USA and Israel

There will be problems in the Middle East, and Trump and his alliance with Israel will bring tremendous fluctuation in the oil price. Conflict will persist in the Middle East with Iran, and America will be very involved in it.

Trump and China

In terms of the trade war, Trump’s views concerning China will remain the same regarding the trade restrictions, resulting in a continuous battle in 2020.

International relations

China is pro-Brexit; there will be some disruption in Europe. China has underground plans about the geopolitical waters that will upset some of the European deals that are being put in place.

International relations

A vision was seen of money that flows from China through Ukraine to the South African gold mining industry.  This will be great for all three countries. In South Africa, the Cape Town harbour is important to China, with illegal drug trafficking as an aim.

International relations

Africa The Lord says that He was very intentional in creating the relationships between China and other countries, specifically with the African continent. There is something that He wants to birth out of Africa going out into the rest of the world; they might see it...