Electric cars

There is a breakthrough coming in the whole fuel cell industry. At the moment it is not quite there yet, but there is momentum coming that will push it forward so that electric cars can move. The industry will be moving even beyond fuel cells.

Electric cars will come onto the market. There are a few around and the inventor of this electric car has made one that will work well in South Africa. There was a development called the Jewel electric car in South Africa that had everybody very excited. It started with a prototype and the company wanted investors. In a news article in the newspaper on 8 August 2012 it said this project was mothballed because it couldn’t get investors and because of various other problems. This was the potential of an electric car built in South Africa, creating a lot of jobs and with the potential of being very successful the international market. This is going to start up again and become successful. It is part of the plan that God has in this economy for South Africa.


Railway lines are going to be revamped with new carriages coming. Trains will be transporting people a lot more. This will be implemented quicker than a five year plan or a ten year plan. That is too far away, transport needs to be addressed now.

Attention is going to be placed on the railway system in South Africa next year. Great investments will happen. A new company or new brand will be created, that will be government supported and fulfil the need for rail transport specifically for goods. A new rail industry will be created for South Africa that will create a lot of new jobs. This new rail industry includes building of trains, maintenance, etc. that will create many new jobs. Great plans for the transport of people will also start developing in 2014, especially with railways systems to places like Durban, Cape Town.

A private company is going to be allowed to launch a railway line. There will be a stop at each country bordering South Africa. This way they will go to Botswana and just inside the border they will have a station. The train will just go into Mozambique and have a station there. Also, up to Zimbabwe and have a station there. That is how Africa is going to be opened up to trade, with these railway lines and the people traffic going first. There is going to be a semi-privatization to the railway system which will give it a new drive.