African nations: Ethiopia 

The Lord showed ground that was dry and is now becoming fertile; there is water and growth in that country, a turn around, green fields, new shoots and new things happening.


A new freedom Germany will experience a greater freedom from the European Union pressures than before. As a nation they will be experiencing a season of rest. It is as if the people are tired and have borne a heavy burden but the Lord is lifting the burden off and...

Food preservation

New developments in the area of food preservation will be made in Finland. This development will play a crucial role in the years to come.

New Zealand

The Lord has hidden New Zealand from the eye of the world for a season. A lot of ministers and ministries are going to come out from New Zealand and impact the region. Their impact will be felt in the Philippines, and some of these smaller islands Fiji, Tonga and...


The people in Australia are known for ruggedness, there will be a redefinition of the nation. It is almost as if the fineness and the sophistication of the nation have been hidden by the rugged environment. The Lord is going to bring the hidden potential and value...