Germany: Business and poverty

Business In some parts of the West the number of poor people will increase. Cities will have to deal with poverty. God calls Christians into mercy ministries.

Germany: Business and repentance

Business Repentance is required due to inflexibility, stubbornness and clinging to the old. It is necessary if Germany is to maintain it’s globally strong economic position. It is important for Christians to remain open to new innovations. God admonishes us to not...

Germany: Business and the church

Business Financially strong people will sow into churches. The Lord encourages the church to give this money away and let it flow through. This is not to build prestige buildings with, but to invest in people, projects, places and in other nations in need.

Germany: Business and corporations

Business Key people will stand up in corporations and will build the Kingdom of God in the midst of the economy. The realm of business will be taken over by god-fearing servants of God. They are willing to operate not according to the principles of the world, but...