Man-made disasters

Air travel

With regards to air travel we feel that certain airlines will be grounded due to finances and will not be able to fly anymore. A big airline will be grounded until private funding is coming in to take over. Air travel is going to change. Over the next couple of years we are going to see radically different ways of travelling, maybe for short distance travel, and maybe even longer.

Be very careful travelling to the Middle East. You must be certain that you have been sent there. Before booking cheaper flights that hub there consider prayerfully whether there is not an alternative option. Due to fundamentalists and extremists random incidents will happen, although it should not explode into a war. The Jihad extremists are going to take on civilian targets.

In the next year we will hear of unfortunate crashes of aircrafts and it will be quite frequent. These disasters will result in an abnormal high rate of loss of life in the air travel industry.

A crisis will occur involving a Brazilian aircraft or airliner.


Another shipwreck will occur in the south of Italy with many people drowning. This will be much worse that the Ocean liner incident- many more people will be lose their lives.

A vision was seen of a massive cruise liner sinking.


A vision was seen regarding a disaster or crisis in the North Sea or the Norwegian Sea concerning an oil rig.

A vision was seen of a miner wearing a hard hat and we feel cautioned to pray for miners as a lot of difficulties are up ahead.

A stadium was seen where something like a football match is being played. Something will happen inside that stadium which will lead to a stampede or disaster.

Natural disasters

A hurricane will hit the east coast of America which is going to cause huge destruction, similar to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It will bring the American people together. They are going to rally around the victims and it will bring out the good side of the people; they will be able to manage the disaster themselves.

In China natural disasters and earthquakes are going to happen.

A natural disaster on the western coast of Italy will occur with very rough seas.

An unusual earthquake will happen in Europe around the border between France and Germany. The quake won’t be high on the Richter scale but will shake the people.

There will be pockets of drought, but it will be a motivation for people to turn to the Lord. There is going to be dryness in South Africa, pockets of drought and dryness, even in the Spirit.

Weather changes

Globally there are going to be some very drastic weather pattern changes. In certain areas weather will occur that has never been or never occurred before, for example a massive tornado happening in an area that it has never had tornados before. People must be prepared for some unusual patterns.