The UK’s decision to keep the Pound, instead of the Euro, was wise. An unexpected decrease in the value of the Pound, that will shock the people, was seen. This will only be temporary as the Pound will regain its strength. Volatility between the Pound and the Euro will continue, causing uncertainty in the stock markets and affecting profitability in the banking and business sectors. This insecurity will cause industrial growth to stall. All avenues of growth seem to be exhausted. Inspiration is needed. Through the stall in industry, people will put their trust in God again and He will bring inspiration for the next season of economic growth.

The availability of steel will affect the manufacturing industries. This will cause disruptions in car manufacturing. Especially the luxury car segment and export markets will experience loss in profits. The economy has relied too much on tourism for income. Tourism will, however, increase through diversification. Unusual new avenues of attracting visitors will appear. Skiing will become one of the new attractions that will draw people to the UK.

Ship building, especially smaller ships and yachts, will become prominent. Highly skilled individuals in this sector will attract younger people with apprenticeships. Although still in its infancy, the development and manufacturing of computers will increase. This industry will attract creative people and be driven by the desire to make computers more affordable through local production and the elimination of import taxes.

Banking sector

There will be no drastic growth or downturn in this sector. Local growth will be kept in check by the performance of the global economy. The performance will be as expected. There will be shift and changes in the banking industry during 2016. Some of the changes will be positive and others will be viewed as negative.


A few years ago, the minister of agriculture emphasised the need for the UK to produce more of its own food cheaply instead of importing it. His concerns were ignored. The amount of space required to grow and produce certain crops, like oats and maze, caused the government to cease the production of these crops. An issue will arise that will force the government to revisit this matter. There will be areas in the country that will become very successful in producing these crops. A vision was seen of non-GMO soybeans being planted. New policies and a stronger stance against the planting of GMO crops will be introduced.


Although this nation seems small and is a thorn in the flesh for other EU nations, God will use them to bring balance in decision making. The last elections saw the people reaffirming their Christian roots. This has fostered their ability to make wise decisions. There are certain members of government that are stronger and better equipped in dealing with specific situations and they should be allowed and trusted to do so. A faction that is working behind the scenes, trying to steer the government into the opposite direction of agreed upon policies, will be exposed and enjoy media attention. Controversy and instability, that could have been prevented, will occur in government leadership. Attempts will be made to use these events to bring division within the country. Intercession is needed in this regard.

A new season is dawning within government. The old guard will step down and new younger leaders will take centre stage. Foreign relations The UK government will develop a stronger voice on foreign events and policies. In the past the UK was often seen as following the lead of the USA. Now the UK will have its own voice, sometimes even in opposition to the USA. The UK’s relationship, with other countries in the European Union, will be very important during this time. The country needs to discern between real allies and those who are merely working together with them in anticipation of their downfall. God will expose those who are true allies and those who only pretend to have the welfare of the UK and its people at heart.

Public transport a new program or plan for the overhaul of the train system will come into place, especially for train lines between major city centres.


The significant role that the UK plays in Europe will make London the target of terrorist attacks and bombings. Stronger security, policing and a more vigilant public will be necessary. Natural disasters A vision was seen of flooding taking place in London.

Mad cow disease

A vision of a cow falling sick and dying, accompanied by the words “mad cow disease” was seen. The Lord is warning of the reoccurrence of this disease. A cure for, specifically the effect on the human brain, will be developed in the coming year.