Spain: COVID-19

Spain will have many ingenious ways to manage the flair-up of COVID-19. The Lord is placing an umbrella of protection over Spain in this regard.

Spain: Politics

Dissatisfaction between regions in Spain will once again cause protests. A call for certain regions to become independent will be heard again. The government’s efforts in the past to quash such attempts will have no effect on the waves of protest and protest leaders...

Spain: Riots and Marches

Police Training Riots and marches will take place, and the police will need to step up their training and equipment to handle what is lying ahead. The government will come under fire for what will happen in the major cities.

Spain: Tourism

The tourism industry will still struggle in 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be difficult to draw tourists to the country with continuing restrictions on travelling. Many hotels and other tourist facilities will close down.  Employees in the hospitality...