France: Rural Living

Many people will be moving from the cities to the rural areas to live off the land and live in a more traditional France.

Italy: Neglected citizens

The neglect of elderly people left behind in old family homes will become a big issue for the government. Many of the older generation will stubbornly refuse to leave their desolate village and choose to die in isolation. Scenes of forceful removal of old people will...

United Kingdom: Families

Due to the pandemic, many families have been forced to draw closer to one another and face the challenges within. God has used the pandemic and the challenges to help bring families closer together and help improve families, even though many are in crisis.

Prayer Pointers: South Africa

Agriculture Healing of racial divides. New opportunities that creates employment in the agricultural sector. The safety and security of farmers and against theft of livestock and crops. Plagues such as locusts and worms especially in the north-western side of South...

South Africa: Family

African Traditions Honour and respect are shown for the elderly according to African traditions. Many African people will return to their roots and wholesome traditions in which they found comfort when growing up, like spending time outdoors, cooking outside and...