Tanzania seems to be stationary and not progressing. The country has many minerals in the ground, but there is greed – hands are pulling the riches out of the ground, grabbing and stealing the wealth. Special airstrips have been built to take the country’s wealth without it being seen by the people.

The mineral wealth needs to go to the people and not be stolen. The wealth is not reaching the people. Poverty has a stranglehold. People have returned to witchcraft, throwing bones in their desperation to get food and crops to grow.

God is bringing judgement into this situation. He has given them a grace period to sort it out, but they have not yet done so.

Rural church

The true church manifests itself in the rural areas of the country, working in partnership with NGOs and feeding the people. However, the big city churches seem distracted by programs and events and are not caring for the people.

Stock exchange

Somebody is trying to open a stock exchange and get finances by making companies go public and selling shares. This is not going to take off yet. The infrastructure and knowledge to do that are not yet in place. But they are working towards it. It will bring some financial relief, but it is not the relief that is needed.

Spiritual drought

Tanzania is in a season of drought. This drought is spiritually initiated. There are, however, small patches of immense greenery where much growth is taking place.

The breakthrough in growth and the breaking of the spiritual drought will manifest in the agricultural industry before spreading to other areas, such as business and education. This drought-breaking testimony will be heard throughout the nation.


Missionaries who come in with an agricultural mandate are going to flourish in this nation. The Lord wants to change the agricultural face of Tanzania. They will supernaturally harvest good crops in areas where everybody else is harvesting little. These missionaries are sent in to bring environmental change and not just to do church work per se.

Missionaries who have established bases in the nation are being pushed out. The Lord is dressed in a legal robe, and He will be an advocate for those who have been pushed out of the country.

There is legislation that has restricted the Gospel. The government has stepped into areas where they want to restrict the preaching of the Gospel by foreigners. The Lord is putting His finger on the nation. God is addressing issues within the nation’s leadership who have become a hindrance to the preaching of the Gospel. A turning away from that legislation will have to take place.

Terrorist warning

There is a terrorist attack pending in the capital city that will shock the nation. A vision of a big bomb exploding and buildings collapsing was seen. Intercession is necessary to seek God and to prevent this from taking place.

Unity between regions

The different regions and areas in Tanzania seem disconnected from one another. Unity in the country seems lacking. Some regions have much violence and crime, while others seem complacent. Government has given no attention to certain areas and left them to themselves.

The Lord wants to unify the country and make the regions connect again. This will be accomplished by the government taking hold of various issues they have been lax with. Change is coming in the government, and focus will start to be placed on every single area of the country. This will bring greater unity.

Christian-Muslim conflict

There will be a conflict between Christians and Muslims in the country. A drive to push Muslim extremism out of the country, which was lacking previously, will occur.

Christians have become complacent and satisfied with doing church life. They do not realise the authority they have in the spirit to influence and change the environment around them and impact the country. God will address this complacency. Christians will discover the influence they can have through prayer, intercession and their actions. They can determine the future of the country and what takes place in their environment and region. God is calling them out of a church mindset into a community-living mindset to impact society.

Impacting the region

An increasing number of Tanzanians will stop expecting help from foreign aid. They will become effective missionaries themselves within the nation and the surrounding countries. An increasing number of missionaries will go from Tanzania into difficult areas like the DRC, Rwanda, Uganda and places of conflict. God is calling Tanzanians as a people with the heart of God for others, with wisdom, insight and understanding. A great teaching anointing rests on many Tanzanian Christians, and God wants to release them to equip others. They have been well equipped and received enough input. It is time for them to go out and give.


A prominent bridge that connects two areas is seen to collapse in the middle. This collapse is done deliberately as an attack on the city.

There are much infighting and division in the nation, and the government needs to step up its policing and quash uprisings.

The leader is a tyrant, and many around him hate him. It seems that they are planning a coup.

An increase of Muslim activity will take place in Tanzania. Somalia and Muslim terrorist groups are building a base in Tanzania as a stronghold to attack Kenya. This attack is because of Kenya’s advancement and relationship with Israel. If the church does not arise in Tanzania, Muslim activity will increase, and a Muslim stronghold will take over the country. There is significant Muslim activity within the present government. The Lord is judging the current government. The Lord is addressing illegal activity and things done behind the scenes in the government.

God is calling intercessors all over Africa to intercede for the children in Tanzania. Human trafficking is taking place, but it seems that people are not concerned about the children.

A vision was seen of crops failing. The nation will enter into a time of desperation, but the people will turn to the Lord. The nations around Tanzania love the nation and the people of Tanzania. They will come together and assist the nation and bring great relief.

Natural disasters in the form of earthquakes will happen in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.