Terror attacks

Many more terrorist attacks will occur in London. Great conflict between the Muslim community, the Muslim mayor of London, and other Muslim mayors and communities will develop. A strong Muslim voice will continue to be heard. Torching and burning of synagogues will occur, with purging or attempted purging of the Jewish community in London.

The churches that were mosques will become churches again

Pockets of revival throughout the UK appear, and the Christian voice is being made known but will experience persecution. There is hatred of the media against Christianity in the UK, but God will have His way.


With her current government, Prime Minister May is experiencing a very turbulent time, but she will stand her ground. There is much uncertainty in the country because of Brexit.

Brexit has become a massive crisis, but it is not as big as everybody thought it would be. Brexit will be very good for the UK. Fears about financial markets moving out of the UK are unfounded. A strengthening of financial markets, the economy, and diversification will occur. Brexit will be successful, and the UK will again form a new identity.

A greater rift between the UK and the rest of Europe will develop, but the EU will not be tough on the UK due to Brexit, even though they make a lot of noise. They still need the UK and will maintain the partnership. The integrity of the UK is essential.

A good relationship will exist between the UK and the USA; it will be like the days of old when they were true partners. There is a ‘popular’ voice against Donald Trump in the UK, but this is not the heart of the nation. Conservatives who have the interest of the nation at heart support him.

The banking system

Recruits are emerging in the banking system from different nations, not just English people; a picture was seen of people in smart suits, speaking foreign languages.

The fashion industry

Business is taking on a different face. The way business was done before with big conglomerates owning industries, such as the fashion and, shoe industry, will even out. More people will be entering the fashion industry. Up to now, the big conglomerates have squashed out the small players.

A new mayor for London

A new mayor will be elected for the city of London.

Influx of foreigners

The government must be aware and on guard and put systems in place to protect the country against foreign influence on monopolies in properties.

Stricter travel restrictions for the UK will be established for some countries, while others won’t be influenced. People will be at risk of being deported from the country for certain criminal records or drug-related incidents.

Morals and values

Morals and values will be instilled from leaders down to the lowest levels of schools; new policies will be put in place, bringing the people back to their roots again.

Spiritual input

Nations such as the USA and even South Africa will be called upon to bring spiritual input to the UK again.

A spiritual revival

People will experience the power of God in a spiritual revival in Wales. Healing will take place on the street corners and in bars. People will be slain in the spirit in these places in reaction to the sharing of the gospel. These manifestations will rock the country. Conferences will be held where people catch this fire, seeing the ways and mysteries in which the Kingdom works. The Lord has often chosen the Welsh nation to bring about new experiential aspects of Himself.

Prayer event

The big O2 arena in London will be packed with Christians from many nationalities and foreigners for an international conference.

A new king

A ceremony was seen which looked like a coronation. The changing of the crown will be very soon. It will focus on the nation itself and rekindle the love of the people for their nation. The focus of the nation will be captured again with the crown and the royal family.