Traditional churches still have value in the nation, because they have solid rules that have kept them to a high moral standard. A lot of them don’t agree with divorce, a lot of them have the Ten Commandments constantly before them. The followers of the traditional churches have a very strong moral fibre that is very important to the country. They have a much bigger following than we realise and they need to know that they are important in the nation.

Barriers melting

There will be a melting of the barriers between the traditional church and all the others. Many of them are coming together already. There have been forums that are non-threatening and the traditional churches have begun to attend these forums. Although the traditional churches will still remain traditional, they will look different in their services, in their attitudes and the people that are their members. The previous generations have been accommodating but have dwindled and their voices are weak. Traditional churches will have a brief service for the traditional folk but then have another service for everyone else.

National leader changed

There is a strong traditional leader that had an encounter with the Lord. He has been known to have refused the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in services and baptism in the churches, but he had an encounter with the Lord and now he has changed his heart. God is busy giving him a strategy to address these issues. There will be an announcement coming in February/March 2015 where this leader is going to announce what has happened to him. He is a very strong man of prayer. He is wearing the traditional black toga signifying that he stems from within one of three traditional Afrikaans denominations. The Lord is touching him first and then this renewal will spill over to the congregations.

No more theology

The words “stop your studies” were heard. Many of the students in the theological seminary are going to stop their studies because God is calling them to be authentic. Because of this, the boundaries between charismatic and traditional churches will blur as people are looking for solid answers. Theology by itself and experience by itself is not enough anymore. There will have to be co-operation between the two flows in ministry to get answers to speak to the people’s hearts with the true word of God.

Renewal vs. revival

Revival does not equal renewal. Renewal alone will not be enough anymore, revival is what God wants to bring into the churches. He is going to bring revival into the traditional churches, first on a small scale but it will just increase and spread among traditional churches. God is warning against renewal in terms of trying to shake things up a bit and simply adding a more modern approach. God wants to bring genuine revival.

The Word

A strong movement in the traditional church towards life in the word will occur, but there will be a small faction that will try to protect their customs, cultures and traditions. This faction will break away from the bigger traditional movement and start their own movement. This movement will be marginalised in rural areas and very conservative places. Their buildings will run empty. Because of the renewal in the previously traditional denominations, some charismatic churches that have not been open to revival will become the “new traditional” church stuck in customs and traditions.

A warning

A vision was seen of the traditional church. A big church building was seen standing on the edge of a cliff with a landslide taking place and both the foundation of the church and the church itself came crashing down. There is a moving away from the strong foundations of the church beliefs. This is putting the traditional church at risk, and the Lord wants to remind them of the true values of His Word and not the dogma. Traditional churches that are built on the true values of God will stand in this coming season, but those who focus on dogma will fall by the wayside. Every church including the traditional churches is called to uphold His word in society. The frustration growing in the hearts of the members of the traditional church will cause people to want to get out, and a small action towards a commitment to God’s word in the church will have an immensely positive impact on their lives.

The Vatican

There will be some rather peculiar shakings surrounding the Pope. This will have Catholicism spinning and turning on its head. A lot is happening behind the scenes that will be brought to light and this will cause cracks and division in the Vatican and again in Catholicism.