Madagascar is almost like a military and naval base for Africa. Buildings are coming up, and there will be many upcoming training exercises for the southern Africa area. We see a lot of movement; many people will be moving to the island, almost like the Pearl Harbor of Africa. Madagascar is like a base where a lot happens. People can move from there too different areas. It is large islands, with a very rich, strong and stable economy, which will see many immigration happen because of new opportunities. There will be more focus on developing a stronger Christian base there. Currently, Madagascar is a very strong Muslim country. Along with the movement of all the new opportunities happening on that island, many Christians are going in and bringing a lot of change with them.

Madagascar will receive external funds for infrastructure development; investors will have their own specific goals for their projects. I see military arms been stored there, almost like a military treasure chest for other countries. The Lord will turn this around for good; He will reach out to the country because of the cries of the children of Madagascar. Because of these cries, experts will come back, people who went elsewhere to study and gain expertise did not yet return because the Lord kept them back. God did not allow them to come back because the people’s hearts were hardened in the country. However, because of the cry of the children, these people will go back again, and God will turn many evil plans around for the good of the people.