The US has been a nation built on biblical and Christian values. America has come to a cross-road: They can either choose to return to God or follow their current course of trusting in man and money. Like Peter, they have denied and betrayed the Lord. The Lord is exposing this spirit of betrayal by the national leaders.

A vision was seen of Mount Rushmore and cracks appearing in it. Mount Rushmore represents the first 130 years of the nation, its growth, development and preservation. Just as Mount Rushmore is cracking in reality and in need of repairs, so is the face of America cracking. The nation is falling apart because of the degradation of its values and what the country stood for over centuries. Intervention is needed to stop this process and “save face”.


The current president will frantically try to push through new legislation and policies before the end of his term. This will upset many and cause a lot of friction between senators and government officials. The president will undo the remainder of his good reputation that he built up during the first part of his presidency. Strongholds that were absolutely pro Obama in the past will turn around and shun him. A public event will reveal an attitude of the current president that will surprise the public. New information will be revealed about behind-the scenes events and the type of person the president is. The media will portray a society that is liberal but does not represent the general public. Society will become fed up with government attempts to force policies on the public that the people did not agree upon. The media will try to downplay this.

The attempts to unify the states in the USA under similar policies and laws will have the opposite effect. Different areas of the country will become more divided, and states will talk about ways of more autonomy. A strong move towards the Republican Party will occur as a reaction against the humanistic stance of the Democratic Party. Many eyes will be opened to the behind-the-scenes colluding and this will fire the fierce spiritual resistance. The Republican Party will remain strong in government in the season to come. Many senators and leaders in America are strong Christians. They were brought up with Christian ethics since childhood. These ethics will spill over into their states. More truth will be spoken by these politicians in future. In the past they were not seen as trustworthy. Action will follow their promises and credibility will be gained.

Presidential election

As the people start to realise that the founding principles of the nation are being betrayed, it will cause a national desire for change. The focus of the election will change: A return to biblical values of the founding fathers, a call to “one nation under God”, forsaking all other gods, will once again be heard. The new president will be controversial but in long term will proof popular. The next president will be very different in character and personality from the current president of the United States and the country will need time to adjust.

Donald Trump will be a major mover and shaker in the coming election which will polarise the election. Trump has a heart to serve the nation and the Lord has seen it and will use him. Irrespective of his presidential success or failure, he will have a major influence in the next season of American politics.

Racial violence

The American people have lost their sense of national identity due to the moral failures of their leaders and the betrayal of their own government. Because of this, racial violence will escalate as people try to find their identity in their ethnic background. Friction between ethnic groups will increase and be a cause for concern in the nation. A vision was seen of small fires of contention across the United States: fighting, looting and burning of properties. This is a warning to the government to prepare. If the leaders do not stop these little fires the whole nation will be engulfed in flames. The Lord is calling His church to take her place in re-establishing the nation’s identity.

Church in the USA

There is a fierce spiritual battle in the USA. The World System is trying to increase its hold through the financial and political systems. But fierce resistance is coming from the Body of Christ who has awakened to the present day realities. There is a great hunger for more in the American church. The church will not compromise on biblical truths; this strong stance will not be portrayed as in the past but with compassion and care for people and the community. The body of Christ will become fierce in all facets of the gospel and not in ego or opinion.

The Bible belt will experience a great revival and restoration of true Biblical values that will influence many. Prominent individuals (like sportsmen and business figures) will be emboldened by God to publicly speak out against some of the moral atrocities. Although segregation between state and faith is enforced, individuals can’t be stopped from honouring the Lord. God will use individual Christians to proclaim their faith. This will contribute to the restoration of the American identity. God is calling the leaders in the church to break the complacency of the institution and rise to a new spiritual level and commitment.

The dissatisfaction of the people will drive church leaders to burn-out or resign. God’s will is for the leadership to rise up to a new level so His church can take her rightful place in God’s ordained authority. Persecution of Christians will continue in specific areas of the USA. At the same time safe areas will develop for Christians. Many Christians will move to these safe areas where they can freely practice their faith in their everyday lives (in schooling, business, etc.).


Financial difficulties will cause a lot of Americans to adjust their lifestyles and cut back on expenses. God is using the arena of finance to deal with the unrepentant arrogance of the American people. Their financial abundance has been their greatest flaw as they have always flourished. The lower income groups will adjust much better than the higher income groups.

Attention will be placed on the overworked individual in 2016. The Lord is calling in a new season for the restoration of family units in America. Focus will be placed on home life and the family. A strong work ethic will be balanced with family life. Families praying together (simple prayers around the dinner table and bed time) will re-emerge. A pioneering spirit will return to the nation. Technological advances will bring new areas of economic growth. Some of these new technologies will spark moral debate due their harmful effects. Increased focus will be placed on local state economies.

Governors of states will focus their attention more on the development of their regions than on national concerns. Plans are being made to eradicate poverty in America through wealth sharing. This plan, however, does not sit well with those who will have to share their wealth. Oil Wells The government has tasked scientists to scour the country for new oil rich areas that will break the dominance of existing sources that dictates pricing and supply. New abundant oil reserves will be found in unusual areas (including dessert areas like Arizona). Agriculture There is a call for people to return to agriculture, production and constructing things themselves. Instead of relying on cheap imports from places like China, focus will be moved to the local economy and producing local products. The production industry will proliferate in certain states while restoration in the agricultural sector will be seen in others. There has been a breaking away from the God-ordained family unit.


Natural disasters

The people of the nation will once again show their caring hearts during a natural disaster in the Gulf States of Southern America. This disaster will restore a sense of unity among the people.

A natural disaster on the West Coast of the USA was seen.

2016 will also see very strong tornados occurring in the USA. The central USA will experience a plague of locusts and drought which will require aid to be brought in.

Major flooding was seen taking place in an arid area of the USA, which will cause great damage to heritage sites and tourist towns.

Man-made disasters

A crisis was seen in the harbour of Seattle that will shake the nation and bring many together.

Flight safety concerns will be highlighted by numerous incidents in the aviation industry. Visions were seen of fuel problems, aircrafts burning and crashing. One of the incidents will involve a government aircraft carrying a group of officials. Policies to distribute members of the senate into various aircrafts will be put in place to ensure that all members are not stranded in one place at any point in time.

The hacking of government institutions and big corporations will increase. Many of the hacks will be perpetrated by groups that are exposing unrighteousness and illegal activity. Accusations of hacking between USA and China will find media coverage.

A vision of a space shuttle being launched and exploding in mid-air was seen. A NASA launch will occur that will not be successful. Prayer is needed for those involved.

Weather patterns

Extreme weather patterns will be experienced on the East Coast with unusual temperature fluctuations occurring. Changing weather patterns will necessitate farmers to adjust. Crops that use to grow in certain areas will not suffice anymore. Other types of crops will need to be grown.