China and the United Nations

US positions taken over China will start to dominate discussions and decisions within the UN. The progressive weakness of the USA and the current chaos in the political, social, and economic environment will empower the Chinese Communist party to throw its weight...

China: New Currency

New currency China is developing a new currency. It will become very strong, very fast and stable enough to oppose an institution like the World Bank. It will, however, not be lasting and will eventually crumble.

China: Scandal

Scandal A major espionage scandal with an ensuing major diplomatic and international relations crisis will happen because Chinese spies have infiltrated even into the heart of the security and safety systems of many other nations.

China: Resources

Resources Expansion to other nations is for the sake of their own people. The general impression of Chinese in other nations is that they grab and take, but their focus is to care for the needs of their own nation. Africa has become a soft target for the Chinese....

China: Aggressive Tactics

Aggressive Tactics Government will become more aggressive in their control over their population. The Chinese government will also take an unapologetic stance in the international community. They will bring their domestic policies into their international policies and...