A visitation from God

Turkey is going to experience a visitation from God. The result of this visitation will be a new sense of awareness in the community their own assets and in return the world will take note of Turkey. The nation will see a turn around and even in the leadership people...


The nation of Turkey and especially president Erdogan and the EU member states will be at odds. In the past, the EU member states accommodated and turned a blind eye to what is happening in Turkey’s nation, but this is changing. There will be a push to address...

Prayer pointers

Pray for Turkey’s president and Israel. Erdogan will be pressing for issues in the EU to be heard, specifically Israel, and a pro-Muslim focus will cause a crisis with Israel.

International relations

Turkey will be important to China. Turkey will be used as a ‘launching pad’ for Chinese interests in nations close to Turkey. China will provide Turkey with finance to go ahead with their plans.

Middle East

The words “atomic bombs” and “devastating earthquakes” were received. Disasters, war and violence will continue in this region. End-time prophecies concerning Israel will come into fulfilment. An earthquake will occur in the southern parts of the Middle East. A vision...