Building Ships

This nation will begin construction of ships but not big ship liners. They are going to take orders to build yachts and smaller boats. They seem to have already begun building smaller boats and ocean liners and the industry will increase. The harbour in Hobart is where some ships will be built. The Tasmanian people are a skilled sea fearing nation with an understanding of the sea and the products that need to be built. There is one innovative family picking up on this; they will expand and have a large quantity of exports.

Arts and culture

Arts and culture will be developing more and more in this nation. There is a unique character to the Tasmanian people that is going to come out in their arts. A new form of music, a new sound, is developing. The new sound will flow over into the Christian community and it is going to be incorporated into their Gospel music

New products

Tasmania is a small island but it’s got great products being developed there that will fill the niche markets across the world. Tasmanian products and especially food products will increasingly be associated with quality and exclusivity and will become popular in Europe and other markets. A new pride will emerge in Tasmanians. In the past inhabitants were ashamed to tell anybody that they are from Tasmania. This will change. There will be great pride in calling yourself a Tasmanian. God has blessed this island with wealth in their great soil.