Ezekiel 36:24–28

For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them. Then you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; you shall be My people, and I will be your God.

Wind farming

Wind farming will not grow much for a while due to regulatory control of the industry. It will, however, gain momentum after measures have been revised. Do not be discouraged.

Wine industry

The wine industry will experience great financial strain. Wine farms that managed to survive the lockdown will gain momentum and recover after a tough time, making up for what they lost in 2020. The export of wine and the growth of the wine industry will improve in 2021.

The closing down of wine producers will cause winemakers to become more entrepreneurial. New boutique wineries will produce new unique products that will become immensely popular and boost international sales of South African wines. A season of ingenuity will bring acknowledgement within the international wine industry.


Too much waste occurs in the production of tomatoes. More effective ways will be investigated in using the entire product to avoid wastage and promote increase in sales.

Seaweed products

Various specialty products made from seaweed will appear on the market. Specifically, salt made from seaweed will be exported as a proudly South African product. People will become more creative in their thinking and approach to food.

Mutton and wool

Mutton and wool production will increase. Wool will become more fashionable. New innovations and production methods will cause an expansion in the wool industry, making wool more accessible and sought after. This will lead to new innovative products not seen before on the market.

Some farmers will import specific sheep breeds from other parts of the world for their quality of wool. Diversification of the wool market will be the result. Wool exports will do well.

Silos filled

Grain silos will be filled, and enough food will be available.

Pesticides and maize

Before harvesting, maize crops will appear to be affected by drought, but this effect is due to a pest. Do not cut corners on pesticides and crop protection. As a precaution, farmers should come up with strategies to prevent outbreaks. Containing the outbreaks and not letting them run their course will prevent devastation.

Drought and maize

Tough times are ahead for farmers because drought will lead to failed maize crops. Neighbouring farmers will collaborate to help each other, bringing a sense of unity and protection. Money that was invested will be lost. Seek the Lord before sowing and plant what will be resilient in this time. This may not necessarily be what would normally have been selected.

Game farming & hunting

Game farming will increase, creating new jobs and supporting the development of new businesses in communities. Meat and hide products will become more affordable and accessible to the local communities.

Hunting will again regain momentum.

Fruit farms

Due to tough economic times, the work force on fruit farms will be minimised as farmers will be unable to provide jobs for everyone. Some farmers will start to open their farms to the public. Creativity will be required. They will offer different experiences, like cooking classes and opportunities to spend time on farms and learn about farm-to-table processes.


Flowers unique to South Africa will do well in the export market and become a sought-after product.

Freshwater fish

Fish will be plentiful with favourable exports for fisheries in 2021 due to a shortage in the northern hemisphere and some European countries. Fish will be exported from South Africa to those nations, which will bring much-needed cash for the South African economy. Russia and the Nordic countries will experience a shortage of fish stock in their waters.

A considerable increase in the farming of freshwater fish will be seen because of public demand and its increased popularity in the local market.


Dairy farms will be under strain. Focus will be placed on keeping the product as pure as possible. The Lord is giving prominence to what is placed into our produce and purifying that which we put out for consumption.


A bigger variety of South African cheese will come onto the market with the aim of having more affordable cheese on the shelves.

Cattle & beef

Particularly good meat will be produced and receive international recognition.

Farmers should not be too hasty in selling their farms. The market will fluctuate for the next two years. Do not look at external factors but ask for God’s wisdom. Cattle farmers should not lose hope. Even though times might be tough, prices for cattle stock will increase.


Failed crops will be used more often as bioethanol because the demand for this will increase.

Subsistence farming

Great focus will be placed on subsistence farming. Many people will return to farming (and specifically subsistence farming) as a means of survival, providing them with an income.

Seed growers & producers

Seed distribution and donations will become especially important. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) will step in to promote seed growing as an industry and increase the market availability of seeds. This industry will prosper in the next season.

Emphasis will be placed on the kinds of seeds used. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will receive attention. The need for re-seeding instead of buying GMO seed that cannot reproduce will become important. A return to older varieties of plants and seeds will therefore take place. The nutritional value, robustness and importance of older varieties will be made known through new research and discoveries.


High levels of rain are not expected. Although some regions will be dry at times, the amount of rain will be sufficient and an overall good harvest for fruit and vegetables is expected. The timing for planting is important. Rain in South Africa is inclined to fall in ‘patches’. Areas less prone to drought also have this phenomenon. For this reason, farmers should consider the expected rainfall for their specific region.

Water security & conservation

The buying and selling of water will increase. Water security will become more important in the near future.

God has supplied water underground. Many farmers that have searched for water in the past consulted experts but could not find water. God says, ‘There is water and you can find it. Look again. Invest in search of it and trust Me.’

Some will have dreams telling them where to drill. Children of farmers will receive dreams of where water is located on the farm(s). If the farmers respond to those dream(s) and drill in those locations, they will find water. Ask God, pray and step out in faith, and you will find the water that you have been looking for.

Use water wisely. New methods of water use and conservation need to be implemented. Install irrigation systems, like drip irrigation, that minimise water wastage. By doing this, even farms in dry areas can flourish.

Protecting SA’s natural resources

Emphasis will be placed on the country’s fauna and flora and the abuse of natural resources by external elements.

South African fishing waters will need to be secured as fishing boats from other nations will try to trawl South African waters. The government will seek international assistance in exposing and stopping these illegal activities. The United Nation’s attention will be drawn to this issue.

Asian nations will be confronted for the way they abuse the natural resources of other countries to the detriment of those countries. This will cause international uproar. Pressure will be placed on perpetrating countries to take forceful action against corporations that steal resources of other nations.

New technology

Israeli research and inventions will contribute to agricultural breakthroughs. New technology will be developed by Israel that will be of value to South African farmers. New opportunities can be unlocked for South Africa if we learn from the way Israel brings its produce to markets.


Production and availability of certain produce will be inadequate, leading to a pressure in supply. By using as many South African products as possible, we will boost our markets and support farmers and production in our country. Creative and unique plans will be made for the local market. We will see more direct sales and supply from the farmer to the consumer.

Discernment regarding the import of products is crucial as it will be expensive.

Local & regional exports

Questions will be asked about the export of agricultural goods. Reducing transport costs and the significance of the carbon footprint will become important. New policies will be considered to increase stronger local markets for agricultural goods and extend into African markets. Greater emphasis will be placed on trade with southern African countries. Export markets will slowly recover.


Internships and hands-on training will become available to establish agricultural entrepreneurs. Sustainability in agriculture will become an important theme.

Increasing Jobs

A great influx of people looking for work in the agricultural sector will occur in the next season. Government will incentivise the increase of work opportunities in this sector. The replacement of machines with manual labour will be promoted to enable this increase of jobs in farming communities.

Government calling on agriculture

Government will ask farmers to supply more produce, fruits and vegetables for the market. Government will address some of the needs of the farmers and assist them.

Fresh produce

There will be a renewed focus on the advantages of fresh vegetables. Fresh market produce will increase; spinach will do well.

Farm attacks & security

Farm security is a priority. An influx of outsiders into local farming communities will occur due to starvation. Many of these outsiders will resort to crime to survive. Farm attacks will become worse before it will get better.

Farming communities will realise that they cannot rely solely on the police for their safety. Farmers should become vigilant in protecting themselves.

Training in self-defence, safety and security will be needed. The commando units of old will be resurrected and reorganised. Private security firms will partner with farm security clusters to safeguard farming communities. Drones, horses, and four-wheelers will be used to create teams that will patrol every terrain.

These security initiatives will be performed in such a way that it will receive the approval of government. Additional finances will be allocated and a special task force and security from government will be implemented to assist farmers in securing their farms to combat the current crime wave. There will be positive results in catching fugitives before farm attacks happen. New policies and laws will be implemented to help with the injustices towards our farming community.

These initiatives will be widely supported and because of this, farming communities will become much safer and draw people to the rural areas and a farming lifestyle.

Government assistance

Farmers feel like they cannot rely on the government for help, but the Lord says ‘Do not discard the fact that you can ask.’

Farmers will work on a document to present their grievances to government. The Lord will make sure that the document will reach the right person to champion the cause of the farmers for the good of the nation. This is an encouragement for farmers to stand together and to make their grievances heard.

Enabling future farmers

Affordable and natural ways of enabling any person to farm will become important. Education and information that help people to farm sustainably will increase and become significant contributors in the agricultural sector. Easily understandable, short training courses will be developed and presented to locals. Traditional mindsets will be broken by combining new understanding with old farming concepts.

Barren land

Land that has lain barren for a while will again produce good crops. The ‘resting’ time is over. Do not be discouraged, and expect the unexpected.

Baby products

Healthy natural and free-range baby and children’s products will grow in popularity. For farmers who have been planning to become involved in this sector, 2021 is a good time to start. The expanding range of baby products will be favourable for parents.

International food security

Adverse weather conditions in the following years will lead to food shortages in various nations. A vision was seen of Northern African nations in severe famine. Eastern European nations like the Balkan States and the US and Mexico will have major shortages. Their weather patterns will cause the season to be too short to harvest produce.

South African maize and corn producers will have a particularly good year, boosting our economy.

Agriculture & economy

South Africa will experience good opportunities if the agriculture sector is invested in. The South African farming industry was seen being recognised internationally and being positioned to play a major economic role in food security to nations in crisis in the future.