France: Food Shortage

There is a warning about an upcoming, widespread food crisis in France. People that move to outlying areas will not only have to provide for themselves but get to a place where they can provide for or feed the nation.

Israel: Safe Haven

A vision was seen of the area of the Dead Sea becoming a miraculous safe haven for people during times of attack. Many people were seen flocking here.

Sri Lanka (former Ceylon)

The small island south of India once called Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has disappeared from everyone’s thoughts. Once they were a force to be reckoned with in the area of imports and exports. There will be a disaster near the island, a shipwreck or an aeroplane crash. This...

Various warnings

Shipwreck Another shipwreck will occur in the south of Italy with many people drowning. This will be much worse that the Ocean liner incident- many more people will be lose their lives. Natural disasters A natural disaster on the western coast of Italy will occur with...

Boko Haram

Terrorism There are some terrorist threats which are not being taken seriously. Pray that the authorities will take them serious before it is too late. There is a serious onslaught that is coming and the nation has to be proactive in resisting it, through proactive...