the vision started to focus in on the people they were all suffering from malnutrition and they were all having these big bellies and thin arms....

African nations: Sudan and South Sudan

A stalemate will occur between these two countries bringing no solutions to their problems. South Sudan will open its borders towards other neighbours and develop other trade routes independent from Sudan.

African nations: South Africa

A warning to the government South African farmers have been moving from South Arica up into Africa – also to Botswana and Zambia. Because of the farm murders in South Africa many farmers will sell and have sold their land and move elsewhere in Africa. They are not...

African nations: Nigeria

There is peace coming over the nation. There is a lot of prayer going over that country and a lot of intercession for the nation. A lot more churches will be planted within Nigeria.

African nations: Namibia

A vision was seen of hands stretching out towards Namibia- there is a food crisis at the moment in Namibia and the Lord is speaking to the neighbours to help. A vision was seen of oil pumping out of the ground and then turning into blood. There will be an oil resource...