Prophetic warnings for South Africa

  • 2020 will be a year of rough seas around South Africa and fisherman will have to be careful of freak waves and rip tides around the coast.
  • A gift-wrapped bomb was seen; people need to be vigilant and not open or accept gifts if they don’t know its origin; it will be fatal. Please pray.
  • Small groups will go around South Africa, instigating riots for any reason; stay clear from these areas and pray that the perpetrators will be apprehended quickly.
  • There will be a malicious use of accusations of racism. Please pray for the courts to be fair and see the real intentions.
  • An increase in violence in schools was seen, specifically in certain areas. This is a warning that prayer will be needed, and measures must be put in place to curb violence in schools and monitor what the children are bringing into schools.